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Doug Marcaida – American Martial Artist

There are many types of martial arts which include karate, taekwondo, and jiu-jitsu, among others; but they all have special applications. For you to be a master, you must be able to have detailed knowledge of the applications of each element. Doug Marcaida is an American martial artist who has shown great impact in the area of martial arts. While martial arts has not been known in every part of the world; Doug Marcaida and other great martial art practitioners have taken it upon themselves to recreate the ultimate Filipino Martial Arts. He founded three martial art schools; two of them are situated in New York City while the other one is in Romania. Also, Doug is one of the stars of the history channel show titled Forged in Fire. Let’s take a sneak peek at his bio, ethnicity, wife, and career below.

Kuya Doug Marcaida is an American martial artist. It’s not certain if he was born and raised in American, but his nationality is American and he is of Filipino ethnic background. There is little or no much information about Doug; he has never revealed his date of birth, his age, and his early life. It’s quite surprising how he is able to hold onto his personal information despite being in the limelight for so long now.

The star came into the limelight following his exceptional martial arts prowess in the history channel series titled Forged in Fire. Doug has served in the United States military and has studied several fighting styles and techniques from different parts of the world. He has mastered both hand-to-hand combat; as well as, battlefield techniques. Specially endowed, Doug is considered an encyclopedia when it comes to the evolution of war implements. He currently produces some of the deadliest combat weapons such as Mako, Le Piquer, and knives. He is currently a United States Military contractor and also designs knives for Fox Knives Italy.

Doug Marcaida is one of the expert judges of the history channel series titled Forged In Fire. The competitive series premiered on June 22, 2105 and is hosted by an American military veteran named Wil Willis. The show has completed more than four seasons; it tends to exhibit world-class blade smiths who compete among themselves to produce the world’s finest edged weapons. They go as far as using a force of will, fire, sweat, and a well-equipped forge to transform raw materials into multi-functional weapons of war. After going through the forging process; the weapon will pass through strength and sharpness tests before facing critical assessments from the team of judges including Doug Marcaida, David Baker, Jason Knight and J. Neilson.

Asides from his Forged in Fire career, Marcaida has founded three martial arts school having two in New York City and the other in Romania. He has many students whom he teaches his customized style of Filipino Martial Arts popularly otherwise known as Marcaida Kali. Filipino style of martial arts has proven to be complete as it cuts across the defense techniques, the impact, as well as the use of edged weapons and empty hand techniques. Doug has been producing the first class of next-generation martial artists and he has plans of extending his base to other countries in the near future.

The multi-talented martial artist has been outstanding since the inception of his career and has won the heart of ladies with his exceptional martial arts skills. While he has garnered much fame through his career, nothing much is known about his personal life. He prefers keeping his love life away from the media to avoid being mixed up with rumors and controversies. He has succeeded in striking a balance between his personal and professional life. However, Marcaida might have been in a few relationships and possibly married but has never shared any information with regards to his relationships or marital status until now. Although he is active on the social media, he doesn’t share such information either. He is currently focused on reaching the peak of his martial arts career and we wish him the very best.

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