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Careless Themes

For the graph above there are multiple common themes. One of the common themes is carelessness. All the characters that I chose in installment all have carless as one of their trait. I think this is a reason I chose them because, in most occasions the characters act careless when they are helping others. In my opinion, it takes a lot to help others and not put attention to avoid harm for themselves. According to my results in installment two, my acquaintance also saw me to be high in carelessness.

I don’t think of myself to be very careless by putting my life at risk, but sometimes I don’t pay enough attention to what I do or say. Sometimes I don’t think of the consequences of my actions. Confident was also a theme that is very common in my graph. All the characters from ACT 1 have the quality trait of confidence. I think this is because the characters I chose all play the part of hero’s in some way. Confidence is important to carelessness because to be able to maintain carelessness it is common for a person to be confident in their actions.

Confidence is also one of my constructs from ACT 2. A reason for this could be, that I like to surround myself by people that are confident. I also showed high in emotional stability, which means I’m secure and self- satisfied. Another theme that is common in my results is reliable. This trait is in both the survivor I chose and my favorite superhero. This trait can also be effected by confidence, because people who seem to be more confident usually tend to be more trustworthy. Maturity was one of my contrasts which I feel has a very important role for a person to be reliable.

In my opinion I would not think someone to be reliable if they don’t show certain levels of maturity. I feel that my historical social-culture has done a lot to affect how I see people. Growing up I only had one other sibling, which was my sister. She was one of my first role model because of the effort she put in school. She always seemed to have answers to everything my parents needed. The summer after first grade, my parents could not afford a babysitter at the time, so they would leave me in the care of my sister.

Even if sibling supervision has high risk of injury, “When considered from this broad perspective, the frequency of sibling caretaking across cultures is relatively high” (Morrongiello, Schell & Stewart, 2014, p. 582). My sister was a very mature at a young age so my parents would rely on her to take care of me. My sister and I would spend a lot of time together that competition became a very common thing between her and me. Since she was older than me, she would tend to always be better than me. This quickly made her confident that she was better than me.

Her rise in confidence level would make me raise mine as well. After I realized I could never be better than her I started to become more carless. I feel like this what made my confident level go down. Since my parents would put her in charge of me, I felt like I never had a choice on what I could do. I would start to act more carless so my parent would blame her for not being responsible. This just made them praise her more. I wouldn’t like it when she told me what to do the older I got. I would start to get in a lot of trouble, because I thought this was the only way my parents would notice me.

My current socio-culture also contributes to my response to 8. D. School has always been a significant place for my life. Most of my friends usually go to the same school as I do. Since I was always very competitive, school was always easy for me. I try to surround myself with people who have the same level of emotional stability as I do’. In high school, I would attend an advanced math class that would put me with older teenagers. I would see how most people would struggle with math, when it would be very easy for me. This made my self-satisfaction grow and made me more secure about myself.

I have learned a lot about myself from the responses of this assignment. This assignment showed me that I am not as self-confident as I thought. I also didn’t think I was carless, but this assignment makes me question this. I feel like I am someone who my friends and family can rely on. This would make me think I am confident in my choices but most times I question my choices and sometimes even regret them. I do like how I see life at this moment. I feel like I’m in a position where I still have a lot of opportunity go do what I want. I am focusing on graduating school.

To graduate college being self-confident can make it easier to accomplish my goals. If I question myself too much it’s very hard to accomplish my goal. To do this I have people in my life to rely of if I need to. I also try to stay positive even in a bad situation. I also do like the person I have become in life even if I do not always think it. I feel happy of what I have accomplished so far in life. After my sister, I was the second person to graduate high school in my family. When I was, younger I would get in trouble a lot so being able to change really made me proud.

Being reliable to my parents is another thing I am proud of. I have built trust with them by working, going to school, and being able to pay my car all at the same time. I think that to have that much responsibility I should stop being less carless, because life can really get rough. With the information, I got from this paper I will try to change the way I am. I feel like I don’t have enough confidence to finish college. College is much harder than highs school so I have been lacking assurance in myself. I also want to become less careless when it comes to making hard life choices.

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