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Hebrew Pentecostal

Hebrew Pentecostals believe in the power of the Holy Spirit as described in the New Testament. They believe that this power is available to all believers.

Bishop Johnson was one of the founders of the Hebrew Pentecostals Church. He was a powerful preacher and he had a great impact on the early church.

The movement known as the Hebrew Pentecostals began in 1914, when Bishop R.A.R. Johnson, a former Methodist minister, formed the “Commandment Keepers” in Beaufort South Carolina. Bishop Johnson was dissatisfied with the Methodist church and its lack of positive support for the Pentecostal experience, which included tongues, the indwelling of the holy spirit, and adherence to the original seventh-day Sabbath.

The Hebrew Pentecostals Church movement believes in the new testament and emphasizes the importance of the holy spirit. The church also teaches that bishop Johnson had a significant role in its founding.

The church’s rapid expansion and the quick development of congregations on three continents occurred during Bishop Johnson’s traveling ministry both nationally and internationally. Since then, the organization has been in existence and growing.

The Hebrew Pentecostals Church is a unique and special community of believers. We are dedicated to adhering to the New Testament teachings of Jesus Christ and His apostles. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to transform lives and be used mightily by God.

We are led by Bishop Johnson, who has been in ministry for over 50 years. He is a gifted speaker and teacher, and he has a heart for seeing people set free from bondages and come into all that God has for them.

Bishop Aaron Smith was the church’s first Chief Apostle, serving from 1941 to 1049, and Bishop S.P. Rawlings was second Chief Apostle from 1950 to 1990. The adoption of Jewish festival days, as well as the acceptance of a Hebrew Pentecostal identification, occurred under Bishop S.P. Rawlings.

The current Chief Apostle is Bishop William McCurdy II, who has been at the helm of the church since 1990.

The Hebrew Pentecostals Church follows many of the tenants set forth in the New Testament, with a focus on the Holy Spirit. The church believes that all people are welcome to join, regardless of background or previous religious affiliation. All are encouraged to seek a personal relationship with God through study and prayer.

The church is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, and has branches throughout the United States and around the world. Services are typically held in Hebrew, though English translations are usually available. Visitors are always welcome.

The term “Hebrews” was used in early Christianity to designate Christians who spoke Greek. Modern-day Christian Hebrews identify themselves as both Christian and Jewish. Bishop Rawlings regarded the churches adherence to Jewish law and acceptance of Jesus Christ as the Messiah as distinct from traditional Christian and Jewish theological views.

Hebrew Pentecostals do not advocate any single eschatological position, but rather hold to a range of views. The Hebrew Pentecostal Church is led by a Senior Bishop and an Apostolic Council. There are also auxiliary leadership positions, such as evangelists and teachers.

The Hebrew Pentecostal Church emphasizes the study of the Bible and the importance of being baptized in order to receive the Holy Spirit. They also believe in speaking in tongues, miracles, and prophecy. The church teaches that these gifts are available to all believers. Bishop Johnson, the current Senior Bishop, has written extensively on the subject of biblical interpretation and hermeneutics.

Hebrew Pentecostals are active in missions and outreach. They have established churches in many countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. The church also has a strong presence in Israel. In recent years, the Hebrew Pentecostal Church has begun to focus more on social justice issues.

The Hebrew Pentecostal Church is headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel. Bishop Johnson is the current Senior Bishop. The Apostolic Council is the governing body of the church.

Bishop S.P. Rawlings was succeeded by Bishop F.C. Scott, third Chief Apostle, who served as Bishop of the Church from 1991 to 2005. He oversaw the payment off of the present national Temple and enhanced international presence during his tenure. The powers of the executive boards were strengthened, as well as church polices;

In 2005, Chief Apostle Scott was succeeded by Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr., the fourth and current Chief Apostle. Since taking office, Bishop Blake has continued to shepherd the flock and lead the church into the future. The Church of God in Christ has seen tremendous growth under his leadership. The Western Jurisdiction was purchased in 2007, which added more than 200 churches and over 400,000 members to the COGIC family.

In 2009, Bishop Blake launched a international satellite television network called COGIC TV. “To More Abundantly Bless” is the motto of Bishop Blake’s administration and he continues to live up to it through his leadership of one of the largest Pentecostal denominations in the world.

Hebrew Pentecostals Church is a New Testament church that believes in the power of the Holy Spirit. We are led by Chief Apostle Charles E. Blake, Sr. and our mission is to make disciples of all nations. We have a strong international presence and are dedicated to spreading the gospel around the world. If you are looking for a church home, we invite you to come and worship with us!

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