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Every so often something comes along and changes how you see the world. Ok… So we aren’t changing the world here, but we do want to challenge the way you think about artisan crafted, and handcrafted patches. As many of you know, Jesse has been one of our artists since day one. A little bit of time off to be at home with his first. Daughter has given him the time to create an absolutely astounding handmade creation, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

A brief look at patch club

Patch Club has been a pretty amazing journey throughout 2017. We’ve made the best patches we ever have, and created the biggest membership we’ve ever had. Needless to say, we’re humbled by the support. If you’re thinking about joining Patch Club but want to see what to expect. Here’s a pretty solid idea. This year’s focus is on art and detail. Achieving results often not seen in the world of patches.

The second major change we saw this year was something that you barely saw. Last month we switched our subscription service provider to something that brought Patch Club a little closer to home, landing itself back on This meant our members could access their subscription settings in the same place as the rest of their patch orders. There were a few hiccups along the way with this, but we’ve managed to get it all figured out now.

Year by year getting more popularity

  • The long-term perk to this is that communication, shipping, and just about every other aspect of Patch Club will be much easier for both you, and us to handle. Win-win!
  • This year’s patches have been an amazingly fun ride.
  • We’ve created some of the highest detail patches we’ve ever seen, and created a whopping 5 new colors of glow in the dark in the process.
  • Who doesn’t want more glows in the dark? With these designs, our artist Jesse was able to really unlock some hidden creativity and turn thoughts into works of art.


Oh, the coolest part you ask? Guest patches. This year you’ll see EXCLUSIVE guest patches from some of the most famous patch makers in the industry, like Flock Fam, and Workshop 432, who will offer up designs that you won’t get anywhere else. There’s more in the works, but these are the ones we’re allowed to tell you about so far.

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