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Gender Differences Between Masculinity And Femininity

Masculinity and femininity are defined for the most part as attributes of our evolutionary behaviors and rolls generally associated with their respected genders. Consider masculinity in our evolutionary past and alpha male thousands of years ago would have characteristics that would have been his physical products his ability to kill things, killing animals, killing people, dragging dinner home for the village this is survival were talking about.

In the last few centuries masculinity has been expressed more in the mental capacity rather than physical power or masculine men hasn’t been terribly relevant unless you’re an athlete or something like that. Nowadays masculinity doesn’t really make a big impact. All of western civilization has been created by masculine minded men for the most part. A point that I would like you to consider is that the term masculine minded and alpha male are synonymous in my talk I don’t differentiate between alpha male and masculine minded men to be ready to rule and kings with no countries.

Now lets focus on the nature of the beast note also that I deliberately used in elegant terms like masculine minded and the feminine mind or masculine minded people I’m emphasizing the mind and I’m using what ever word that’s that work best. Let’s begin by comparing the masculine mind to the feminine mind. The masculine mind is creative masculine minded people are model building problem solving artistic inventive music art literature beauty dance fashion everything. Masculinity is the source of everything from the wheel to good jokes to guitar solos to all of the technological achievements of western modernity.

The feminine mind on the other hand is manipulative feminine people are strategist involved in a constant seemingly obsessive compulsive panic similar to flight or fight survival, brainstorming ways to obtain control and steel that which was created by masculine minded people. Feminine minded people have never produced a thing. Masculine minded people are optimistic and open minded masculine minded people must be in that they see problems and determine that it’s to correct them ingenuity.

They then through problem solving generates solutions and collects whatever resources are necessary and if need be they are also able to marshal whatever manpower might also be needed leadership. Feminine minds on the other hand are pessimistic and rigid since feminist minded people have no power of their own any problem that arises is not seen as a challenge which must be confronted head on and conquered somehow. Instead it’s simply a dead end no further consideration needed.

Famine minded people must manipulate others to take care of their problems for them in that regard they are perpetually helpless. “Honey will you open this jar for me” although she’s already tried to lift the lid with a spoon to break its seal a thousand times, otherwise the feminine is resigned to accept circumstances as they are or simple make do. Problem solving is not an option for them. The masculine mind is independent self-reliant self-determine and resourceful whereas feminine minded people are utterly dependent and they relay on others for everything.

Masculine minded people are dependable as such they can be called upon by others you cannot build anything and you most certainly can’t build societies unless there are people available that can be depended upon. Feminine minded people on the other hand cannot be depended upon in the least the best example is the stats are irrefutable single moms are the worst parents in the world. The one area where female dependability matter most yet they have proven beyond shadows of doubt that when left to raise their children alone women are a shameful failure.

Masculine minded people are rooted in an empiricism they crave truth masculine minded people want to understand core issues and key concepts. They seek to understand reality for what it is; they of course must be able to properly implement strategies to change it wherever possible. Masculine minded people are scientist.

Feminine minded people are ideological where masculine minded people use truth the feminine mind uses facts feminine minded people are blind to the truth everything is subjective a famine minded wife will argue with her husband on the levels of facts (I don’t want to have sex because… and then shell recite the list of facts that she has compiled over weeks, months and even years, you did this, you did that, you hurt my feelings, you called me a names, your always grumpy, you don’t bring me flowers anymore a list of reasons that are factual but are merely diversion from the truth. Which is once her purpose for having sex with her husband has been fulfilled, she got the ring, the fairytale wedding, the house, the baby etc. There is no reason left for having sex with her husband.

The masculine mind is logical masculine minded people seek to think and share ideas while abiding by rules, rules that where establish by masculine thinking in the first place. The feminine mind is illogical irrationality is the hallmark of feminine argumentation feminine minded people must protect themselves against their kryptonite which is logic and truth hominem attacks, screaming, crocodile tears and faking pregnancy even violence whatever it takes.

