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Diet of a Small Planet

What is Diet for a small planet?

Diet for a Small Planet was the bestselling book written by Francis Moore Lappe, author, and activist. It was the first book which actually met requirements for healthy eating and a strong, nutritious lifestyle. It stated the impacts of meat production on the environment and claimed it to be ‘wasteful’and a contributor to global food scarcity.

She also argued about environmental vegetarianism that is the practice of eating a diet that is plant based and that the animal industries are environmentally unsustainable and quite destructive. Basically, the writer argues about our responsibility of choosing what is best for the earth and thus choosing what is beneficial for our bodies – a daily action that evokes us of our power and strength to create a saner and a more desirable world to live in.

The writer also argues, through her book, that the wider world hunger is not a result of a lack of food items but rather ineffective and feeble food policy. In addition to the information regarding production and consumption of meat and meat-related products and their impact on hunger, the book also includes a set of simple and easy to follow rules for a nutritious diet. It also contains hundreds of recipes that are meat-free as someone states,”Its mix of recipes and analysis typifies radicles’ faith in the ability to combine personal therapy with political reviews.”

How did Diet for a small Planet start?

Diet for a Small Planet was one of the bestselling books of the 20th century. It was written by Francis Moore Lappe musty library at the University of California at Berkeley. The book was published in August 27th1991 by Ballantine books in America. Thus, it went quite popular as a complete guide for eating healthy featuring rules to a healthy diet, mouth-watering food combinations of protein-rich meals, hundreds of fabulous recipes; a streamlined, easy-to-use format and much more. It is written in American English and consists of 528 pages. It went to sell 3 million copies. It is also available in 29 editions such as Diet of a Small Planetpaperback, Kindle edition, Diet for a Small Planet high protein meatless cooking (spiral bound) and many more. Francis Moore Lappe is also aco-founder of three national organizations which study hunger, starvation, and poverty.

Structure of Diet for a Small Planet

The book Diet for a Small Planet is a 528 pages book written in American English. It compromises of four parts.

•Part I is Earth’s Labor Lost – Protein in UnitedStates agribusiness – thus describing the availability of agricultural products in the united states, their production and the importance of their consumption over meat related products. It includes information regarding agrichemicals, crop production (farming and contract farming), breeding, farm machinery, processing and seed supply.

•Part II is bringing Protein Theory Down to Earth– Protein as a part of Human nutrition and diet. It’s essential role in the human body for growth and then maintenance, protein sources, access to a protein containing food items, nutritional balance, and profile such as calories, cholesterol, vitamins and essential mineral content of protein source as well as acquired tastes.

•Part III is the Eating from Earth: Protein TheoryApplied – Includes tables with food values and explanations that related proteins to caloric factors and then to economic factors.

•Part IV is the Combination of Non-Meat Foods to increase Protein values- contains guidelines for proper diet management and eating habits and exotic recipes based on ingredients solely available from plant sources or involving minimal meat.




Diet for a small planet features and claims

Diet for a Small Planet started a revolution in the way Americans eat. ‘You are what you eat ‘developed a new sense in the American nationals and taught them the social and personal significance of an appropriate way of eating. This book is still a complete guide for eating healthy and well in the twenty-first century.

While describing her personal experience and evolution about the way this groundbreaking book changed her quality of life, the celebrated and world-renowned food expert Francis Moore Lappe presents an all-new, entrancingphilosophy on changing yourself and thus the world by changing the way you eat.

A few features this book presents include:

•Simple and basic rules for a nutritious and salubrious diet routine.

•Streamlined and an easy to use format

•It serves a variety of food combinations that make appetizing, protein-rich meals with involving meat.

•It contains essential kitchen hints – a comprehensive reference guide for planning and preparing meals and snacks.

