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Forest as a Habitat

What is a forest?

An area with high density of trees is a forest. It is the habitat for a variety of living beings. Many plants, animals, and microorganisms live in the forest. Let us study more about what does forest as a habitat mean?

Forests provide fresh water, food, and shelter or “habitats” from the forest floor to the highest treetop. It is considered as a habitat for plants animals because it provides a suitable environment to them. For example, neem, Sheesham, Palash, elephant, tiger, porcupine, jackal etc. The ground beneath the tree of the forest is the as the forest floor. It consists of a root, soil, decomposers and decomposing organic matter.

Long, woody trees in the forest also provide shelter to the different types of creepers and climber. Animals are particular about their habitats. They need all of the variety that a healthy forest provides in order to survive. As the Earth’s climate changes, many species are migrating in search of new homes. These animals, if they relocate, they depend on connected forest landscapes in order to move from place to place. As human populations and demands for resources increase, it leads to deforestation and so forested habitats is suffering. With every acre of forest lost to development or sweeping industrial timber harvests, wildlife habitats are shrinking and breaking apart.

About three hundred million people worldwide live in forests and 1.6 billion depend on the products obtained from the forest for their livelihoods. Forests are home to 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. There are many species that cannot live anywhere else and they absolutely require forested habitat. Often that need is specific, as when a bird species need a particular type of forest, in terms of tree species, age, and other conditions.

Generally, forests provide the essential habitat for most of Earth’s species of plants, animals, and microorganisms. This is especially in tropical rain forests. Now it is observed that the forest area is been reduced with the conversion of tropical forest into agricultural land use and due to this the environment is critically affected in terms of losses of biodiversity.

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