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Features of C Language

C is very simple and easy language. C language is mainly used for develop desktop based application. All other programming language were derived directly or indirectly from C programming concept. C is widely used language. It is provides a lot of features that are given blow.

  • Simple
  • Powerful
  • Platform dependent
  • Case sensitive
  • Compiler Based
  • Syntax Based programming language
  • Machine Independent Or Portable
  • Mid-level programming language
  • Structured programming language
  • Rich Library
  • Memory Management
  • Fast speed
  • Pointers
  • Recursion
  • Extensible


Every C program can be written in simple English language so that it is very easy to understand and developed by programmer. C language provides break the problem into parts, rich set library function, data types etc.


C is very powerful programming language, It have a vide verity of data types, functions, controls, statement, decision making statement, etc.

Case sensitive

It is case sensitive programming language. In C programming “break and BREAK” both are deferent

Platform dependent

A language is said to be platform dependent whenever the program is execute in the same operating system where that was developed and compiled but not run and execute on other operating system. C language is platform dependent programming language.

Compiler Based

C Language is compiler based programming language that means without compilation no C program can be executed. First we need compiler to compile our program and then execute.

Syntax Based programming language

C is strongly tight syntax based programming language. If any language follows rules and regulation very strictly known as strongly tight syntax based language. Example C, C++, Java,.net, etc. if any not following rules and regulation very strictly known as loosely tight syntax based language.

Machine Independent Or Portable

Unlike assembly language, C programs can be executed in many machine with little bit or no change. But it is not platform-independent.

Mid-level programming language

C is also used to do low level programming language. It is used to develop system application kernel, driver etc. It also supports the features of high level language. That is why it is known as mid-level language.

Structured programming language

C is structured programming language in the sense that we can break the program into parts using functions. So, it is easy to understand and modify.

Rich Library

C language provides a lot of inbuilt functions that makes the development fast. Memory Management

It supports the features of dynamic memory allocation. In C language, we free the allocated memory at any time by calling the free() function. Fast speed

Fast speed

The compilation and execution time of c language is fast.


C language provides the feature of pointers. We can directly interact with the memory by using the pointers. We can use pointers for memory, functions, array etc.


In C programming we can call the function within the function. It provides code reusability for every function.


C language is extensible because it can easily adopt new features.

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