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Drinking In Elk County

Bailey Bauer, a citizen of Elk County, a friend of those who experiment with alcohol when underage, and a supporter of safety and the law, to all of the young people of Elk County. As a student of alcohol programs, and several heath and safety classes, I understand the effects of alcohol on young people. In simply being a citizen of Elk County, I have heard and witnessed many situations in which alcohol is available to underage people. I continue to be shocked and distressed at the large amount of incidents that continue to occur in Elk County as a result of drinking alcohol when underage.

This problem has hit too close to home and needs to be stopped. The effects of drinking alcohol include the loss of friends, family troubles, and school struggles, do you really want to risk those majorly important aspects of life for habits of drinking? Drinking alcohol goes hand in hand with responsibility, making it illegal for those under the age of 21. If you decide to drink underage, then legal consequences will occur as well. An average of 13. 4% of students in Elk County have reported binge drinking, proving that this is a serious issue.

Many aspects of your life will suffer as a result of turning to alcohol habits, so avoiding alcohol at all costs would prevent that. May the love and care of the Lord be with you all. I give thanks to my Lord God and to you, as you are always in my prayers. I feel your kindness and love to Elk County and the Lord. I pray that we all may bring out the good in ourselves and work to improve our weaknesses as it will bring us closer as a community, and above all, to Jesus Christ.

Young people of Elk County, as a servant of the Lord Jesus, I reach out to you all and request your attention and action on this catastrophic topic. I ask that you all follow the laws of the Lord and of our country. In doing this, we can all make Elk County a safer environment. Please join me in stopping all underage drinking in Elk County. My plans for the summer include a few different events. Beginning on June 13, I will be traveling to Pine Forest to spend the week at a cheerleading camp with my cheerleading squad.

The following month, I will be relaxing for a week in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey at the beach during the week of the Fourth of July. Some other events that I will be attending include camping at East Branch Dam, and Kennywood Water Park in Pittsburgh. However, most of the summer I will be spending my time in my hometown of Saint Marys, Pennsylvania. I hope to see you all around. As a person who has experienced underage drinking among my peers, I see the consequences of this action, and they can be heartbreaking.

Results of underage drinking include a loss of friends, family tensions, and struggles with school. Do you really want to risk all of these things for a drink? The consequences can be avoided by simply saying no to alcohol. As a witness of someone who struggles with friendships, school, and family life, drinking underage is not a risk anyone should want to take. He becomes distant from people he once loved and loses focus on his studies. It is extremely important for you all to take this message into consideration.

I also ask that you all spread this message to others, so that we may stop underage drinking and save the lives of many people. Relative to the Bible and teachings of the Lord, there are several instances in which stories and laws relate to situations to alcohol abuse. 1 Corinthians 3:16 is a perfect example of how God wants us to treat our bodies. It states that our body is a temple and that God’s spirit dwells in our midst. If everyone thought of that verse before making risky substance decisions, would underage drinking occur at the same rates as it does?

I think so. The Seven Deadly Sins are another prime example of how wrong underage drinking is. Gluttony is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. It is defined as obsessive eating or drinking, and greed. People that I know who have this problem of underage drinking have become victims of the Seven Deadly Sins. Their lives have changed in numerous ways. Many people go from participating in school and other activities, spending time with friends and family, and pursuing their goals, to spending most of their time alone, and not doing things that they once enjoyed.

Seeing these effects of underage excessive drinking are sickening to those who know and love someone with this issue. Another statement in Corinthians states that God will never give anyone a temptation too extreme to bear. It also states that if someone is faced with temptation that they find too difficult to bear that God will always give them a way out. It is important for all those who drink underage that there is always a way out through the Lord Jesus Christ.

On the other hand, those of us who are witnesses to underage drinking must reach out to help those who drink underage to find a way out of their problems. The temptations of underage drinking may come out of nowhere and seem hard to face. Luckily, God has blessed us with the Our Father prayer. At the end of the prayer, the request for us not to be led into temptation and delivered from sins is presented. By praying this prayer as often as possible, the Lord will save us all from the temptation of underage drinking. This is the best way to prevent the problem before it even arises.

For those who are struggling with this problem already, praying the Our Father may help you to escape the difficult situation you are in. Finally, brothers and sisters in faith, I wish you peace and prosperity as you go forth and spread your knowledge and understanding of the dangers of underage drinking. I ask you to recognize that you are all living in the midst of the Lord. He is constantly surrounding us with his love and care. Therefore, we should respect our lives that He gave us and use them for good in every way. I wish you all love and peace as you carry out the Word of God.

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