Enlightenment which is very famous in sociology. Therefore, many significant thinkers and philosopher have evaluated enlightenment according to their minds. One of them is Immanuel Kant. He defined his thoughts with a basic and understanble language according to his mind regarding enlightenment. In the meantime, he used social acts while define the enlightenment.

Enlightenment’s meaning is coming from freedom because enlightenment starts in person’s mind aftermath the person can transfer their thinks to words. Immanuel Kant has seen the enlightenment as to rescue the mankind from nonage because people can not use their reason without guidance of another. Also,It is very easy for laziness and cowardice because, there are leaders and whoever. These are thinking behalf of them. Additionally, dogmatic thinks are fetters for these people. These dogmatics are always block in order to people can look their front. Thus, people can not overcome this issue easly according to Kant.

Firstly, they have to rescued from their yoke. Then, they can throw off from nonage and occur the enlightenment. Besides, Immanuel Kant has used very important term while he explained the enlightenment. It is Sapere audel. It is coming from latince language. According to english, it is calling as “dare to know”. This is a motto for enlightenment. Massive part of people are still in nonage. They have to escape from this situation. Also, they can escape from this case with their dare. They have to be brave for to use their minds independently. Thus, they would not need any guidance. There is a great example to be brave against guidance. It is belong to Martin Luther KING. He was an pastor in USA. He has played very major role for acceptition of civil right in Usa in 1960s. He stood up against many major thoughts about rights of african people in USA. He has never accepted the rules and some politions limitations about human rights for nigro people. Eventually, he made a speech in front of lyndon statue in Washington DC. It is “ I have a dream”. It is including his thoughts and he declared whatever needs for good life behlf of nigros. He used his mind and stood versus major authority. That is only a example from our near history. Also, it can be added Martin Luther in examples. He used reason after stood against church.

Another significant thoughts are “public use of reason, private use of reason” in Kant. These have a connection but, there are differences between them. Public use of reason is reason use for the public. Reason is opening for public and using for public benefical. It is very important in order to bring enlightenment the people. On the other hand, private use of reason was narrowed for to use in narrow palce. For example, imam is a muslim religion officer in the mosque. He defines duty of mosque and needs of muslim religion toward his parish. This religion person who is imam uses the mind like a educator. It is private use of reason. If imam uses his mind like a scholar and to adress every people or muslim masses. It is public use of reason. Additionaly, imam doesn’t free in this duty because, he has a task and he depends himself with duty which imposed from outside. In the public use of reason, imam is more free than private use of reason. Kant has given some examples regarding it. One of it is tax. A lot of people can complaint from tax rate of country. However, they are paying their taxes regularly. Because, it is duty of all people. It is including private use of reason.They cannot stand against it. Than, they may be write articles about tax for the people. It is about public use of reason.

Now are we living in age of enlightenment. In my opinion, this process is going on. Nowadays, it is very common because, so many people can share their opinion over social media. It doesn’t matter jobs or situation. They can generate their opinion in their mind and challenge authority. Many people are orginazing march and demonstrations against their countries. They can evaluate policies of governments according to their reason so citizens can challenge against their leaders and administrations bravely and freely. Arab spring is an example. It is near history and spread very fast through technology.

As a result, i think that age of enlightment is still continue. It is very common with technology and social media. Kant’s thoughts are very clear now a days. Because technology and to reach the clear information is very easy therefore enlightenment is increase itself importance and will go on at the future.

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