•Hundreds of exquisite recipes

The basic content of the book

Knowing that her fans would be dubious that if a vegetarian diet could help supply sufficient protein requirement, most of the book is devoted to introducing the method of Protein combining which is merely a dietary approach for having access to protein nutrition by using complementary sources which that increase biological value and optimize protein quality. With this method, food from different plants is taken together so that the combined amino acid content is sufficient for that required by our body. This process is termed as ‘Net protein utilization’. The general concept of food combination for maximum protein utilization combines adjacent pairs of the following : [dairy] with ]grains] with [legumes] with [seeds].

Francis Lappe admitted that sufficient protein was easy to get that she had thought previously. She states that in 1971, she stressed protein complementarity because she thought that the only possible way to get protein was to create one as usable as an animal protein. In countering the myth that only animal meat is a way to get high-quality protein, she fortified another myth. She gave a depiction that in order to get enough protein content without meat, considerable attention should be given in choosing foods.

She further adds there is a small amount of danger of protein deficiency in a diet that is based on food from plant sources. There are three exceptions somehow which include diets which are heavily dependent on fruits or on tubers such as cassava or sweet potatoes or junk food which includes sugars, fats, and refined flour. Fortunately, a few people in the world try to survive on a diet in which these items are the sole sources or calories. In all other diets, if the people are getting enough calories, they are certain of getting enough protein.

While Francis Moore Lappe stated that combining food obtained from plant sources would indeed result in a meat like protein profile, some nutritionists find it inessential. They say that the plant foods contain all amino acids for that are required for our body and they are present in amounts which satisfy individual growth and maintenance of the human body. However, some deficiencies should be kept in mind because such deficiencies could have delirious effects on health.

The first edition when was published was sponsored by the Friends of Earth Organization. It contains recipes that are based on the complementary combinations of several food items. This was followed by a collection of books, Recipes for a Small Planet by Ellen Buchman Ewald, with an introduction written by Francis Moore. A film was distributed by Bullfrog Films that carriedLappe’s idea of combination foods.

Where can you buy diet for the Small Planet from?

The Diet for the Small Planet is a book that would be available at any close and reachable bookstore. You can also get this book online as it is available at Amazon and is purchasable worldwide. It is also present in third world countries either in their local bookshops or on their online purchasing stores. Its availability at multiple sites helps you chose cheap shipping to your area.

At what price is Diet for the Small Planet purchasable?

Diet for the Small Planet is available in 29 editions, for example, the Kindle Edition, Mass-market Paperback, Plastic combo and many others. The prices of these editions vary. They also vary with different online retailers. Prices at Amazon are different for every edition. paperback Edition is available for $14.23 at Amazon. The Plastic Comb is at$2.34 while the Kindle Edition is for $5.74. The availability at multiple outlets makes it easy for customers to select the optimum location where they would incur the least shipping expenses.

Francis Moore’s bestselling novel was ground-breaking back in the nineties when it taught America the social and personal significance of a new way of eating by introducing a variety of food combinations.

Most of the world is quite satisfied with its content.Many agreed that it brought them a changing lifestyle. It marked the beginning of their day with good nutritional values and at the same time returned them to their natural and organic diet. They talk about how their diets and the food industry has changed over the years.

While the majority of the customers were highly satisfied, there were certain people who thought I was up to no good. The first problem we faced with the Diet for a Small planet was that the diet plans and recipes were out of date. They complained that the diet plan from 1971 obviously turned them off and a new edition of this book should be worked upon.

Others said that the facts stated were common knowledge and stated the book as ‘useless’.

The second problem which the customers faced was that the book was written in a ‘terminology that only a nutritional expert could understand’. It wasn’t comprehensible to the normal audience.

Others also said that they didn’t find it a recipe book at all but rather a factual book.

A few people were anxious to know whether vegetarian diet would meet human dietary requirements and thus they had leading questions.

Diet for the SmallPlanet Customer Reviews

Some of the positive reviews from the people were as follows:“When my mom changed into a vegetarian in the early 90’s after reading Diet for a Small Planet. ThenI thought that my mom is such a boring loser. I pitied her for picking up this book.Later when I realized the need for healthy food requirement, this book was a gift. It contained and covered things that lead o a proper also contains appetizing recipes.”

