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Film Analysis: Below Her Mouth

My experience filming was great. I love the work of immersing myself into different roles. This particular one, Candy, has a risqué element, and I have to say that I am pleased with my work and how it came out. Everyone involved was a passionate filmmaker and a professional.

Dark Harvest had a world premiere at the Portland Film Festival, and just won the Best Picture at the Oregon Independent Film Festival. Yaaay!!

And I see you are also in Below Her Mouth. What was your experience filming that?

Yes, I am also in Below Her Mouth, which just had a world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (Tiff). Congratulations to everyone involved once again!

My experience on Below Her Mouth was unique for different reasons. I have been involved or in the loop since the very first draft. I recall reading it for the first time one morning by the pool in the sunny Los Angeles and then looking out into the splendid warm view of mountains, houses and the glistening ocean, being thoroughly moved by the story and visualizing it. I wanted to be part of this production so very much.

I read for the role of Jasmine a few times, including flying to Toronto for a “chemistry read-through.” At the end, it came down to locking in an actress for the role of Dallas, which had specific requirements. When that went to Erika Linder, Natalie Krill was cast subsequently as Jasmine. They were a perfect fit. ‘You can’t have two European accents in the leading roles of a Canadian film.’ Natalie and Erika were fantastic together.

So then I was offered the role of MJ, which made sense from the story’s point of view. The producers knew me by then, and wanted to make me a part of it. I accepted, even though MJ was a small role and initially I wasn’t convinced I needed it to do it, but I said “yes,” and I am grateful. Thanks ladies!

The production flew me out to Toronto and my scenes were shot at the end of the last day of the entire shoot, which was good, because the atmosphere was festive and excited. Everyone knew each other and was relaxed, but at the same time the women were exhausted, happy to have a break and naturally sad, as it was the end of filming.

If you notice I said “the women,” which takes me to the most important part of my answer. Working on Below Her Mouth was special, because it was an all-female production, from the writers, producers and director to the entire crew. I believe this might be the first time in the history of Canadian filmmaking and I am so proud of all of us – #womeninfilm.

As you may have heard, this film contains a lot of nudity and sexuality, which is shot raw and real-life like. The director, April Mullen, along with the wonderful creators, Stephanie Fabrizi and Melissa Coghlan, wanted to honestly express a women’s view of intimacy, honesty, lust and sex, love and what really turns women on, and they succeeded. At no point during the shoot did I feel uncomfortable, objectified or embarrassed, which is a lot to say being given the fact that I was practically bare throughout the entire scene.

mv5bmtk1mdg1mdqxmv5bml5banbnxkftztgwmtk1mde2ote-_v1_And now you’re in The Arrangement. How did you get a role on that show? In how many episodes will we see you? Any behind the scenes stories or special moments? Do you know when this will air and where we can see it?

The Arrangement goes a while back. I first auditioned for the role of the therapist/cleaning woman in August 2015. They were originally looking for a Mediterranean/Hispanic actress, and I was brought in as the “wild card.” I had a good audition, which resulted in a producer/director callback session a week later, for which I was nervous beyond belief. I remember walking into the waiting room, where I saw a few local name actresses, series leads types, all brunettes, dressed in dark colors, where I was an Eastern European blonde dressed in pastel pink and nude…very different and still a relatively fresh face.

Once I was in the actual room with Jonathan Abrahams, the creator, Ken Olin, the director, two other producers and the casting director, everything was fine. They were warm, friendly and very grounded people. We spoke about the character, scenes, they wanted to know what I thought of it, how I understood the role, etc, and then I read it a few times, took directions easily and that was it. I was put on hold the same day as their first choice (I totally freaked out by the way), and after the network’s (NBC Universal for E! Network) approval, I was cast for the pilot and in a recurring role should the pilot be picked up.

And it got picked up in January, 2016.

I nearly lost my mind I was so excited. I cried like a baby.

We went to camera at the beginning of summer. I cannot share any details as it’s hush-hush, but I will say that things change on a daily basis like on any other TV Show. The storyline is way different than what it was initially and it keeps changing. My character now has a name, Sophie Marchuk, but we may see her less than anticipated in the first season.

I will dare to tell the truth here, because there is a faulty message going out to the public about how things are and work. What really became present for me in this experience is that nothing is what it looks like and I can’t ever count on anything when it comes to television, because of its unpredictable and unstable nature.

What I know is to be grateful for each day as it comes, and I am.

Yes, when you are excited to be in every episode of a brand new series and are totally in love with your character, the story, the creators, and then you end up being in just one or two episodes, it is naturally disappointing and totally heart-breaking; especially when nobody communicates to you or to your agent, thus you are left completely in the unknown. It’s also frustrating. But life goes on, and I have lots to be excited about☺ It’s not worth it to be sad over one gig, and you know what? It might still change haha!

So that answers your question. As far as I know, I am only in one or two episodes at the moment.

