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Hacksaw Ridge – a Biographical War Film

Hacksaw Ridge is a biographical war film and hit the big screen in 2016. The film focuses on the world war two experiences of the pacific combat medic Desmond Doss, played by the Amazing Spiderman-star Andrew Garfield. Desmond Doss was a seventh-day Adventist Christian and refuses to use a firearm or any kind of weapon.

As a child, Desmond Doss fights sometimes with his brother Harald. But one day Desmond Doss nearly killed Harald with a brick. A few years later, while Desmond Doss was working in a church, somebody outside the church had a work-accident and Desmond Doss help him. He noticed, that he likes to help other people like a medic. As he brought the guy to the hospital he met the nurse Dorothy Schutte. The two began a relationship and Doss tells Dorothy of his interest in medical work. After the Japanese attack on the seventh of December 1941 on Pearl Harbor, Desmond Doss enlist to the Army to serve the fatherland as a combat medic.

His father Tom Doss, an ex-world war one veteran, is deeply upset by the decision of his son. Before Desmond Doss leaved his town for Fort Jackson, he asked Dorothy to marry him. And she accepts. In Fort Jackson, Desmond Doss is placed under the command of Sergeant Howall, played by Vince Vaughn. Because of the not using of any kind of weapon, Sergeant Howall and Captain Glover, played by Sam Worthington, attempted to discharge Desmond Doss for psychiatric reasons. But Desmond Doss didn’t want to go home, so Sergeant Howall and Captain Gloves sent him to the court material. Because Tom Doss know the Colonel, Desmond Doss could stay in the Army. A few weeks later, Desmond Doss and his unit are assigned to the 77th Infantry Division.

During the battle of Okinawa in June the 21st 1945, Desmond Doss saved countless soldiers of his unit. Every time he went back to the battlefield, to save the soldiers, he asked god to save another soldier. The next day, on June the 22nd 1945, the Army won the battle of Okinawa and Desmond Doss get the medal of honour.Hacksaw Ridge represent perfectly the situation of the pacific war between Japan and the United States.

This film is mesmerising, because you want to know how it goes on. However, we don’t get any information what happened after the battle of Okinawa to Desmond Doss. But there are some little nonsense mistakes. I can’t really belief, that Desmond Doss saved so many soldiers in one night. If you are interested of what happened in the world war two on the other site of the world, then is Hacksaw R.

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