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Career Profile of Senior Lacrosse Player, Ben Rosenberg

Senior lacrosse player Ben Rosenberg has been a reliable scorer and leader for the varsity team since his sophomore year. In his high school career, he has scored twenty-three goals and has over seventeen assists, predominantly playing midfield and attack. With a calling to serve and talent on the field, next year will find him in Connecticut, playing lacrosse for the Coast Guard Academy.

Over the summer and into fall, Rosenberg played for the Maryland Xtreme Lacrosse team, an elite club team that competes in top tournaments all over the bay area. “Ben worked extremely hard during the off-season,” commented varsity lacrosse coach Steven Puhl, who also coached Rosenberg on the Xtreme team. “As a player Ben stands out for his ability to score goals and he is generally one of the first to arrive and last to leave practices.”

“I try to put all of my energy and time into lifting, working out, hitting the wall, and practicing,” said Rosenberg. “I like to think I’m leaving RM as a lax legend.” As a captain, he helps out younger players and supports the team when it comes to putting in extra practice, work out sessions, and boosting morale. “Ben’s a great captain,” remarked varsity player and junior Ben Fishman. “He walks the walk, he puts in twice as much work and it shows on the field.”

Rosenberg frequently assists Coach Puhl with various clinics and programs for middle schoolers, reaching out to four cluster elementary schools and Julius West Middle School. “Ben has been a huge advocate for the program by helping with the younger players,” said Coach Puhl. By coaching at clinics and recruiting middle school players, their work has resulted in a significant difference in the current freshman class. “Coach Puhl is definitely improving the program. I’m working with him closely to try to make our lacrosse team better,” Rosenberg noted. “We’re pretty close, me and Puhl.”

Thanks to extra practice, conditioning, and the Xtreme team, he was accepted in November to play for the Coast Guard Academy, the smallest of the five military schools, with nine hundred students and eight majors. Consequently, the Academy is extremely selective, including a fitness test and recommendations from local politicians as part of the recruitment process. “Going to a service academy, it’s hard to get in in the first place,” commented Rosenberg. “I’m honored to be given this chance to get a free education and to play lacrosse for four more years. That’s a great deal.”

“You are going through military training,” he added. “You’re focused on that and good grades. It’s a very professional environment.” Despite the limited majors, every student is guaranteed five years of work after graduation. There’s a range of specific career options to consider, from technician to gunner to damage control. Rosenberg hopes to achieve one of the more specialized positions: a position with TACLET, or Tactical Law Enforcement Teams.

Comparable to Navy SEALs, TACLET is special operations, with the primary mission of securing the US maritime border, conducting maritime law enforcement, and intercepting enemy forces or supplies. “I knew that I wanted to be in the military since I was a kid,” Rosenberg said. “I’ve always had a calling to serve.”

Earning a position related to TACLET will require the hard work and leadership already demonstrated throughout his lacrosse career. “His strengths are his work ethic and ability to stay motivated to improve,” noted Coach Puhl. “He puts in a lot of practice and work behind the scenes.” The same drive and willingness to develop his skills will ultimately propel Rosenberg all the way to his goals for service.

Rosenberg advised, “If you get out on the field and you know that you’ve worked harder than the guy who’s defending you, then you feel confident enough to know that you can beat him. I never underestimate anybody. I just do the best that I can. And that’s how I play lacrosse.”

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