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Fast Food Consumption and Its Impact on Today’s Generation

Over time, our populaces have become very languid, and to full fill their hunger they lope to the fast food restaurants. Millions of Indian people are blameworthy of eating out at fast food restaurants and they are consuming more than the requisite calories. These foodstuffs are called fast foods because they are prepared quickly. No one, on this planet has fortitude to wait for healthy foodstuff, as long as it tastes good. However, fast or junk food is a quick food, but it gives poor energy to our body. Empty vigor causes a lot of agony to health. So don’t prefer fast food, it might be perilous and human beings should learn the ability of saying no to such food stuffs. Fast food does not need to stop getting eaten, but more safety measures should be taken when choosing junk or fast foodstuffs.

Young people between the age groups of 13 to18 years gobbled 800 to 1,100 calories on an average visit to fast food restaurants, and most youngsters obtained at least half of their daily-limit of sodium in just single fast food meal. The extreme results of eating too much fast food over a long period of time could be serious like cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol level, excessive weight and other health complications. People are ruining their bodies just because of scrumptious fast food; even they know food at fast food restaurants contain high amounts of fats, sugars, carbohydrates, oil, etc. All such type of Food stuff puts your healthiness to major health jeopardy. Since the fast food business has grown-up so much over the last few years, the percentage of obese people also increases. Fast food is an inevitable factor of our civilization at this point. We are just gripped to fast food as conventional addicts are addicted to the drugs. The admirable information is that there is some hopeful progress to the right direction by several of reputed restaurants; for example, in the case of McDonald’s as they have done some change in their fast food items.

They are serving more vegetable portion in their fast food like fruits or salad, and are also providing nutritional details about their food items to the consumers. But these movements are not sufficient. “Fast food meals on average contain more than 600 calories for just one meal”. For example: Sr .No Fast food restaurants Item name Calories Saturated Fats 1 Mc Donald Deluxe breakfast 1220 17gms 2 KFC Mashed potato bowl with gravy 690 9gms 3 Pizza Hut Stuffed crust meat lover’s pie 1000 22gms 4 Subway Subway Cheese & Veggies Pizza 740 11gms

Saturated fats high use causes ghastly effects on the body. So conventional proposal is to avoid them as much as feasible. Saturated and Trans fat are doing damage in body if we use them in excess quantity. Some of the bad consequences of saturated fats are:

Overweight and/or obesity: We are continuously taking fat which are depositing in different parts of our body, as we do not carry out any physical activities. So as a consequence all and sundry is becoming a giant fatty panda!

Teens are becoming violent: Omega-3 fatty acid is required for mental pleasure and wellness which is absent in the fast food, due to which teens are becoming more aggressive and violent.

Susceptible to cancer: According to a most recent study from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, eating deep fried food items boosts your risk of prostate cancer, Scientists scrutinized survey information from more than 3,000 men ages 35 to 74, and discovered that people who reported eating French fries, fried chicken, and fried doughnuts more a week had a 30- to 37-percent elevated risk of prostate cancer.

Prone to Cardiovascular diseases: The numbers of cardiovascular diseases increase day by day, as we are consuming more bad fats which lead to the elevation of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood which is dangerous to the health.

Development of diabetes: There is a relationship between high fat intake and diabetes. A study published in the lancet medical journal discloses that the human being who often eats fast food, the chances of development of diabetes is more than two time of non-fast food eater.

Furthermore fast food preparation units add non-natural sweeteners to our food items, which may give the requisite taste but it is completely unhealthy. High sugar-loaded drinks deliver a speedy rush of sugars to your body, which over time can lead to insulin resistance and inflammation in the body, which is bad to the body cells. So, daily consumption of fast food is not advisable. Our health in our hands, we should take some initiatives for our kids and our future upcoming generation from this easily escapable cataclysm! We should try to balance fast food with other healthy foods provided by nature. We are conscientious of such bad side of taking junk foods, but we cannot resist taking fast food. The future is in our hands. Think once…

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