The masculine mind is empathetic masculine minded people are able to feel what others feel they’re able to feel what people outside of their own sphere (totally different from themselves) what they feel and they are there to motivate to act on their behalf either to assist or to create solutions that help them but don’t help themselves. An example of this is disposable tampons were first patented by a man and another example norther abolitionist and a note on empathy without empathy marriage is impossible, no true communication is possible with someone that lacks empathy.

Feminine mind is on empathetic ironically society has deemed empathy as one of feminity core attributes but while she may understand that she is cousing her children and soon to be exhusband great trauma her lack of empathy for their pain renders her bulletproof ones she’s made up her mind sympathy is the only word that fits her she understands that her ex is hurting but it is only relevant when she strategizing she takes his feeling into consideration to avoid looking like the bad guy but being sympathetic yet unmoved by the pain of others is cruces also many of us have had relationships with women that we would describe as soulless their issue was a pronouns lack of empathy.

The masculine mind is moral you take logic and empathy you know have a recipient for a moral human being although I could get away with it I will not kill that stranger over there even though I like that gold watch on his wrist why because I can feel what pain I would cause him and whatever family and friends he might have the feminine mind is not immoral it’s amoral feminine minded people are not immoral as it would first be necessary for them to understand moral reason thinking to then be able to deliberately violate moral rules again whatever it takes.

Masculine minded people take responsibility for themselves on a very deep level where as feminine minded people will not and cannot take responsibility feminine people cannot accept reality on a true fundamental level everything is subjective for a person to take true responsibility for one self they must ingage in masculine thinking

Misconceptions regarding masculinity and femininity notice the use of terms masculine minded and feminine minded people and not men or women or male and female this is becaouse masculinity and femeninty are not exclusive to their respective genders while it is safe to say that nearly all women are feminine minded it is entirely possible for them to be masculine minded admittedly I have very few examples but Iran does come to mind other famous people debatable Oprah Winfrey debatable Martha Stewart Hillary Clinton no way an absolute Condoleezza rice politics aside I know a couple of women in my life but their very few and far between here I’m guessing less than a percent of women maybe even less than half a percent are actually masculine mind who knows this is why where victims ironically most men are feminine minded as well masculine minded people therefore are the ultimate minority’s a small faction of wash in the sea of feminine minded men and women or beta or beeches as I like to call them in fact masculine minded people are the most valuable people on planet earth without them nothing can or will ever happen it’s also important to note that masculine minded women do not necessarily exhibit masculine qualities and feminine minded men do not necessarily exhibit feminine qualities ok Karen strong she has short hair she is not very prissy which is not a bad thing and some people would say okay she masculine minded and therefore that accompanies a lack of feminine traits but consider melio Annapolis another well known men men’s rights advocate over in the uk he’s gay and he would say himself that he’s less than masculine in his mannerisms yet mentally the man is very masculine minded he’s moral he’s logical his empirical the man is true blue in that regard.

Also recently I was watching a thinking eight start duck conversation which I believe was CS migtow and during their conversation they mention a high population as they describe them alpha males in prison citing their muscles their testosterone their aggression theoir aggressive nature but I would argue their thuggish persona is little more than an authentic portrayal of their grossly distorted ideology of masculinity they’re the epitome of beta males their illogicas manipulative immoral and unempathetic etc. they do not take responsibility their betas with tattoos and muscles.

Feminine is our default orientation human before we are anything else are animals we are survivals and our base nature is femininity and it’s what we must credit for getting the bulk thought our brutal evolutionary history to where we are now. Femininity is in our DNA the majority of the human race nearly all females and most males is feminine minded becaouse femininity is the default human disposition nature or orientation pick a word.

That is to say nothing needs to be done to or with help from humans to foster within them feminine nature as evil and destructive as famine minded people have proven to be those that are feminine minded people are not so becaouse they were taught femininity Per say feminist minded is not the product of bad perennial modeling or abuse nor of trauma and childhood or otherwise in fact abuse and trauma are the ugly offspring of the feminine minded single moms are good examples all children are born into the world feminine minded crying tantrums maniulations. Most of them will remain so for life femininity just is its is pervasive its is darkness.

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