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Ethics in advertising

Ethics means a set of moral principles which govern a person’s behaviour or how the activity is conducted. And advertising means a mode of communication between a seller and a buyer thus ethics in advertising means a set of defined principles which govern the ways of communication taking place between the seller and the buyer.

Ethics is most important feature of the advertising industry. Through there are many benefits of advertising but then there are some points which don’t match don’t make the ethical form of advertising.

An ethical advertising is one thing doesn’t lie doesn’t make fake or false claim and is in the limits of decency. Now a days ads are more exaggerated and a lot of puffing is used. It seems like a advertisers lack of knowledge of ethical forms and principles. They just don’t understand and are unable to decide what is correct or what is wrong.

The main area of interest for advertising is to increase their sales, gain more and more customers and increase their sales demand for the product by presenting a decorative puffed and colourful ad they claim that there product is the best having unique qualities.

Related to the purpose of the different Activities

Ethics in advertising is directly related to the purpose of advertising and the nature of advertising. For eg. A sanitary napkin ad shows that when the napkin was dropped in a river by some girls the napkin soaked whole the matter of the river.

Thus the purpose of advertising was only to inform women about the product quality. Obviously every women know that they cannot practically happen but the ad was accepted. This doesn’t show that the ad was unethical.

Ethics also depends on what we believe if the advertiser make the ads on the belief that the customer will understand them to think and then act on this then they will lead to positive results and the ads may not be called unethical. But at the same time if the advertiser believe that They can fool their customers by showing any in practical thing like just clicking fingers will make your home or office fully furnished or just buying a lottery ticket will make you Millionaire.

Pharmacy Advertising

They help creating awareness but one catchy point in that the advertiser shows what the medicine that can curve but never talk about the side effects of that some things or the risk involve in intake of it.


Children are the major seller of the ads and the products. They have the power to convince the buyers. But when the advertiser using children in their ad they should remember not to show them alone doing their work on their own like burning teeth playing with toys other activities.


Till today there hasn’t come any liquor and which shows anyone drinking the original liquor. They use mineral water and social in their advertisement with their brand name those type of ads are called surrogate ads. These types of ads are totally unethical where liquor ads are totally banned.

Cigarettes and tobacco

There products should be never advertised as consumption of they are directly and badly responsible for cancer and other server health issues. These as are already banned in countries like India, Norway, Thailand and Singapore.

Measuring Advertising Effectiveness

When a child writes the examination paper he has to see the results come what it may be so that he came to know where he is wrong and where he should more attendance. This will help him to work better in the future.

This is exactly in the case of the advertisement the work is not complete if the effectiveness of advertising is not measured. This is the only way to know how the advertising is not measured.

According to Philip Kenley and Armstrong the gurus of marketing there are too most popular areas which need to be measured.

Communication Effect

Sales Effect

Communication effect research consists of three types of researchers.

Direct Rating Method

Here’s customers are directly asked to the rate of advertisement and then there ratings are calculated.

Portfolio Tests

Here’s the customers see at the ads and listen carefully to the ads and all the contents of the ads.

Laboratory Tests

Here’s the operation of measures the heart rates, blood pressure, perspiration etc. are used on the customers after the watches the ads to know the physiological relation of the body.

Sales effect research totally depends on the sales of the company. The sales keep varying from time to time there are some factors affecting sales like product availability.

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