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Ethical Aspects of Cell Phone


Mobile phones have both negative and positive impact on the society, but the negative impacts are weighing more than those of positive. Nowadays, more and more people use the cell phone technology to get access to anything in the world, but this can create many security threats in the society. Many people use the current cell phone technologies to get access to mobile banking, mobile wallet and social medias thinking that they are safe but, there is a loop hole in our mobile technology which can be easy interpreted by talented computer programmers who knows hacking because, our technologies have not yet advanced to compensate the needs for the growing world. Our cell phone technology is still far behind than we are expecting. Even though mobile phones have provided a new era of communication for the world to have live interactions with other people far away from us.


The mobile phone usage can result in a significant threat to the health of the users. Many concerns have been raised on the cell phone radiation that causes other severe health hazards in humans. The mobile phones normally use microwave frequency for communication during its usage. Radio frequency (RF) which is emitted by the mobile phones has a bad effect on the human health. They also emit radio frequency in between, while they are in standby mode. The high level radio frequencies (RF) emitted by the mobile phones can cause heating of body tissues and also there is a high level of electro magnetic energy which is similar to those found in gamma rays and X rays, which can iodize the body tissues in human beings. Thus the high level of radio frequency (RF) emitted by the mobile phones can result in increase of the body temperature and damage of the body tissues. Moreover cell phones have become an instrument for constant interruptions in business and social environment. The ringing of phone during strategic meeting session may interrupt the smooth and regular business of the meeting (Solway, 2010). Also, children tend to check some of the sites which are banned children. Thus cell phones can significantly influence a child’s social and psychological developments (Want, 2006). Many people who are constantly using the cell phone are unaware of the aftereffects of looking into the cell phone display for too long. It can partially or fully destroy the vision of some people. It actually affects the cornea of the eyes and the eyes gradually starts to get dilated, which is symptom of corneal contraction.


Nowadays, people cannot live without a mobile phone. The development of technology is not possible without mobile phones. Now people can take photos, videos, share chats and views, browse in high speed internet and even face to face live interaction is now possible with the introduction of smartphones. The development in communication sector has contributed a lot in the overall development of the world. Today, the current generation is living in a world where they can access anything in their fingertips. Oftentimes, people perceived the inventions of these gadgets as both cause and effect of the continuous changing of culture (“Blackwell reference online”,2007). Cell phone companies are trying to create new technologies in smartphones in order to meet the growing demands of the human population.


In a nutshell, the invention of cellular phone in the year 1973 by Martin Cooper made the change in field of communication and within this few years the cell phone industry has grown drastically and created many advancements in its technology. The modern development in cell phone technology is the invention of smart phones, which focus on the needs for the modern world. They run on high capacity processors and huge memory capacity then the old versions of them. The performance of a smart phone depends on its RAM and operating system (OS). Basically, there are 4 types of OS and they are Android, I OS, Windows and Java. Even though they are more useful for the people they have many adverse effects on the society as well as for the human health. The increasing number of smartphone users has also made the number of patients in society increased. The radiations emitted by these gadgets cannot be solved by humans and we will have to suffer its aftereffects. So, in total cell phones have both good and bad effects on the society.

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