“I enjoyed the book when I read it, but I thought it hadn’t made a huge impression on me. Looking back, I realize that I became a (lacto-ovo) vegetarian a few years after I read this, and I’m wondering if it had more of an influence than I’ve ever realized. Highly recommended – probably suggest reading the 20th-anniversary edition that’s out if you’ve never read the book, although I have not read that edition.

“It is the most important book that deals with Nutrition and Politics.If you don’t immediately see the relationship, then read this book.”

“This is the first vegetarian cookbook I purchased, back in 1990, when I first explored going vegetarian. My paper copy is getting very tattered and worn so a new copy for my Kindle was warranted. There are many favorite recipes in this book that helped my family transition to vegetarianism. Though my husband never fully made that transition, he enjoyed many of these dishes.”

“This is the little book that started me on my way to becoming vegan back in the 70s. It’s a beautiful little book and it deserves to be on everyone’s shelf. “

“Even though this book was written in 1971, the concepts and information contained in this book still ring true today. If you are interested in good nutrition and the benefits of vegan cooking, this book is a must“

“The recipes I have tried from this cookbook actually are made to taste good. Years ago, when this book was new, it was difficult to find some of the ingredients the recipes called for, but it is not much of a problem now; even the local supermarket carries many of the specialty items used in here.

There is also a great deal of practical nutrition information.”

“I read the book in1997. It inspired me to say stop to meet and I’ve been a vegetarian ever since then.”

Some critical reviews

“It is my fault for not realizing that is book dates back to 1971. It’s outdated for me definitely”

“It’s a common knowledge and includes facts that are well known. The last time it got updated was 1991. It’s quite outdated.”

“I didn’t get this book. It is quite difficult to use as a recipe book. Am I missing something out?’

Does Diet for theSmall Planet work?

The book Diet for the Small Planet could work out really well. It contains a well-formatted key to a completely healthy lifestyle covering all the essential content there is to learn about the nutritious living. Although it’s outdated, customers love being around it. The book goes into much detail and explains its contents in a really brief and friendly manner. Customers find no ambiguity abiding by it.

If your aim is to reduce weight, this book shall do in addition to a high-quality fat burning supplement. This combination might just be the thing you’re searching for.

The best supplement that we have researched is Burn HD. It’s propriety formula using only four ingredients which help to increase energy, curb appetite and burn fat content in our body. Customer testimonials showpeople see great results.

Alternatives to Diet for a Small Planet

A few alternatives to the book include Warren Belasco’s Appetite for Change. It describes how counterculture took over the food industry.

Another book includes Complementary Protein Myth Won’t go away by Jeff Novick, M.S, R.D, Healthy Times.

George G. Graham’s effects of deficiency of protein and amino acids is a popular and well-known edition. Improvement of ProteinNutriture by Academy of Sciences is well known.

There is also a film by the Bullfrog Films called The Diet for a Small Planet. It’s of 28 minutes.

These editions are a good alternative to the Diet of a SmallPlanet if the customer requires more knowledge or doesn’t find it up to his expectations.

About the Author

Francis Moore Lappe was born on February 10, 1994, as an American searcher and a writer in the food and beverage department. She wrote a total of19 books. Her 1971 book, the Diet for a Small Planet sold three million copies. She is described as one of the most influential political tracts of the times. Being a co-founder of three political organizations, she explores the roots of hunger, poverty and environmental crises.

Few of her books include Daring Democracy, Igniting Power, Meaning and Connection for the American We want and many more.

A few of her achievements include

•Publication of Diet for a Small Planet in 1971

•She launched the California based Institute for food and Development Democracy and thus educated the Americans about war hunger

•She co-founded the Center for Living Democracy in 1990

•She was the founding editor of the Center’sAmerican News Service (1995–2000) which solved citizen problems in America

•Her work has been translated into 15 languages.

•She has received 18 honorary doctorates from well-known institutions including University of Michigan, Kenyon College, Allegheny College, Lewis and Clark College and Grinnell College.

•She was the fourth American who received a reward for Right Livelihood.

She’s got much more achievements than the ones stated.

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