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Exercise in our daily life

Exercise is the cheapest and most useful tool for not only stress, but for many other things. For me, when I exercise, I get a feeling of comfort and relaxation. My whole body changes into a more calm and care-free ‘structure’. Exercise makes life more enjoyable and fun. True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united. This task has taught me both activity of the mind as well as exercise of the body.

Before I started this task, I exercised on a regular basis but my exercises were short and intense. Through this task, I learnt to be patient and exercise for longer as well as to give my body a break once in a while with a low intensity training session. At the moment, my fitness levels are extremely good. I am never out of breath when walking at a fast rate and go to the gym feeling fit and healthy. I am more flexible and stronger. My resting heart rate has decreased and therefore I feel more fit.

I am usually extremely stressed and often have a melt down about how much work I have and about school in genera. Before this task I felt as if I never had time for myself and time to just relax and enjoy myself but through the past 3 weeks, I have learnt to make time no matter how busy I am to exercise as well as 15 minutes a day to meditate. This has definitely helped my stress levels and I feel like a completely different person. Over the past 3 weeks, I have not cried about school once or even felt the need to. I have learnt now to manage my time correctly and how to make time for everything because exercise as well as alone time is equally important as school work and getting good marks. I have learnt that in order to achieve and maintain good marks, you need a few minutes of relaxation time every single day. These activities have definitely improved my stress levels.

While doing these tasks. I met a few people at the gym with whom I became very friendly with. The gym is very sociable and this is one of the aspects that make me excited to go to the gym. I am a lot less stressed and therefore I am more interactive and sociable with friends. I went many times with my friends to the gym and we were able to spend time together while doing something productive and fun at the same time. I am emotionally more stable and relaxed. I am laughing and smiling more and I am generally a happier person. I am less anxious and actually achieving better marks in school. I have not shouted or fought with any of my siblings. I have more energy and I am sleeping throughout the whole night where as I used to have many sleep disturbances. I have more self esteem and I am more confident within myself. I no longer worry about the future or focus on the past , I work with the present and move forward from there. I can concentrate for longer and feel healthier. I tolerate a lot more people and find it easier to communicate and connect with others. I have taught myself how to make time for other things besides for work and therefore I have made time to do voluntary work and go socialize with elder people as well as less fortunate children in schools. I am more independent and my relationships with numerous people have definitely matured and progressed.

I have definitely succeeded in the goals that I set myself at the beginning of the programme. I am eating healthier , I have lost weight and become much more fit. I am enjoying life more and appreciate everything a lot more then I used to. I never thought that exercise would have such a major impact on my life especially on my emotions and social skills. It has taught me to make time for everything no matter how busy I am and just to take every day as it comes. I have grown more and more each day and learnt something new at every session. I set myself realistic goals that I was really determined to achieve and therefore I set my mind on it and got started. I really felt that I needed a change in my life and wanted to make a difference.

My lifestyle has changed and I am looking forward to setting and achieving new goals as well as improving the intensity of my exercises. From this programme in general I have learnt that exercise improves physical health, reduces risks for serious illness, increases energy and vitality feelings, helps people perform activities of daily life more easily, helps people to lose and maintain weight, improves your mood, improves self-confidence, and provides socialization opportunities. Everyone should exercise at least 3 times a week. I have absolutely loved this programme and can not wait to continue my excercises. My journey is definitely not over.

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