My character is sassy, intelligent, calculated and strong. She is different in each scene, so I can’t wait to see it.

I had the pleasure to work with many talented human beings, and to be directed by two amazing men, Ken Olin and Jonas Pate. I hope to work with them again.

The Arrangement is supposed to air on E! in March, 2017.

mv5bnzixmzy5njg4mv5bml5banbnxkftztgwmtg2mdqznje-_v1_Any other upcoming works you can mention?

I just wrapped a short film called Unintentional Mother supported by the Kevin Spacey Foundation, written, produced and directed by Mary Galloway. I got to dig myself into a challenging role, and I felt like I grew once again as an artist. It’s very rewarding for me. Sorry, but I can’t reveal more at this point.

Real Fiction is definitely one to watch out for next year. I already mentioned it earlier and I hope the official trailer will be out soon.

I enjoyed working on an MOW called Straight A’s (working title), produced by Tina Pehme and Kim Roberts, and directed by Vanessa Parise. Cheers to #womeninfilm once again. It seems to be the recurring theme of my recent work and in the industry. We wrapped less than a couple of months ago, and the film is supposed to air in December, on Lifetime. There is no information about it on IMDB or anywhere as of yet. I had fun working with Haley Pullos. She has such a pure and big heart and Judd Nelson is a legend!

There is another production I am excited and proud to be part of and that is the action thriller – AST and the other two segments of a trilogy.

I booked the villainess role and will star opposite the Danish film actor, and recent James Bond perennial, Jesper Christensen, as his daughter, and or lover? Are you intrigued? The filming will take place between Toronto and Miami starting next year.

I am cast in the next Terry Miles’s passion art project or two, where the dates are unknown at this time. Each one is very unique and I can’t wait until the day we go to camera.

I consider myself lucky and I thank the universe every night and morning for everything it has been sending my way☺ Of course, I am aware that it is largely my persistence, hard work and work ethic that comes to play. Without my strong drive, I would be probably still sitting in my pink chair at home and day dreaming instead of making things happen and living the artist life in full swing, which by the way comes with a lot of downs as well. I don’t act every day. I still have a “joe job” to make sure I have a steady income and can pay bills, etc. Fortunately, it is still in the film industry, so I never feel out of touch or disconnected.

be_7923_edited-1_web.jpegAs you have done several independent films/works, what do you see as the benefits and challenges of indie films?

I love working on independent films. There tends to be more freedom to play and experiment, which is fantastic. The non-mainstream stories can be unconventional, more complex and/or artsy, which is a dream for me as an actor in terms of fulfilling my inner artist. Often times, independent films are less about money and business, and more about the actual art, acting and story-telling. I hope nobody is going to bite my head off. It’s not technical like television acting and it also puts less pressure on the actor. It just feels like everyone is there to make a movie and is equally as passionate, because very often, it is certainly not about the paycheck. And that could be considered challenging too, because I commit to a certain amount of weeks and will make next to nothing.

In an ideal world, I would like to work on a major picture or a television series and then do a passion indie film.

Then when an actor does too many indie films, his/her value diminishes from the “finance” point of view, unless the movie wins a Palme D’Or or something similar to it.

Do you have any plans to eventually write/direct?

Yes I do and I am already on it.

I have written a book, which has been optioned by the Canadian producer, Robert Lantos, of Serendipity Point Films, for a television series.

I have put this project on hold due to an overload of work and big life events, but will resume in the near future. The book will hopefully be on the shelves of Chapters/Indigo and online by summer of 2017.

I have a couple of outlines for scripts I plan to write next year.

I am a creative individual, so I am never stagnant or resting. There is always something in the works and always will be.

Any advice you would give to others planning to enter the entertainment business and pursue a career?

Don’t! Hahahhaaa! But if you do, be your best, be persistent, be reliable, be true to yourself, and grow thick skin, because rejection will be on your daily menu, and giving up is not an option! Use fear as your catalyst.

One more piece of advice for aspiring actors: Have a plan B! It can still be within the industry, but make sure you are fulfilled, and be okay with the fact that the fulfillment might not come right away from acting itself, or maybe never. And one more thing, don’t take yourself so seriously! Have fun! Thank you for reading through these answers.

Frankness is something I truly admire in this world of hypocrites and smooth talkers. Gratefully, there is no doubt that with Adrea, she is as credible and as straight-talking as they come. She has the correct attitude when it comes to this industry, and she has made the decision to actively pursue her passions rather than waiting for a day that may never otherwise come. In Andrea’s case, the size of the role is not as vital as the profundity of the character.

While I have yet to see Andrea in any of her many films and shows, I greatly anticipate many of the works in which she has been featured. Be sure that you watch out for Andrea’s various network spots in the coming months and on into the new year with the advent of the highly anticipated show The Arrangement. Additionally, I would request that you follow her at the various links below so that you will be amongst the first to know when this tenacious, industrious, and lovely actress is appearing in a film or a TV show.

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