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Happiness Is Depends Upon Ourselves

More than any other person, Aristotle cherishes joy as a focal motivation behind human life. For Aristotle he defined it as living well and doing well as eudaimonia. eu means “good” and daimon means “ spirit” and when it combined means good spirit or good life. Aristotle believes that everyone is moving towards the good, even if it’s right or wrong that pertains to living well and doing well are the same as being happy.

Aristotle said that happiness is the ultimate end of human action. It is that people pursue for their own sake. That even if it’s good or bad. If a person feels a pleasure or something else, it is called happiness. Let say that this a scenario, there is a less fortunate people that he/she is very hungry, and he/she is lookingfor some food in the streets, but other people avoid him/her because of his/her smell or maybe other people think that he/she has a bad intension because of his/her physical appearance. But there is a good one man that has a good heart that give him/her a money, and the man said that use it to buy a food. Then the less fortunate try to buy some food but the money is small to buy a food. Then he/she has an idea to buy a solvent and use it to lessen the his/her hunger. This pertains to people pursue for their own sake. Aristotle reveals to us that the most imperative factor in the push to accomplish bliss is to have a decent good character that he calls “complete virtue” For instance, it might be simpler and more pleasant to spend the night staring at the TV, however you realize that you will be in an ideal situation in the event that you spend it inquiring about for your research paper. Building up a decent character requires a solid effort of will to make the best decision, even in difficult circumstances.

Therefore, I conclude that my personal perception in good life isn’t the same with Aristotle. Because I definegood life as having a sports car, having a mansion-like house, wearing a stylish dress, what I defined is literal characteristics of a person who have a good life. But for Aristotle good life is together with happiness. For Aristotle it is characterized by happiness that springs from living well and doing well are the same as being happy. “Technology can Affect Humanity in the Future”Human dignity is an extreme center estimation of our reality. We turn out to be saner when we can esteem and apply the rule of rationale and science in our lives. We turn out to be additionally living when we guarantee that human dignity lies at the establishment of our undertakings, regardless of whether logical or not. It involves knowing one’s essential human rights that must always be protected in the face conditions. The question is. are we still useful in the time that the technology conquers us?

Specially In our generation that the development of technology is so very fast

As a result of development of our technology nowadays. The technology put the humans useless. Because a lot of laborer this day has been replaced by a machinery that really help humans to improve their jobs. But to tell you honestly it is right. We are more becoming independently to the technology because of what the machinery can do for our daily lives. Many students this day rely their assignments on the information that they gathered to a computer because, yes. it is easier to get an information through the use of computer than the usinga library that will take you a lot of time. As the internet gets more intelligent, we are in danger of becoming useless. Technology may become a threat to human dignity and security. Because of continuous innovation of technology people make AI or the artificial intelligence, robots that act like a human. The genetics, nanotech and robotics are threatening to put a human endangered species. We should have learned a lesson in the atomic bombing that killed hundred thousand of human being.

I therefore conclude that the technology is capable to make the human being are useless or much worst, the extinction of the humanity because of the greed to power. Our rights as a human will be neglected if the greatest power will be cared of a wrong people. Science and technology possibly the maximum expression of human rationality. On the off chance that we are not ready to get control over the vanity and pomposity that such powers release, at that point we are headed to destroying the world.

“The Development of Information”

During the Egyptian civilization they discovered a papyrus. Although Egypt was not the first to develop a system of writing. They we’re able to make the writing system easier for the world. Before the Egyptian innovation of writing system, the clay tablets were used. But the problem is the safe keeping of the tablets and transporting it to another place is a major issue for them since clay tablets were very fragile, heavy and delicate to handle. The roman civilization also contributes the newspaper and codex to write down everything that happened in their time. The recording of information much easier now than before because it is lightweight, and didn’t occupy much space.

Keeping of information is very significant to us, because it serves it as a record of our history. For the ancient Greek, language was an object worthy of admiration. They believe that every word that we keep is powerful. The rise of the World Wide Web also improves the way of we preserve the information. Because of this World Wide Web, we can gather information what we want even if the information come from other countries through the help of the internet. We can gather and give information to each other weather we are far away. As well with the use of social media, academic application etc. , Really Help us to share information. One of a good example of this is Facebook because one of its features is you can communicate your friend to share announcement of your professor, school, etc. , But other people use World Wide Web to blackmail someone, use it to bully others, and to share fake news. I therefore conclude that through the help of science and technology to us nowadays it is much easier to keep the information that we are taking from time to time. Yes. It really makes our work much easier than before because of the technology. But we need to put in our mind that all of the information comes from the World Wide Web is not liable. We need to know if the site are liable sources or not before we take information from it. And because of the ability of the world wide web to reach out others even if it’s far from you it has both positive and negative sides. We must be also responsible in utilizing it to avoid harming others and ourselves.

“The Importance of Biodiversity and Biotechnology”

Biodiversity is the changeability among living beings from all sources, including earthbound, marine, and other oceanic biological communities and the environmental edifices of which they are part; this incorporates decent variety inside species, among species, and of biological communities. Loss of biodiversity will influence all individuals since mankind is reliant to nature like creatures and plants.

Through the help of biotechnology, the agriculture was improved. Because if there is no biotechnology the farmers will loss their job because of the insects that will destroy their crops. The cutting-edge biotechnology prepares for new improvements on sustenance and horticulture. Especially, it expects to grow new exactness instruments and diagnostics accelerate reproducing additions and proficiency create insects and sickness safe yields. The biotechnology is as one with the genetic building this is a procedure that enables qualities and DNA to be exchanged starting with one source then onto the next that would prompt the creation of living changed living beings or genetically altered life form that we all know that it is not good. Based on Charles Darwintheory, that the concept of survival of the fittest implies that living organisms have a natural variety of appearances. Or simply mean the inheritor can be modified nowadays by our modern technology, giving rise to what are called genetically modified organisms.

I therefore conclude that the biotechnology really helps in terms of agriculture Nevertheless the proceeding with development of present day innovations in our general public can enhances our day by day living however in the opposite side it can likewise cause harm us. We need more Experiments and research to really expand our agriculture in terms of biotechnology and with the goal that they can improve it more to decrease the hazard that can occur.

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