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Cosmo Girl Research Paper

There are thousand of magazines that cover any interest, some times the choices can be over whelming. However despite this difficult choice, every women will go through their “Cosmo girl” phase. What is a “Cosmo girl” you ask? According Raiiyn, “The Cosmo Girl is a woman who is a leader in every way. She is a beautiful, sexually active and usually single woman in her early twenties to mid thirties. She is a city girl working in the Corporate World. Financially secure, she doesn’t need a man or help. ” The language used in Cosmopolitan is not easily understood by all readers.

It targets young females as Cosmo girls. Orwell discussed his fear that language could have the power change someones thoughts, however he never would have thought that language could create a new person. Cosmopolitan magazine’s has their own code in each magazine. With the use of jargon, puns, euphemisms, and meaningless phrases the magazine continues to succeed. Cosmopolitan magazine took to their advantage the use of jargons. Jargons are special words that are only understood in their specific field.

Not just any women could pick up a Cosmopolitan magazine and begin to understand the world of a “Cosmo Girl. We have heard so much about being a “Cosmo girl” but what about being a “Cosmo guy”? According to Cosmopolitan’s November 2015 issue, Big Sean is considered to be a “Cosmo guy”. Although there is no background information that says why the singer/actor was chosen. “Behind the Kover Shoot” by Cosmopolitan the magazine has created “Cosmo Goals” ([2]). If any women who is not familiar with the language used would not understood the specifics of the goals. What caught my eye of this magazine was the cover, “Pop a bottle! Its Cosmo’s 50th Birthday.

The magazine is now applying human traits providing the magazine with a birthday, and how we must celebrate with champagne. Cosmopolitan magazine is also known for providing women with various workouts they cannot refuse. Personal trainer, Anderson promotes in Lower-Body Blast “Like your jeans skinny? These moves deliver leaner legs, a firmer bum, and A-list abs” (190). A “Cosmo girl” would know exactly the workouts that are performed in a “Lower-Body Blast”. Every women at least once in their live has complained about their body.

This is because there are so many women from celebrities to even toys we played with as kids we look up too who are “thin”. For example the rising issue, the famous Barbie. Perfect skin, makeup, bleach blonde hair, and most importantly one body type. Because of this rising issue “the new 2016 Barbie Fashionistas doll line includes four body types (the original and three new bodies), seven skin tones, 22 eye colours, 24 hairstyles and countless on-trend fashions and accessories,” the toymaker said to New York Times newspaper author.

Cosmopolitan magazine is filled with various puns. A pun can have a humorous effect, using a word that suggest two or more meaning, or a similar word having a different meanings. Cosmo puns in advertisements attract the readers through humour. For example “Buckle UP” was used to advertise sandals in the March 2013 Cosmopolitan magazine (220). Of course when someone says “Buckle UP” you might think of someone telling you to put on your seatbelt. However Cosmopolitan magazine thought outside of the box to advertise Gucci sandals with buckles.

Some might think this is very clever, encouraging them to purchase the product. Cosmo also does a fair bit of ads for your average grocery store products, but with a twist. “Tropicana Orange Juice, for a sliming feel” ([141]). Not only has the bottle slimmed down dramatically, but so has the sugar content, with 50% less sugar. Of course flipping through a Cosmopolitan magazine and seeing the words “get turned on” everyone is automatically thinking of something sexually related ([152]).

As a reader continues they will find out it is a clever way of selling a “Conair Spin Brush. Nothing about the product mentions if it even “turns on,” it just comes across as a simple hair brush. Nothing spices up water more than a flavour enhancer. Dasani presents “waters main squeeze” a pink lemonade natural fruit flavouring ([93]). The product is implying that it is water “best friend” that the two belong together. Cosmopolitan magazine has been known for being boarder line inappropriate for the public eye on many occasions. But how it is still being published? With the help of clever euphemisms Cosmopolitan can get away with close to anything in their magazines.

A euphemisms is a polite expression in place of a word that may be considered harsh or even inappropriate. Miley Cyrus is shown on the cover of the March 2013 Cosmo Magazine with bold black printing, “It’s Miley B*tches. ” She was a role model to all young children in the years 2000s as she is known for starring as Hannah Montana for Disney Channels hit show. Why is the use of an asterisk replacing the ‘I’ in bitch okay to have in your local grocery store? This is someone who is a popular figure to all young children.

Love Lust & Other Stuff,” (Rosenblum 155-160) as someone who has read a Cosmopolitan magazine before I know what the “other stuff” the author is referring too, without even glancing into the article. However, If someone were to pick up this magazine for the first time and read this article they may not know what they are getting themselves into. ‘Other Stuff’ can be anything your mind can imagine it to be, very broad. Euphemisms can come in advertisements, “Peep show” ([226]) is the name of a Rimmel London eye crayon. Something with that name would cause people to do a double take on the product, sparking an interest.

This is especially done on all Cosmo covers. On November 2015 and March 2013 issues “sexy” is used at least once on both. For example, on the November 2015 issue “So SEXY! 50 Moves So Wild, He’ll Beg for Mercy” and on the March 2013 cover, “YOUR BEST SEX EVER! 20 Moves from Cuddly to Crazy. ” I noticed a correlation between both magazines, moves to impress your significant other in the bedroom. Notice both subtitles are very broad, they do not go into the specifics of the ‘moves’. Meaningless words and phrases are as Orwell describes, “Completely lacking of meaning” (636).

Many manufactures use meaningless phrases to confuse their customers into buying their product. Food Buzz claims to “Wake up your Water”. Although it sounds great, there is no deeper meaning behind it. There is no science behind “waking” up water. Whats the first thing you think of when someone says, “Heavenly touch”(160)? Some my say a hug from their mother, or perhaps even something spiritual, there is a wide range of things. What about wearing “Riders by Lee” Denim jeans? This phrase is very over used and has lost its specific meaning in its entirety.

Now, everyone has heard of the over priced “Smart Water” and the beautiful Jennifer Aniston spokeswoman. But what separates it from the other water manufactures? “Vapour-Distilled water, inspired by the clouds,”([225]) first looking at this phrase I had no idea what it meant so I decided to break it down. Vapour is a substance diffused into the air, distilled water is boiled water, and keeping in mind this is all “inspired by the clouds. ” There is too much unnecessary language in this advertisement that makes the product sounding bad when analyzed.

If any women wishes to understand Cosmopolitan magazine in its entirety, they must fully transform themselves into a Cosmo girl. “The success of Cosmopolitan relied on the philosophy that nothing is better for a woman than to be sexually desirable” (Brown). Despite the jargon, puns, euphemisms, and meaningless phrases the magazine continues to succeed in the fashion industry. Cosmopolitan gives a sense of community, that there are “other women in the world who may have the same burning questions as you” (Dore). It covers almost everything that a 20 something girl may be interested in, or going though.

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