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Gas Station Classification Essay

You’re driving around town with your friends, looking down you see that your gas tank is on E, so you tell your friends that your heading to the gas station. You get to the gas station fill up your tank, maybe get a couple of snacks then you check out. You are what the gas station workers call customers. Not only are you just any old customer, but you belong in a category just like everyone else that comes into the gas station. There are many different types of people in this world, and working at a gas station you interact with all of them.

You see everything from college kids to friendly/rude regulars, and even tokers and every one of them is an entirely different experience. Sitting at a register for eight hours a day can become somewhat annoying. We aren’t allowed to use our phones, even though everyone does, we can’t go on the internet with the computers, and when it comes to homework if there are people in the store it needs to be out of sight, out of mind. You’re probably thinking wow working at a gas station must be real tedious but let me tell you that you’re wrong.

There are many different varieties of people that I encounter throughout the day, and every one of them is quite entertaining. Let’s start out with the easiest of breeds the college kids. In every respect, it’s what your thinking. They come inside looking all high and mighty with not a single care in the world. They grab they’re everyday protein bar, with a Gatorade or PowerAde, anything healthy, but on the cheap side of things. One of the number one things that they usually grab is a pizza if not three. During baseball season seeds get sold like no other.

When it comes to other merchandise anything college related such as toilet paper, or paper towels, usually stuff they forgot to get at the grocery store or forgot to ask their mom about so they bought it last minute. Their outfits never rang, its always the same thing. The casual college apparel or their old high school gear, with anything sports logo related such as Nike, Puma, and Under Armor. They have the half calves with the sandals or sneakers and a baseball cap. Sweat pants are a must if you are in college wearing jeans people ask you if you’re sick, trust the pro she’s seen it happen.

When it comes to behavior, college kids are loud and insanely obnoxious, but always friendly and have some fascinating stories/experiences they may share with you. Let’s just say they drink a lot. Moving on to our next line of subjects, the jokers, the smokers, the midnight tokers. The guys that come in with flaming red eyes, and the biggest smile on their face. They buy anything from chips and salsa to chewy, sticky candy that melts when you put it in your mouth. Anything they are in the mood for, because they have what people call the munchies, they buy.

There are a few of my regular tokers which include Snoop Dogg and Chris Rock and seriously they look exactly like Snoop and Chris. They are always laid back, calm, and always friendly, never in a bad mood. The tokers usually wear darker clothing, with their hood up or hats on, most of the time they have some marijuana referencing apparel on, but they look like well, your average toker. They also never leave the store without buying a cigar, for blunt wraps of course! They are always open minded and never afraid to say what they feel, even if they come into the store blazing.

Now we have our last breed of customers, the regulars. Whether they are rude or friendly, they come in the store every single day, sometimes three or four times a day, and we know every one of them by their first name. Regular customers that do come in get the same thing every time. Even if it’s the 72 lights, the 2, 2 and 2 in the lottery, or the diet Sunkist they are so unhealthily addicted to, they get it every single day. An old man that loves to come in and chat everyone’s ear off is Harvey, he’s the sweetest guy you will ever meet.

He mostly talks about his wife, his dog, or the recent politics that are going around in this darn town, and every day before he leaves he always gets his coffee. There are also rude regulars like Deloris she is a wrinkly old lady with very gray hair and hates waiting around if you don’t know what she wants when she wants it, be prepared to get some nasty words said to you. There is also Mike Sr. he never likes to tell you what pump he is on and usually expects you to know his name and that he wants his gas charged to him. When Mike smiles or even laughs, we write it down on the calendar because it is such a rare occurrence.

Regulars have their way of dressing; you can tell if they are business people, older people, or people that work day in and day out. The customer may be in a suit, dirty old paint clothes, smelling like gas, or even in their pajamas, it all depends on who comes in. There is one man that arrives every day for a refill on his fountain soda, and he is always greasy and smells like oil. Another person that never says much and gets menthol cigarettes let’s just say we have two cans of Febreze under the counters for a reason. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night we always have a regular customer.

Not all customers are fun, and not all clients are rude, working at a gas station has its ups and downs, but so does any local place. You have to be patient, and you have to have a good attitude about things. No matter how you handle the situation, it always turns out to be a good day at work, even if you spend a half and hour pouring kitty litter on five gallons of gas a lady spilled all over the driveway. It’s an experience and it for sure takes a strong minded person to deal with some things. All in all, though it’s a great job and you end up enjoying every second of it.

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