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Electrolux Precision Brush Roll Clean For Your Pet

Electrolux Precision Brush Roll Clean has a brush roll cleaner which sucks away dirt using motorized cleaner brush. It has washable filters capable of absorbing any type of odor. Electrolux precision Brush roll comes close to the perfect brush on today’s age, also providing reasonable and affordable pricing. However, its heavy weight is a pain to lift and carry. Though it makes a lot of noise when compared to other cleaners, it picks up dirt, hair and cleans the carpet most brush roll cleaners fail to do. It has perfect design and high performance make it easily one of the most sought after brush roll cleaner. Following review will help you understand all good and bad features of an Electrolux precision brush roll clean so that you can easily make up your mind before investing in a brush roll clean.



Electrolux Brush Roll Clean comes in silver finish and all its pieces are easy to assemble. The looks of this brush roll clean is very likable. Its dustbin is also easy to remove and clean and putting back in place. Electrolux Brush Roll has modern design. However, its construction doesn’t look efficient while handling the bin.


The color of this unit is silver and orange in color. From the looks of it, this vacuum has a typical outlook however its performance is expected to exceed the performance of contemporary vacuums. Electrolux Precision Brush Roll is quite easy to assemble. Removing, emptying and cleaning the dustbin as well as putting it back together are quite simple and easy to pick. Friendly to operate and multi-tasking unit is the best choice of vacuum cleaner in market.

Weight and Voltage

However, its 17 pound heavy-made is difficult to lift and carry around which could be its only design drawback. The cord length of this machine is 25 feet which is longer compared to the competitors and great for above the floor cleaning. It requires 12 amps power and 120 volts of electricity.


Electrolux brush Roll Clean is manufactured in China and comes with a 5 year warranty as always offered by Dyson. You can easily call or email Electrolux if anything goes wrong or help is required so they can fix it for you.


Electrolux Brush Roll comes with two filters: one located in the dustbin and another on front. These filters are easy to dismantle. You can wash these filters and fix them back in place with least amount of effort.


This version of Dyson i-e Electrolux Precision Brush Roll comes in a price that is low on pocket while not compromising on performance at the same time. You will be saving quite a few bucks with its maximum $200 price that is lot less than its competitors. However, it is expensive to buy through Amazon.


The handle of Electrolux Precision Brush Roll Clean is efficient in doing multitasking. Its handle is effortless to grip. It has a suction control to adjust the power of unit. The crevice tool removes dust from hidden corner and each nook and crook with great ease. It is easily adjustable back in place. The one touch button releases the wand of this unit. You can easily reach high and low ends with a single touch of wand.


It feels difficult to maneuver this unit of Electrolux around heavy furniture. However, it maneuvers easily on carpets as well as hardwood floors. The attachments tools produce low air performance which affects its ability to suck in every piece of debris.

Pet Hair

Electrolux Precision Brush Roll Clean gets rid of pet hair from carpets as well as hard floor with precision. With help of Brush Roll technology, hairs are now easily untangled.


Electrolux Precision Brush Roll Clean comes with a switch through which you can select between carpet or floor mode. Turning on carpet, turns on the brush while turning it off turns the brush off. It is recommended to turn the brush off on bare floor as it can cause defectiveness in brush.

Dust Bin

The dust din of Electrolux Precision Brush Roll Clean is transparent containing a removable filter. You can cart it to garbage can using its handle. Brush roll technology helps in getting rid of all the garbage off the brush by using the lever. The maximum line on dirt bin indicates when the bin is full and needs to clean.


Electrolux Precision Brush Roll Clean works really well to remove garbage of any type from small chunks on hardwoods to pet hairs on carpets. The performance of Electrolux cleaner is outstanding overall with the combination of brush roll technology. This Electrolux Precision Brush Roll Clean comes with right power and performance while being cheap and affordable at the same time.

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