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Define Political Correctness

Political Correctness has become more prevalent in our modern society. It can be tough to know what to say and what not to say to someone without offending them. It is important because it can show a sign of respect for others, but if taken too far can over sensitize life. Political correctness can be used as a sign of respect because it shows that you care about others. It’s shown that thought has been given towards the feelings of others. Political correctness applies in a multitude of topics, topics such as race, religion, LGBT, and women’s rights.

These subjects have a wide range of opinions about them. There are lots of agreements and disagreements about these subjects. Although each person has a different view on these subjects, respect is absolutely important to show towards others even if you disagree with them. How one person is able to show respect to another shows great deal about their character, it can show who they truly are and what they truly believe. Political correctness can be used as a sort of filter that helps decide what to say and what not to say, it can give room for an atmosphere that makes others feel safe.

Although political correctness is used to show respect and common decency, it can also be taken out of context and overused. It’s important to be careful what you say and don’t say, yet if conversations are filtered too much, there will be less room to freely give an opinion on what you believe. You can also limit an open conversation that can lead to better understanding. Yes it is important use political correctness, but like every good thing, it needs to be used in moderation. There isn’t a way to please everybody, therefore overuse of political correctness is redundant.

Overuse makes life oversensitized, and can limit everyone just to please one person. Allowing the overuse of political correctness won’t solve anything because no matter how hard you try to be agreeable with everyone, there is always going to be something that is done to offend another person. There is no way to control that, it’s just how others are going to feel. I have personally seen people struggle with political correctness right in front of me. Even from the young age of six, I had an idea of what political correctness was, although I might not have know what the name formal name for it.

Growing up as a black person in predominantly white schools, I’ve encountered it more than enough times to understand what it is. Sometimes it’s quite hilarious to watch people try to tiptoe around the subject of race altogether. Yet other times, I just want to scream out that they can ask me a question on race without having to fear. But, there are times when people say things and I wished that they had used more political correctness before saying what they said. I remember being in every social studies class when we talked about slavery or civil rights.

As soon as the teacher said slavery, civil rights, or anything related to those topics, I could literally feel my classmates eyes on me, I could see them trying to take sneak glances at me trying to gauge my expression. I could see them trying to figure out what was funny and what wasn’t funny, what was interesting, what wasn’t, what was cool, and what wasn’t cool. Yet, there were also times when in small groups or private conversations when they would say some racially unacceptable things. They would joke, talk, or laugh when they thought I wasn’t listening, but I heard.

As soon as they realized that I heard, they would stop talking, or there would be that one person who would shake their head no and say “That’s not cool, don’t say that, no. ” Even though seconds before, they were also engaging in such conversations. There was times when I was okay my classmates looking to me for help on what was acceptable and what wasn’t. Yet, there was also times when felt there was too much pressure. I would overthink things, thinking that I wasn’t fit to help make the decisions on race that they would look back to for the rest of their lives.

I would feel a sense of relief if there was another person in the room. It’s not only in my personal life that I see examples of political correctness, it’s also in our culture. What is the politically correct role of a woman? How independent does a woman have to be before she is considered a “true feminist”? When is it appropriate to say the n-word? Who can say the n-word? What is the proper way to address someone who is transgender? How do you address those that are gender neutral? What is the politically correct amount of religion, and how much little or too much?

These are all questions that we will most likely end asking ourselves. All these questions have to potential to be extremely answered. One person might think that a woman should have nothing to do with a man if she is a “true feminist. ” She should not be allowed to sing love songs like the song “God Made Girls” by Raelynn. In that song the singer sings lyrics like “Somebody’s gotta wear a pretty skirt, Somebody’s gotta be the one to flirt, Somebody’s gotta wanna hold his hand so God Made Girls.

Are those lyrics politically correct for a “true feminist” to sing or sing along to? Or are they just lyrics that express the emotion of a girl who wants a man life, a girl who knows is okay with dressing up for date, a girl who likes to go on date. A girl that is okay with sharing life with another person. So are those lyrics okay? Also, what is the politically correct amount of religion? Should people even have religions? Maybe, everyone shouldn’t a religion because there are too many disagreements about religion.

There are also just too many religions, right? In some religion women aren’t treated right or as society sees fit. Or is it okay for each person to be allowed to believe in what they choose believe in. Sometimes people just need a place to anchor their hope, they need security for what happens after life. Maybe some woman or okay with allowing themselves to be covered up. Maybe they are okay with believe in covering their beauty and only allowing those closest to them to see them, because they have a choice in the matter don’t they?

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