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Harmful Effects of Fasts Foods in ‘Supersize Me’

For this assignment, I have decided to choose the documentary created by Morgan Sperlock entitled “Supersize Me”. In the film Super-Size Me, Director Morgan Sperlock attempts to show the entire world the long-term effects and subsequent results of eating nothing except fast-food for an entire month straight. The very beginning of the film starts off well and uplifting however, after just a few days of ordering strictly off the McDonalds menu, Mr. Spurlock began to feel sick, only later in the documentary to find out that he had been experiencing some of the many side effects of malnutrition (as McDonalds (and all fast food in general) lacks vitamins, minerals and overall nutrition). Mr. Sperlock physical appearance and overall general health and wellbeing deteriorate as the film progressed, with Mr. Sperlock weight increasing, he began to experience breathing problems, as well as issues with his Cholesterol levels and overall ability to “think clearly” noting devastating drops in his energy levels as they occurred. Still Morgan Spurlock pressed on, taking the time to analyze the role of the fast food Mongol (McDonalds), its effects on politics, the obesity epidemic and various methods in which the fast food giant uses “enculturation as well as “indoctrination” of the American people to sell its deadly products.

How “Supersize Me” relates to course material

The documentary entitled “Super-Size Me” relates to our coursework in environmental science because, the study of “environmental science” does in fact includes but is not limited to, the focus (study) of the relationships between people in a given environment (society) and the world around them. For those whom live in Westernized culture (society), modern industries and corporate giants such as MacDonald’s are in all actually our perceived “natural environment” because we as Americans grew up with these corporations in our lives and visible at every street corner . This it can be safe to say that, corporation such as these do more than just slightly effect demographics and society in general. In many ways fast food helps shape people perception about what “good food” as well as health and nutrition are all about.

Similar topics (documentaries to Supersize Me)

Similar topics with regards to the concerns involving our food include but are not limited to, topics covering GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), as well as the use of pesticides and “roundup” created and distributed by the Mega Corporation Monsanto on our food supply.

My own personal opinion on the issue

With regards to the documentary entitled “Super-Size Me”, I honestly believe that the American people should “know better” when it comes to “fast food” and take the time to learn how to exercise “self-control” accordingly. In life there are consequences. If you treat yourself well and take good care of yourself, you will be healthy. However, if you don’t eat healthy and allow your health to deteriorate by making unhealthy decision all the time, you will reap the consequences to your actions.

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