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Effects Of Tattoo On People’s Integuments And Feelings

Nowadays, people look at their bodies as a blank painting, which they need to fill with some graphics. An example of these desirable graphics is tattoo, which is a long-lasting design painted by people, especially teenagers, on their skins using needles and inks. Tattoo has been a part of human experience and it reflects the cultures of different countries in the world. Moreover, tattoo designs have become popular these days, especially in Italy, UK, New Zealand, and Germany because a lot of people do not suffer any risks and bad effects while having them. However, the Middle Eastern culture has its stereotypical view in regard to tattooing, which claims that people with tattoo are criminals and unethical as a superficial judgment. On the other hand, scientists began to study the negative effects of tattoo, especially after the increment of its popularity. They state that some allergies and infections may occur after tattooing. One study found that tattoos may overlap with the way skin sweats. According to the inked skin secretes about 50% less of sweat than the skin that is free of tattoo. Personally, I think that people must think carefully before having anything on their integument, because the negative effects may occur later on. In addition, there are some factors that might control people’s thoughts and decisions in regards to tattooing, which are: gender, age, the tattoo removal tool and its popularity.

Firstly, gender and age have a great impact on the desire of getting tattoo among people. For instance, the skin of adults and teens has much ability in absorbing tattoo, especially if it is compared to elderlies’ sensitive skin. Secondly, teens, who are surprisingly supported by their parents in some cases, tend to think more about the beautiful appearance than the bad effects that may occur because of tattoos. Thirdly, the tool used to get tattoos is very hard and tough and its ink contains certain dangerous substances that might cause sensitivity to elderlies. Loguercio C. (1996) relates the previous statement in regards to elderlies’ sensitivity to the internal biological changes that occur because of health and aging.

On the other hand, the effects of tattoos are not limited to age but also to gender, especially when the study includes infections. For example, a staph infection is a type of infections that might occur to a person once he gets tattoo. However, it can be cured. Staph bacteria can actually develop the resistance to regular antibiotics that make the prescription treatment inactive. There are some conditions that can develop such as, sepsis, arthritis, and toxic shock syndrome because of one type of staph bacteria which is called methicillin- resistance staphylococcus aurous (MRSA) get into the bloodstream and some internal organs. Regards all of these reactions and infections, females were less than males in getting tattoo because females have more skin care and they are more aware about these things.

On the other hand, there are also other cases that didn’t suffer any tattoo’s side effects, which happened because of two reasons. The first one is that some people’s integuments are not sensitizing so they respond positively to the ink used in tattoo without causing side effects. The second reason is because of the ink’s type that is used in tattooing, which may include some strong types. As a result, the integument may be damaged easily and the person will suffer greatly. So this will make people think before getting tattoo and ask some dermatologists about their skin to know if there is any side effects regards getting tattoo. As a result, the tattoo popularity will increase .Additionally; the evolution of the removal tool has a role in the tattoo popularity among people. Nowadays technology has developed the laser tattoo removal, which positively helps reduce the risks of removing tattoos. Laser removal tool will prevent skin texture change, infections, or other unwanted side effects. Nevertheless, in some cases the laser removal tool might also cause some side effects, especially to the sensitive skin.

Fourthly, tattoo removal tool should also be considered, especially for the people who regret getting tattoos. Tattoos are usually permanent; therefore, removing tattoo will not be easy. A person needs to see dermatologist (skin doctor) in order to remove it. The old tool that was used by some cultures included rubbing the skin with salts, which is extremely painful. It’s like getting hot oil splattered on tattoo, but still they can’t get it away easily. After that, they developed a tattoo removal cream which produces some macrophages that eat the inked areas so then tattoo will just fade away. However, the modern tool is more useful, which includes using lasers. This tool is most common in removing tattoos; nevertheless, treatment might be expensive, ineffective and painful in some cases. Doctors have encountered some problems in some laser operations, for instance, unexpected irritations had infected the skin of some patients. On the other hand, some types of tattoos cannot be removed, which depends on the ink’s type and the depth of the tattoo. At the end, tattoo removal tools may differ depending on the type of skin that people have. Therefore, each one should see a dermatologist to know his or her skin type before removing the tattoo.

To conclude, people are looking for crazy things in order to be attractive without thinking logically. Tattoo is a trend that a great deal of people is following, especially teenagers .However, tattoo’s popularity should be controlled because not all type of skins can stand getting them. Therefore, if someone is unsure or worried about the negative effects, he must give it more time and check with the doctor before getting tattoo. Moreover, each one should consider the negative side of any action and look carefully at the circumstances that might occur while doing anything. It’s important to control our emotions and think logically about the negative points on what we are doing before giving our emotions the chance to control our thoughts.

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