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Causes Of Vandalism That Happened In Malaysia

Nowadays, many issues of this case which is always happened and also has been increasing in Malaysia. As we know, this issue is a moral of crime. In that case, the issue often associated by teenagers because of lack morals. Vandalism is one of a bad thing which is can make problem to the community and also can taint our country’s image. This issue happened because teenager loves to destroy public amenities and they wanted attention. They felt satisfied of doing this so that they do this thing as their habit. The types example of vandalism are damage to property, breaking the windows and also make graffiti art using the dark colours at any public wall. According to Richmond (n, d), he said that “blaming young people for all acts of vandalism makes the problem worse as people who do not feel they are taken seriously often tend to rebel”. So that , there are many causes of vandalism that happened in Malaysia.

Firstly. Peer influence is one of the issue. Teenagers always decided to choose a wrong path of choosing friends which is can affected their attitude and can change their personalities to become a bad person. Vandalism is actually happened group by group and they have been involved to this bad behaviour because of lack of moral. It might be a serious issue to the country because this thing need a lot of costs to fix this problem. This teenager is a generation that can help coloured to our country’s future. The best way to fix this problem is government need to be more concerned about them and do not ignore about it.

Next, the causes of why teenagers lead to do vandalism is because of lack of attention from their parents. Nowadays, the most parents are too busy with their work and cannot give full attention to their children. Some of these issues happened because of family’s problem that can affect teenager’s morals and attitude. So, parents should be the examples to their children and they must spend more time with their children because it is parent’s responsibility to teach their child to be a better person. Furthermore, the children just want more attention from their parents by spending time together as a happy family. This issue is because of the teenager lack of attention from their parents and they will do anything such as vandalisms. This is the way to them to get back their attention from their parents.

Last but not least, influence of mass media is one of the reasons why vandalism happened among teenagers. It is because a lot of negative elements such as a bad website on social media and also unsuitable tv shows that can be affected to the teenager’s moral that can tend to a vandalism. Furthermore, this issue increasing year by year because of the lack of morals among teenagers. This thing happened especially through the social media. This is because of unhealthy influence behaviour. So, the way to avoid this problem is teenagers must protect themselves from affected from all the negative elements which is come from social media.

As a conclusion , vandalism is a bad thing that can damaged the properties that comes from bad behaviours by the teenagers . This issue can disrupt the peace of the community and also can taint Malaysia’s name and image. So that, government and parents should take a much care to this children to avoid them from doing this.

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