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Evaluation Of Chowking – Chinese-Themed Food Chain

Chowking is a Chinese-themed food chain here in the Philippines. They claim to have Chinese concept but it also has a Filipino and American touch on it. They are mostly known for their halo-halo, noodle soup and rice bowls. For over 33 years, it has become a very popular place to eat in and it is one of the leading fastfood chains in the Philippines as they have more than 300 branches nationwide.

They captured the hearts of many Filipinos and it became a go-to food place of most people. While the taste of the food is consistent, the price is very reasonable and the cleanliness is okay, the service and the ambiance, which has a great impact on people’s impression, needs to be worked on and improved.

After a long day, I and my family decided to go for dinner at a Chowking located in Luisita, Tarlac. For 8 people, it only cost my mom approximately 1,100 Php, which is not bad at all, considering that most restaurants can cost a thousand peso meal good for 3 persons only. Since it was raining, we ordered Wanton noodles for 57 Php and sweet and sour pork meal for 99 Php. I also got my favorite beef chao fan for 76 Php and a regular halo-halo for 65 Php. It is indeed a cheap version of Chinese food.

The food filled us right away and its taste is fine. I was relieved tgat the utensils were hot and newly steriles because who wants to share an unsteriled spoon with a stranger anyway? I also appreciate that the tables are being cleaned even before costumers come.

However, as soon as entering the place, there was no security person on the door and because it was raining then, the floor is covered with wet dirt. There is really a need for some mopping as the costumers go in and out on a rainy day. I head straight to the comfort room and I was not pleased by it being a unisex restroom and not having tissue papers on it. I, then, had to wash my 3-year-old sister’s hand but as I pushed the soap dispencer, there was no soap at all. While my mom was ordering our food, I decided to find us a table. The space is not big enough to accomodate much people but luckily we immediately got a table for us. After we ordered, our food was not served all at once and caused confusion. After 10 minutes, we all had our orders except for my mom. She had to wait for 30 minutes and constantly ask the service crew to follow up her food. The crew was insisting that they already gave us all our orders but the receipt tells otherwise. My mom had to personally show them that we are still missing one order before they finally give it to her. We can also hear the people at our back complaining about how shitty the service is, which is not comfortable at all. The serving sizes were not equal and their halo-halo has more ice than its actual ingredients or toppings. For 8 people, they gave us three tissues, which is obviously not enough, so I had to request for additional in the counter. Before leaving, I decided to take out 2 chicharap, just for the hopes to see a better service, and I was very disappointed because when I got home and checked it, they forgot to put the spicy vinegar on it.

They could attract more costumers if they are more organized, composed and controlled. I would love to see their service improve and to make sure that they can accomodate customers in the best way they could.

Overall, I am going to give Chowking a 3.4 out of 5 stars. I would still go back because the food is okay and it is worth the price. It might not be the best food place to get Chinese food but it still stands put among others bacause they serve variety of flavors in a very reasonable price.

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