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Different Reaction Toward the no Homework Policy Every Weekends

No homework policy by our government had a greater help in building stronger student-parents relation because no homework policy is privilege to them it has pleasant impact in each part of family especially for the student. Students can relax every weekend away through theirs notes and books as well as they can enjoy their lives as a kid without worry that their teacher will mad at them consequent of not doing homework/assignments. At the same time no assignment principle also contribute on the parent to guide their kids properly on accurate path way to success. So that no assignment every weekend is one of the precious give that family can had because this policy not only the student can be gain but their family also so that all of them can enjoy the company of each other. Student had chance in relaxation of their minds in the same time in existence of spend their weekends on their peers/friends. so for part of the family week ends is the most gorgeous day that they had in one week cause none can steal the memory they kept in their mind and most of all in their heart.

Several explanation of no homework is explained at different sites as well in news. according to debate org. student must have assignment on weekends just 1 sheet of homework/assignment on main subject math science english history it states that student must not be away from school can be helpful on them to expand their perception regarding the subject and topic it much better if we keep our mind in academic academy. at the same time debate org. give a different viewpoint regard to the no assignment policy every weekends it makes it hard on everyone teachers and adults says that children must enjoy their life as a kid do activity outside play among your friend but because of too much assignment/homework they forgotten to see the real beauty of the world. It is very noticeable that some student suffer in building a better relation with other people because they lack of time knowing their neighbours at doing their homework. Trevor nelson– 5th grade teacher at spanger elementary in Roseville– had a no homework/assignment policy. he state he prefers his students to go home and learn from activities like cooking reading and music instead of doing stacks of homework. Student can gain new knowledge and new experiences not only at schools but also in our own house by doing different activities. Nelson believes learning responsibility helps prepare young youth in homework /assignment to higher grades. The study found out young children has lack effective study habits and burn out easier so a heavy load of homework is not as beneficial. Harris copper too much homework can affect one’s life because doing hard assignment can contain 2hours in expend doing their homework/assignment at the same time their study habit was lessen reviewing their lesson in different subject was forgotten.

The ascd disagree to the views of Trevor nelson & Harris copper when state assignment benefits student achievements depending on age as well as quality of homework. Homework/assignment must take a purpose also be designed in maximize success rate. Homework/assignment is really help at the student it may large their knowledge also further understanding about the lesson in their own ways. Teachers are providing assignment at their students with a caused they want their student to be really educated enhancing their knowledge skill in their success at their future. Jonah Granada a mother at 2 elementary school student is also happy to the memorandum that deped issued Monday to Thursday were focused on teaching them so we must also rest every in weekdays. she said teachers are also human furthermore they feel tired because of their nonstop teaching on their student so they needed to rest away from the lesson plan also note. to spend weekdays to their families. Teacher however think otherwise were trained. it’s not our task to make life difficult for students. they need the homework so they won’t forget the lessons. said tdc spokesperson Emmalyn policarpio she stated that being a teacher they are obligated in teach their student to give them the knowledge as well wisdom in order they needed in otherwise docents just wanted for theirs pupils to improve learning from them at the same time our teacher desiring to us to keep our learning not in our notes instead into our mind by help on what so called homework/assignment. we know our students capacity and how long it would take them to finish their homework. its not to make their lives harder. homework can be used to teach them self-discipline time management and how to become responsible student banjo basas he said in an abs-cbn umagang kay ganda interview. he something stated that teachers give lot of homework/assignment every friday at theirs students/pupils because they have much time to do their assignments/homework during weekends. He noted, homework/assignment can actually used by parents in order to spend more quality time with their kids. Nelson agree when copper told to his study that younger student shouldn’t be given shorter homework/assignments and participate in out-of-school activities such as sports or reading their interest.

Children/students can learn throughout the school we called it continue learning. according to the abs-cbn news therefore no homework/assignments shall be given during weekends for pupils to enjoy their childhood and spend quality moment with their parents without being burdened by the thought of doing lots of homework the memo states, a reasonable quantity in order to give pupils ample time to rest and relax at home for the rest of the day. all we want is that the pupils should also enjoy their time during weekends with their parents without the problem of having too much homework/assignment. We are not limiting their time on study. it should actually be a habit. they should study even without any assignment Yolanda quijano she told pupils/students have the authority to spend their Saturday& Sunday bonding on each part at the family that they can slept tight without worrying they didn’t made their assignment because it was difficult to understand but study should not avoided instead we shall be practiced it. for as much praise a no homework policy receives the idea is slammed by others. many parents are stuck in their old ways and used to seeing a lot of homework/assignment according to nelson. he say that no assignment is not validated in parents because they’re prepared on having their kids assignment every day. no homework/assignment policy may pose a limitation to alternative homework/assignment activities in a case a child doesnt have parent guidance at home or the financial means to engage in some of the activities (abc10.c0m) no assignment policy can be helpful for the students/pupils to away from institutional activities as well as assignment because some kids don’t had or arise a guidance from their parent no one will teach them from difficult subject already they cant answer or fulfil it correctly. 10 to 20 minutes of assignment per night in the first grade is appropriate with an additional 10 minutes per grade level thereafter. high school students should typically receive a little more according to cooper. this study found out that beyond of maximum about two hours students don’t absorb much information.

Very much homework/assignment can in fact be harmful he say. basas state the department should qualify the ban homework/assignment on weekends because it could have the opposite effect of giving kids a good should be qualified. if assignment is too long and children need to work all night to complete/finish it then parents have every reason to complain basas said. no assignment policy according to deped secretary Armin luistro justified the said memorandum as it will allow pupils to enjoy their weekends by playing with their friends and have bonding moments to their parents and other members of the family. children should learn about responsibility such as caring for a pet according to nelson. at-home or outside activities can help teach responsibility similar to a chore. nelson believes learning responsibility helps prepare younger students for homework in higher grades. Making outside activities has a big improvement from ones learning if the children are responsible for something they can easily for solving problem answering some query in having a valid knowledge they got from outside activities.

Some says that students/children should give homework/assignment by the teachers every weekends because it is very helpful to be a good time management small or even hard situation that they will encountered and also for them assignment plays an significant value from ones learning also achievement to their future. However few of the view point of them agree to the policy that the deped issued in 2017 that student shouldn’t possess homework/assignment every weekends. No assignment policy plays a very important role on the lives of the pupils also family. It may build a better relationship from each family,they can enjoy saturday and Sunday at spending weekends to their family and friends and no assignment pupils can rest their days without making any homework. at the same time everyone of us can store knowledge as well as improves our skills without any assignment but by the help of outside activities because they believe that not all the time we need to expend our whole week in our notes instead we need to do activities away from school for us to understand much better also it help us to ready and relax our mind so that we can understand much more the lessons.

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