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Creationism In Public Schools

Two-thirds of Americans believe creationism should be taught in public schools according to the PBS toll. Creationism should be taught in public schools because schools are teaching evolution which give out false information to students such as the big bang theory, human creation, and evolution being a part of the K-12 curriculum. All students should have an opportunity to learn about God because that will have the biggest impact on anybody’s life even after their school-based education.

Many scientists believe and promote the big bang theory, which is untrue and false. God created the earth one living proof today is the Bible. The Bible contains many facts proving the big bang theory does not exist such as in Genesis 1:1-1:31 it talks about the six days of creation and how on the seventh day it was the day of rest. Ker. C. Thomson created an experiment testing evolution using the Second Law of Thermodynamics which states all living things have a continual decay, which is completely opposite on how scientists believe organisms evolved (Thomson).

That simple experiment that Thomson created saved fifty scientists and changed them from their old ways. Scientists believe that the big bang theory was how the earth was created. Such as with high heat, loose particles, and gravity bonds were formed over a matter of time creating the earth. The Bible states we need to trust in him and live with no fear but some day again He will split the Eastern sky and let in those that go to heaven, and that is why it is important to believe in God and not to put other information in students minds.

In school teachers talk about how all humans first started from an ape, but they only show from one perspective… Atheism. They are non-believers of Christ which may believe in no form of creation or evolution. Humans first were created by God, He created Adam and Eve which were the first people on earth; God created the earth in six days and six nights. Atheism is considered a religion and is taught in schools the form is known as evolution.

Although it is banned in many states and they are supposed to show both sides, typically it is one-sided. In 1925 there was a court case with John Scopes regarding him violating the action of teaching evolution in public schools and Clarence Darrow Scopes’ attorney put Bryan, an expert on the Bible to the stand asking him questions from the Bible that he was unable to answer trying to humiliate him and lose his faith (Beckwith). But the Bible is the real proof showing God is real and the real faith everyone needs to have.

Evolution is now a key part in the science K-12 curriculum according to The National Association of Biology Teachers they think that is impossible to teach anything without evolution (Lynn). Atheism is a religion in the courts eyes and is taught in schools leaving out Christianity. That breaks the first amendment freedom of religion for all citizens of the United States. Like early stated evolution was tested and was proved it was physically unable for evolution to ever have occurred yet people still believe it is valid.

In the Bible there are many stories such as the Great Flood which there is proof that it occurred not only is it stated in the Bible, there has been evidence around the Black Sea area from some of the sights it has made. Some people believe by banning evolution it would be unconstitutional based off the US Constitution separation of church by state. However evolution is considered a part of the atheist religion which breaks the first amendment of the constitution freedom of religion. Evolution should not be a part of the K-12 school curriculum because it gives students wrong information, sending students in the wrong direction.

Evolution should not be taught in public schools because they give students false information such as teaching the big bang theory, how humans were created, and having evolution be a key part in the K-12 public school curriculum. Students need to learn about the real creation and the stories. Just by teaching students creationism it can open the eyes of many students saving them and to continue their journey as a Christian. All in all creationism should be taught in public schools to give students the true story how everything began, giving themselves a chance to be saved.

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