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Current Changes in Hospitality Industry

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(1) Changing Guest Behavior and Expectations:

According to the level of environment the number of tourist have been increased and it will give benefit to hotel managmnets. So they change the way of the dealing towards guests.They have change the way to treating new arrivals.Nowadays guests are less interested in low price they just focus management and there long term relation.

(2) Technology Shaping the Guest Journey: From the last few years we had seen that management often use various type of technologies to attract the guets.They often use live streaming/covering of guests.Mobile phones are emerging necessary part of journey round about sixty percent (60%) of journey start with travel realted search.Butt the mobile is just the beginning. (1) A study by McKinsey found that the uses of IoT in retail could have an economic impact of $410 billion to $1.2 trillion per year in 2025. The future of hospitality depends upon emerging technology.(MCKINSEY)

(3)One Size Does Not Fit All Service Delivery : Nowadays consumer go through various channels in order to book travel collecting and studying data.By understanding that data ofline or online about consumer that management can ensure that they have all facilities ready on arrival of guests. The one area where hotels [still] have the competitive edge over online travel agents is when the customer walks through the door. It’s here when the guest is immersed in the hotel experience, that hoteliers have a chance to upsell” (Eye for Travel, 2015)

(4)New Habit:Creatring a new habit is another way we see things.StephnCovey illustrates how powerful an influence habit can be in our life.First going to understand about the changing habits of customers it will benefit them in expanding business.By these habits one can maintain ab balance and create opportunity to find various stituions.The mangers can assume customer habits according to the following habit loop.(Covey, Stephen (1989). The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

(5)Self-Reflection and Understanding:Identifying one,s personal value is one of strong trend in business nowadays.A manager can easily determine tha way of thinking of the consumer and always prefer his wishes.One can easily find the consumer wishes according to his back ground,culture,generations etc.The main role of profession is with change. Daniel Goleman provides the multi-faceted framework of emotional intelligence, including two personal competencies (self awareness and self management) and two social competencies (relationship management and social awareness) that should be examined to help better understand moods and how they affect those around them.

(6)Changes might haven in failure:There are various factors that causes failure in this industry.Such as Demographics,Lagging Wage Rates,Industry Reputation and DE-emphasis on Traning Workers Satisfaction.These are one of few reasons for the failure of industry.Some time we change various things in order to improve thing butt we can,t .Some time technology also play a role in the failure.Technology might be different and highly risk due to the fact in advance in technology.(Deloitte 2018)

Expanding Career Views

A job cluster is that helping students and graduates to find best job according to there personalities and other skills.It will help them in there future to improve there personality and gain experience.It will help them to adopt them self in the best carrer job.(FYA Report)

I am selected as coordinator from the online job cluster quiz according to my personality, attitude,way of thiking various things and my preference.I believe that this cluster is most sutanle for me as I am a responsible person and I always organize my self in evry filed of life.I am realy good at customer service which I maintain with my sutable behavior and marketing skills.

Personal Soft Skills

  1. Postive Atitude: I am a motivated person in every filed.I always try to solve every qurries in a positive sence.This helps other people to be motivated as I am.
  2. Problem-Solving:This is one of my main skill that I am expert at problem soliving this will help me a lot in this filed because weather in dealing with a difficult client or facing some internal issues, the ability of thinking about these issues is very sharp and I will solve it easily.
  3. Communication Skills:Communication is basic of each aspect of life it is necessary in every job cluster.As one is good in communication skills can face evry aspect of life.People with strong communication can complte every task easily.English language has become main spoken lamguage for communication in the whole world.I believe that I have gain my language skills for a proper level after I came to Asutralia.
  4. Making Decision:I am very strong in making decision and I always make decision according to my will.As I am strong in decision making this will help me a lot in my future carrer.4 Sometimes the actual decision doesn’t even matter; what matters is that you have made one and moved on.
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