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Many people commit mistakes in their lives that cause them to have a criminal record. One in three people in the U. S have committed a crime that caused them a lot in their lives. Having a criminal record makes many people not have a job, visit other countries, adopt a child and have a harder time if they have to go to court in the future. This is a world wide problem that only this year people are trying to solve. Many states have passed laws that help ex convicts have a better life by increasing employment. According to the Wall Street Journal, Over 68 million American citizens have a criminal record.

That’s one in three people alone in the U. S. This amount has quintupled since 1980. Most of the records include minor misdemeanor or cases where the person was found not guilty. African Americans are six times more likely to be arrested than a white person while Hispanics are 2. 5 times more likely. In a research made by “Sentencing Project” they found that 54% of people in jail are parents to a minor. This causes many types of family problems. Once released from jail over 60 percent are unemployed. While those who do find jobs, they are paid 40% less than average.

Criminal Records are mostly used for Law Enforcement but they are also used for other Non Law Enforcement situations. Companies also mostly use criminal records when they are hiring a person. According to “Law for All” over 73% of employers check each candidate for criminal records. Criminal records are also used for security clearance such as when traveling to international countries and immigration. According to Nolo. com, a green card holder would have a lot of trouble going back to America even if he or she has a DUI in their records. Adoption agencies are also known to use criminal background check before they let a person adopt a child.

In the U. S people with criminal records have a lot of consequences in their daily lives as they’re blocked from doing many things. One main consequence is having a lot of difficulty getting hired for a job. A person with the proper experience and education could face trouble getting hired if they have a criminal record. On average a white American with no criminal record would get a callback after an interview 34 percent of the time while a African American with a criminal record would get a callback 5 percent of time as said by The Nation Newspaper.

A person would also not be able to adopt a child if they have a serious criminal background. All government adoption agencies do criminal checks on all people. Immigrants are in huge danger of never being able to visit the U. S ever again if they ever commit simple crimes, as they would be deported back. While ex convicted people would have harsher punishments if they were encountered with the police or court.

People with criminal records would be an ongoing situation for many years in the U. S. The Population Reference Bureau states in an article released in 2012; “Since 2002, the United States has had the highest incarceration rate in the world. The U. S. rate is 500 prisoners per 100,000 residents, or about 1. 6 million prisoners. ” These numbers have grown from 500,000 in the 1980s during the “War on Drugs” to almost 2. 5 million people incarcerated in 2007. This increase of incarceration hasn’t prove a decrease in crimes as well. In the early 200s an increase of incarceration was raised to 30% while the decrease of crime rate was -17%.

This increase has not solved anything but made many people lives more difficult. As of 2015 many states have passed laws the helped people with criminal records make their lives much easier. The NY Labor Employment issued a statement that states, “On Wednesday, June 10, 2015, the New York City Council approved a bill that will strictly regulate how employers in New York City (with at least four employees) may conduct criminal background checks. ” This bill would require employers do not inquire a criminal background check until the employer has extended an offer of employment to the applicant.

Philadelphia’s Mayor, Michael Nutter signed a bill on December 15, 2015 that would help ex-offenders get jobs. The bill is the exact bill passed by New York, which is called “ban-the-box” law. Over 100 more cities and counties have passed this law as of 2015. If this bill were passed by the whole nation it would help millions of ex convicts with having a job and having a well life. The “ban-the-box” law has so far helped 400 applicants with criminal records get hired in Philadelphia in less than a month since it was passed. Since 1 in 4 people in the U.

S have a criminal background, passing this law nation wide would increase employment over 25%. Passing this law would not only help people have jobs but would greatly improve the employment rate which this country had a huge trouble fixing over the years. According to The Ban The Box Campaign, they are pushing to have this bill passed nationwide and have the support of many private companies such as Pepsi Co and Target. America is not alone with this problem as many other countries also have ex convicts with many problems. As of October 2015 the unemployment rate in the United Kingdom is 5. 4 percent.

The Telegraph has stated that one third of the people unemployed in England are ex convicts and no laws have passed to help them as of now. Australia has been having many problems with incarceration this year as well. According to Australia’s national news, over 30,000 people have been incarcerated in 2014, which is the most of all time in the country. More than 50 percent of the convicts are either unemployed or homeless after they are released from prison. It is also known that most prisoners have a mental illness, which causes them to be three times more likely to be arrested than to be taken to a mental hospital.

Ex Convicts are mostly viewed as they are out of America’s society by many people. There has been a huge discussion weather criminal background checks should be used or not. The “ban-the-box” campaign has been criticized many organizations such as the National Retail Federation by stating the bill would expose companies, customers and employees to potential crimes. The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce also states that this law could cause many lawsuits against employers from applicants who did not get hired.

This is a major concern to companies since these lawsuits could cause a lot of money just because a person was not hired for a job. Many ex convicts have a mental problem so they should always attend a mental clinic first than to get employed. Other ex convicts should be hired since unemployment has been proved to cause more crimes. The Fair Chance Law would be beneficial to the whole Country. Over 68 million Americans have a lot of troubles in their lives only because a mistake they once did in their whole lives. One in three Americans have a criminal record that avoids them to do many things mainly be employed.

This causes them to be homeless and raise the crime rate. This controversial topic has cause many arguments whether laws should be passed to help ex convicts. Many people argue as hiring ex convicts would cause danger in the work place while others argue that employing ex convicts would increase employment which America has had trouble with, lower crime rate and homelessness. It is very important to take note that passing laws to help convicts would help over 68 million citizens to better themselves in the future a create a better society for all.

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