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Effect of Kayakalpa Yoga on alpha Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone

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Alpha-Melanocyte Stimulating Harmone (MSH) also called intermedin or melanotropin, derived from a protein known as proopiomelanocortin (POMC) and secreted primarily by the Pitutary gland. MSH is responsible for inducing melanocytes to produce pigment called Melanin which is responsible for pigmentation in the skin, hair and eye. Skin being largest and most visible organ influenced by environment factors is idle for studying effects of ageing. In recent studies MSH plays a vital role about learning, memory and good behavior apart from pigmentation. MSH not only performs melanin synthesis, regulation of temperature, control of pain, learning but also cures inflammatory conditions of brain and peripheral organs. Kayakalpa Yoga effects a lot of biochemical changes and alteration of hormone status in our body and one such hormone is alpha MSH that increases our learning, memory, behavior as wells improves our immunity and affects ageing process.


The Siddha saints, who lived in our country during the olden days, undertook research into the ways to postpone death and increase the life span. Kayakalpa Yoga an anti-ageing technique was systematized by Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi. It conserves Life energy and prevents onset of pain, disease and death, making for a happy and contended disease free life. Kayakalpa yoga increases Perspicacity one makes decisions quickly and wisely. Receptivity and memory power also increase. To understand the same, a pilot study was carried out in voluntary subjects who were practicing Kayakalpa yoga observed significant changes in alpha MSH. The blood was collected before starting Kayakalpa practice and these participants were taught Kayakalpa Yoga practice by respective teachers. Few of the participants were already practitioners of SKY. All the participants strictly followed the practice and maintained the log for the practice. Those who followed the practice for at least 70 % were taken for further analysis. After 3 months of regular practice, blood samples were collected again from all the participants.


These blood samples were processed to get sera samples and these samples were stored at -80 deg C till the analysis of alpha MSH, which was measured by ELISA assay. We have conducted the paired “t” test in the samples which were collected before and after SKY practice. The analysis revealed that alpha MSH was found to be increased after the 3 months Kayakalpa practice.


By practicing Kayakalpa yoga in day to day life, one can improve the functioning of body and brain cells, paving the way for peace and contentment in life. Kayakalpa yoga helps a person to withstand ageing process thereby maintaining youthfulness, health and increases immunity.

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