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Fifteen Minutes Preparedness For A Tornado

I was sitting in front of my desk when suddenly a message arrived on my phone with an alert from the national weather bureau letting the population knew that a tornado was on its way to the area where I live. I was terrified when I saw the alert, because I have never experienced such disaster even though I know how ruthless tornadoes can be especially taking into account that they are “violently rotating columns of air funnels look like that extended from a thunderstorm to the ground. They can destroy building, flip cars and create deadly flying debris. (Tornadoes, 2018). In addition, “they can also happen anytime and anywhere bringing intense winds of more than 200 MPH”. (Tornadoes, 2018). There is a difference between what and warning for a tornadoe. Watch gives the advance notice that conditions are favorable for dangerous weather. When an area is under watch, people need to be sure to stay alert for changing weather. A warning, on the other hand, is severe weather when the storm is about to hit the area.

Fifteen minutes is not enough time to prepare when facing a tornado; nonetheless, there is always time to try to save one’s life and the family’s. Since I was already in my house when the alert was sent, my plan was to run together with my family and my pet to the room on the lowest level of the house, because I do not have a basement to get in. This is the first thing I am going to do to survive during a pass of tornadoe. I am also going to stay away from the windows, door, and outsides walls since they are the unsafest place in the house. I am going to stay in a low flat location that I already have identified. I am going to use my hands to protect my head and neck. (Tornadoes, 2018)

In reality, I am more prepared for a hurricane which is the disaster that we see the most down here in Miami. I was more prepared for a hurricane in the sense that I had bags of sand ready in the garage in case there was a flood with the passage of a hurricane. We put sandbags in the entrance of the door, at the base of the windows, sometimes on the roof to prevent it from flying out. I had adhesive tape to put on the glass doors even though they are against impact constructed; however, many of the things I had in my go bag list, I can use in this case of tornado. Some of the items that I included are flashlight to use in case the power goes out, first aid kit in case of injury, extra bateries. In addition I have a list of emergency telephone numbers such as the police, department, local emergency service, local emergency services, local American Red Cross, poison help, as well as other emergency telephone number I may need. I found beneficial having the employers and school official contacts. Everybody in my house have a cell phone excluding my little baby, so we can stay connected in case of separation for any reason. In my bag, I also have some cash to survive in case of credit card cannot be used. In addition, I also have a list of important personal items like documents such as identification, birth certificate, marriage certificate, driver’s license, social security card, bank, and credit cards number and family and friends photos.

One important item that I cannot forget to mention is water. This is a treasured treasure that we use to keep ourselves hydrated, and to prepare food after the disaster. When I found out that I had to take this class, I felt a bit unsettled. The reason I felt that way was, because I thought that as a nurse I did not need it. I even thought it was a waste of time and money. In contrast, as the days went by I felt more comfortable and more interested to the point that I am enjoying it to the fullest. To be honest, I did not feel prepared for the arrival of any natural event except the normal preparedness as is the case of hurricanes and the basic measures that are taken when waiting for it to hit the area. I did not have as much knowledge of the consequences at the health level that these disasters can cause in its path. That, without forgetting that I did not know how it was that a tsunami was forming. Sincerely, it was something that caught my attention, because I knew it was a whale that took everything in its path, but I did not know anything else about it.

As a conclusion, I would like to say that I have gained a lot of knowledge of what natural disasters are, their consequences, how to prepare for their arrival, during their passage and after the event. Last but not least, I am clear about the role of nurses when facing a disaster of any magnitude. I would like to mention that we as nurses play a critical role in the medical preparedness and response to disasters of all kinds working to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the population at risk. Nurses can help patients at disasters scenes, medical centers, hospitals, and in the rehabilitation setting as well as mental health facilities. (nurses and their impact in disaster responses, 2017)ReferencesNurses and Their Impact in Disaster Response. (2018, August 03).

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