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Evey in V for Vendetta

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V for Vendetta is a film which addresses the dictatorship that exists in the society. For so many years the issue of dictatorship has been preventing various individuals from exploiting their full potential by being denied an opportunity by a tyrant government. In a case of tyrant government, individuals who get the opportunity must be connected to the government official in one way or the other. The film V for Vendetta seeks to address the issue and how various people emerge to address the problem the minorities in the society have to go through. The characters of the film display various abilities and the producer also include the power of relationship and emotion and the impact they have in such situations. In this study, we will analyze the talent and the abilities of the character Evey who is the lady and who fights for the rights of the minorities who were affected by the dictatorial rule in Britain(Moore & Lloyd, 2013). Evey displays various characterizes which make his role in the film full filling, and she is one of the victims of the dictatorial rule of the government officials.

Original condition

The film V for Vendetta, in the introduction the audience is introduced the female character Evey who is harassed by the police officer who worked for the dictator leader. The audience is also introduced to the main character who introduces himself as V when he rescues Evey from the brutality of the police officer. The situation of Evey is the eye-opener of the harsh rule that exists in Britain under the rule of Sutler (Moore & Lloyd, 2013). Initially, Evey did not fight for her right to the fear of being arrested by the long arm of the government which was seeking to eliminate a force that was working against the government. However, the after being rescued by V she decides to work put her effort of resisting the dictatorial rule, and when she is captured she does not give up V who is declared a terrorist by the Britain government.

Removal of fear

Although she is afraid of what might happen to her, Eveyunderstands that she needs to fight for the minority who were executed for not being worth in the mind of Sutler who was the dictator leader of Britain. However, her resistance to betray V is fruitful when she realizes that the person who kidnaped her as a police officer was V and he was testing her integrity which makes her even stronger(Moore & Lloyd, 2013). The purpose of the kidnapping Evey is to make her remove the fear inside her to fight for the greater good of all the people in Britain being harassed by the dictatorial leadership. It is admirable how she keeps her personal beliefs real and despite being rescued by V, she remains strong that the idea of killing people, which V did to draw the attention of the government official and to empower people towards resisting the tyrant governance. Evey id is no longer afraid because she lost all her family members and that displays an ambiguous character.


Despite Evey’s young age and her resistance towards using violence towards people, she gets why V had to do what he did and continues with the mission in the same way as V. Finally, she gave in to the idea of V and embraced the costume and the methods that were used to oppose the tyrant rule of the government (Moore & Lloyd, 2013). In the last chapter of the film, Evey has found her way of teaching herself a various way of operating, and it is evident that she had made a choice of following the ways of V and to ensure that the resistance towards the government continues after V died and she is ambitious in her way forward.

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