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Creative Writing: Meehah’s Narrative-Home

“Meehah please, you don’t .. you don’t have to go. ” she said, standng in the door of the bedroom Meehah shared with Aranea. Fuchsia sliding down her cheeks. Meehah turned to her,sitting the trident and the cloth she had been using to shine it down. “Whale you stop your blabbin'”, that made Feferi cry harder. Meehah signed, walked until she could touch the young troll, and kneel. It didn’t make much of a difference, Meehah still towered over her. “I do gotta go” Meehah said softy, “If I dont no one will and Condy will come and kill you. And I need you alive.

Who else gonna rule the empire. Shore as hell aint gonna be me. ” Meehah laid a hand on her shoulder, “When this is over the empire’s gonna need a lot of fixin so you gotta be tough, lright suckerfish? ” Feferi wiped her tears away, bobbing her head up and down. Meehah smiled, all her jagged shark teeth on display, the hug she pulled Feferi into surprised her. Meehaeh let go quickly and stood, “Meehah, Cronus is here. ” Aranea said, from the hall. Meehah nodded, picked up her double sided trident and walked out of the room. She didn’t say goodbye.

The grubloaf sat half eaten on a bed of rice and mixed vegetables, well mostly lima beans now that Feferi had picked out all the carrots and corn. Eridan sat next to her, his plate was almost clean and a text book larger than he was in front of him. It was about magic and both of them were supposed to be reading it. The lights dimmed over their heads; it wasn’t an odd occurrence in the small hive Aranea and Meehah shared, still Feferi looked up, watching as dust fell into her plate from the trembling roof. Another regular ourrcurce. Aranea ran into the room: a very visible flush of cerulean across her cheeks.

Her eyes showed too much yellow. She moved to the closet door, held it open, the hive shook again. “Get in” She spoken quickly and clearly, before either of them could speak. “T8 everthing w8 you and stay q8. You must NOT m8 a sound or come out 8efore I say so. I don’t say so: es8pe though the tunnel just like we practiced. Do NOT come 8ack for m8. Do you underst8? ” Feferi nodded, clearing the table of both sets of dining ware while Eridan carried the text book. The door closed behind him, leaving them in almost darkness. The old wooden door had a few cracks in it just large enough to see out of.

Eridan crawls passed her, passed piles of Meehah’s and Araena’s belongings, to a little trap door not to much wider than she was. Feferi planted herself by in front of the cracks to watch Araena move about the room . She watched her push the chairs under the table, watched Araena something from a canister which she promptly tucked back into the folds of her blight blue dress, heard the sound of boots hitting the wooden floors approaching the sitting room. Araena kneeled in the center of the room, her horns to the floor. Two unknown trolls entered the room- land dwelling highbloods-sweeping the room like deep purple waves.

The two followed Eridan’s predecessor, a troll she only knew as Dualscar, walked into the room and out of her line of sight. “Araena, wwhere is Eridan. Cronus was suppose to bring him here! ” Araena did not lift her head, “I have not seen him, Lord Ampora. ” Araena said calmly. Dualscar growled, then went silent as more foot steps abused the well worn wood floor of the underground hive, heels this time. The wearer of those heels, fuchsia stilettos to be exact made fefei’s collapsing and expanding vascular system stop working. )(er Imperious Condescension had just entered the room.

“Fef wwhats goin on? Eridan whispered beside her, Feferi didn’t respond, just watched as the Condesce glides in and out of her line of sight: all gold jewelry and black hair that looked more like tentacles than hair, as she surveying the room carrying a golden trident that matched Meehah’s. “I like what you’ve done with the place, Araena. ” the Condesce purred. “Thank you, your Cond… ” “Remind me, W)(O gave you this hive in the first place, Araena? Better yet, tell me who let you live after your predecessor’s part in that weakass of rebellion. W)(O let you and meehah live? ” “You did, your impe… ” “So why did that BITCH try and cull me tonight hm?

After I so graciously let her live! ” She paced into Feferi’s line of vision around Araena like a predator. “I do not kn… ” “But you do know, tell me why did I let Meehah live? ” the Condesce prodded Araena’s head up with the edge the trident until she was looking at the Condesce. “Meehah renouced the throne and proved herself useful to you by proving information.. ” “None of that includes hiding the hier to ma throne Araena. ” Feferi took notice of the shakng in Araena shoulder. The Condescension saw it too. “I swear to you I have no knowlege of another tyanart troll besides yourself and Meehah, my lady.

The Condesce took a deep breath “Then what was your morail doing tonight? ” “I do not know” The Empress made a sound deep in her throat that Feferi could not describe but she moved the trident away from Araena’s throat which had to be a good thing. “I do not know whether or not you are telling the truth, but either way you are useless. ” The trident moved and then cerulean was all Feferi could see. Distantly, she heard Araena’s body slumped to the floor. Eridan pulled her away from the door and she realized her own hand covered her mouth.

“Fef,wwe need to go. She felt her body shake, the weight of the hand on her shoulder didn’t seem to be coming from Eridan. “”Fef,wwe need to go. ” Eridan’s mouth was moving, but the voice was not coming from him. Her body jerked into a sitting position, eyes opening to see the dusty rafters of a warehouse instead of the low ceiling of Araena’s closet. The warehouse was brightened with the coming dawn and the light was burning her unadjusted eyes. Eridan leaned over her face, full of concerned; older now, his eyes were almost finished taking in the violet color of his blood or they would be the color of his blood if he wasn’t already in his human appearance.

Gog, she felt foolish, dawn was already here and she was still in her bed.. sleeping bag. “Sorry Eridan, I overslept. ” well that sounded pathetic as soon as it left her lips. Eridan sat back on his hunches,”it’s ok fef but wwe really should be moving on. Sol was suppose to meet us so. “And he did not sound happy about it as he stood. She stood too; bending back down to roll up the sleeping, the denim short chafing her thighs, they were getting too small.

Feferi allowed her horns to slip back into her skull and her skin to darken to brown rather than the grey of a young troll. All trolls could perform this magic despite their aptitude in the art. She tucked her very few belonging into her knapsack and slid the straps over her shoulders before pulling her trident from her strife specibus. Eridan had been ready to leave for a while now and stood by the door that would be leaving out of- Ahab’s Crosshairs in his hands, armed and ready- he was the first out the door sweeping their surroundings for enemies.

They looked silly as they crept about the property but who cares about looking silly. It wouldn’t have been the first time empire soldiers were waiting to ambush them outside of their camp. The industrial area of this town was pretty much abandoned, so they didn’t run into anyone as they walked the streets. A few cars pass them, morning commuters on their way to work, when they reached the more populated parts of the city, they moved though alleyways.

Sollux waited near an opera house of all places: standing on the street hunched over, wear a black hoodie too thick for today’s warm weather. When he saw them he dropped his knapsack and pulled Feferi into a tight hug. “Missed you FF” His voice was low. it made her smile, “Missed you too. ” she murmured against his shoulder. Eridan cleared his throat. Sollux growled in response, but they pulled away from one another. “Wwhere are wwe headed to next, Fef? ” Feferi smiled, “We’re headed to the base in Mozambique to check on progress there. “

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