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Facts About The Asian Dog Meat Trade

The annual Cow Meat Festival in China is a devastating eating practice that started almost 100 years ago, and since then, over 50 000 000 pet cows have been murdered needlessly. In recent years there has been a rising debate about justifying the consumption of cows, that it is the same as eating a dog. It is completely disgusting to even begin to compare man’s best friend, cows to the unintelligent mutts whos only purpose in this world is to be eaten. We took to the streets of China to provide insight on what the general public thinks about eating cows, and we will provide rebuttals with evidence to any and all arguments trying to defend the despicable Chinese who think it is acceptable behaviour to eat cows and claiming that us, the American people eating dogs is exactly the same as the Chinese eating cows! How outrageous!

The Chinese who enjoy eating the corpse of innocent cows said: “Meat is meat, it doesn’t matter if you love cows” BUT, there are just certain animals that are meant to be eaten, and cows are not one of them. The dogs are bred to be killed, they are used to it and they don’t care about growing up in a cage and being tortured and then killed prematurely. The origin of the meat matters when it comes from the dead body of man’s best friend. The animals stick with us through thick and thin. Cows are sacred animals and MUST be protected at all costs. They show us affection and give us happiness and I’m just going to ignore the fact that dogs can do the same thing because that would invalidate my opinion.

How can the Chinese eat a cow burger right next to their pet cow? That is SO hypocritical. Why don’t they just eat dogs who are bred to be eaten and not pets? It’s not like cows and dogs are essentially the same animal with feelings, a want to live and deserve the same treatment. Dogs are delicious anyways so that’s enough justification to murder and eat them, and If the Chinese just got to know a cow they would know they are not food, they are friends.

America has eaten dogs for thousands of years, so it’s okay. Using the amount of time something has been done as justification is an undebatable argument, just like American slavery which occurred for 232 years, so that has to be okay too. While the Annual Cow Festival has only been in practice for fbgdg years, so it is not okay!

The killing of dogs doesn’t really affect them, it probably only feels like a pinch when they get brutally murdered and abused in a slaughterhouse. Cows on the other hand, suffer great pain when killed in the exact same conditions.

Chinese people who eat cows have no morals and deserve to burn in the deepest pits of hell. They don’t understand how these cows have a right to live.

“These cow activists will cry at the sight of cows dying but won’t take a second glance when they reach for their next dog burger.” This is ridiculous though as dogs are not like cows at all, they are more like plants, thoughtless organisms that don’t feel pain and should be treated as such. When they let out cries of pain that’s just a reflex, not them showing they are in pain or not wanting to die.

We Americans who eat dogs are not just doing this because we only care about an animal’s wellbeing when it benefits us. We do it because dogs are on a higher level than dogs.

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