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High School Admission Essay Sample

As a first-generation Latina, I will be the first individual in my family to obtain a college degree. I am seeking a degree in fashion design, and I believe that I have everything favorable for becoming an expert fashion designer. Throughout my high school experience, I have realized that I am immensely adept at drawing and creating various kinds of design, ranging from clothing to ceramics. Without the rigorous training from AP classes, regular art classes, and the support and motivation of my family, I would not have been able to discover my potential and passion for art.

I would never have envisioned what my hands were capable of creating. I am very enthusiastic to know what I want out of my life and my future career; I am focused, driven, and proud of my decisions. The past three years at De Anza high school have helped me shape a more prominent vision of my future. I have discovered that, occasionally, the decisions we make are not the best possible choices and that ultimately, everything has consequences. I have confronted difficult challenges, which I, fortunately, have overcome; my challenges have had a positive outcome in my life; they have made me the strong individual that I am today.

One of my major challenges was facing rejection for wanting to join the marines because of the fact that I’m not a U. S citizen; however, rather than letting this reality serve as an obstacle for me, it just made me more eager to accomplish more things and made me a stronger person because I believe that when one door closes, a million more open. I recall the first time the word “college” crossed my mind. I was only an elementary student with an extraordinary bright future ahead.

I knew I needed to work hard and put in all the effort I could to make it to college and accomplish everything I could ever hope for. From that day forward, I dependably challenged myself to accomplish more than I’m capable of because I came to believe that everybody can get anything they desire. The career that initially picked my interest was medicine–I wanted to be a surgeon since it requires challenge and a great deal of vigorous schooling. I considered it as one of the most difficult majors, and for that reason it appealed to me.

Yet, as I proceed in high school in the health academy, my perspective eventually changed I wanted to do something that would precisely leave a valuable impact in the community. I wanted to join the marines to give back to the community. I eventually joined the ROTC program in my school hoping to join get closer to the marines. The ROTC program showed me how important the community is and why we should appreciate it more. ROTC programs, taught me how to grow as an individual, it introduced me to topics that made me realize how important it is to be well educated.

Additionally, it introduced me to the significance in taking action regardless if we are told to do so and have no reward whatsoever. In the ROTC program, I learned values that are necessary to show often such as participating in a great deal of community work because we care about the community and we like to show how much it means to us. The ROTC program is not merely a program that teaches me about the military and what they do on a daily basis. It educated me about the significance in upholding values–such as family and hard work–and contributing to our community.

It motivated me to participate in community events such as the Sobrante Stroll, the Rolling Hills Memorial Park, and a De Anza high school clean up day to show how much the community means to me. .I am proud to say that the ROTC program shaped me into a better individual. Even though my goal of joining the marines, unfortunately, could not happen due to my citizenship issue, I am very thankful for having the opportunity to had been involved in a program that made me visualize the community in a much different and meaningful perspective. The ROTC program taught me great values that I will cherish throughout my journey.

Along the lines, I saw that I had an incredible blessing to me for my creative work and artistic talent. I found meaning in my art skills and associated them with my love for fashion. , I came to the conclusion that I wanted to major in fashion design throughout my college applications process. It is something I love doing, and I believe could have potential in. The individual that had significant influence on me for this decision is my Father. He showed me important lessons that have affected my choices. My father comprehends me and stands by me at whatever point I feel like I’m falling.

By urging me to stand up for my beliefs and to always be consistent with myself, my father has encouraged me to thrive academically. He realized from his own experience the value of education in America. My father has had an immense impact on the way I have grown as a scholar, artist, and as an intelligent, strong woman. I have dependably received support from my folks; they have confidence in me. They are the inspiration in my life. However this career that I want to major in and the colleges that have accepted me are very expensive, so I will be needing financial assistance in order to attend college.

I have constantly applied for as many scholarships as I can so that, hopefully, I can cover my tuition fees for my first year in college. I need the help of this scholarship to pay for college, and in addition, I will put any financial assistance I can receive to good use. Whenever people tell me that I cannot do things, it only serves as my motivation to try even harder and prove them wrong, and that’s exactly what I’m doing right now. I’m continuing my hope and taking initiative to help myself financially.

I believe there may be greater worthy candidates that probably deserve and want this award as much as I do, however I have worked so hard this past year to have an opportunity to at least be considered for a scholarship, and believe I am willing to do whatever it takes to meet expectations. The motivation behind why I obtained decent grades in school and maintain my focus are my parents so they can be pleased with the lady that I am becoming. I need them to see that every one of the sacrifices they make each day for me is justified, despite all of their troubles and hard work.

I am what I am today as a result of my father and whatever I will accomplish in my life will be credited to him. He will be here through me; when people see my remarkable achievement one day, they will know the value of his lessons. My father is and will dependably be all that I will accomplish one day, and in return, I’ll bring home all the achievements in honor to him. I know I will bring various new ideas to the world if I one day become a fashion designer with the help of scholarships. I hope I get to go to a good college and make my folks proud with the lady I plan to be.

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