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Career Aspirations Essay

What I Want to Be When I Grew Up People begin asking you what your career plan is or what you want to do when you grow up once you enter high school. What I said was that I wanted to become a doctor with expertise in orthopedic or neurosurgery. To be able oncology research so as to assist in the development of the cure for cancer and save many lives.

People always ask me why I want to be a doctor, and the answer is always the same. I want to help people, and make a difference in the world. Medicine has always been a passion of mine, and I firmly believe that it is my calling in life.

I have always been interested in the human body and how it works. When I was younger, I would often pretend to be a doctor or nurse, and “treat” my family and friends. This led me to believe that becoming a doctor was my destiny. As I grew older, my interest in medicine only intensified. I began reading books about famous doctors and their groundbreaking discoveries. I also started shadowing doctors and observing surgeries. Every experience only solidified my desire to become a doctor.

Becoming a doctor is not easy. It takes years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. But it will all be worth it in the end, because I will be doing what I love and helping people in the process. This is my current career aspiration, and I am determined to make it a reality.

The reasons I wish to become a doctor are that I desire to assist those who require medical care but cannot afford it in finding a cure for cancer, and that I am passionate about science. One of the primary motives why I wish to pursue medicine is to help people in need of medical treatment. By establishing a hospital that may be utilized similarly to a free clinic, I can aid individuals.

However, I want to make it so that the people who come to my hospital will not have to pay for anything. The only way I can do this is by becoming a doctor and working in a hospital. Another reason why I want to become a doctor is to help find the cure for cancer. One of the ways I can help find the cure for cancer is by working in a lab and testing new drugs that could potentially be used to treat cancer.

The last reason why I want to become a doctor is because of my passion for science. Working in a lab and testing new drugs is something that I am very interested in and would love to do as a career. Overall, becoming a doctor is my current career aspiration because I want to help people, find the cure for cancer, and follow my passion for science.

This is the only thing that motivates me to work hard in order to achieve my objectives. People are hesitant to visit the doctor because it is too expensive, which is why I want to establish a hospital that may be used by people and provide free treatments and diagnosis for any medical issues they might have.

This has been my career aspiration for a while now and I am not planning on changing it anytime soon. I know that becoming a doctor is not an easy task, but I am willing to put in the hard work to achieve my goals. I have always been interested in medicine and surgery, and I believe that this is the perfect career for me. I am passionate about helping others, and I know that I can make a difference in the lives of many people if I become a doctor.

My parents were born in India and I want to help that country since there is a lot of poverty there. Another aspect of my goal in assisting people is that I wish to assist with cancer research. One out of three individuals develop cancer, as well as 41% of Americans within the next decade.

I want to help because this is something that has taken many lives and I want to be a part of the team that finds the cure for cancer. Throughout my undergraduate journey, I realized that I was extremely passionate about Medicine and Surgery. Medicine has been my number one career aspiration since I could remember and it has only gotten stronger throughout the years. My family members are also in Medicine which solidified my passion for this field. They have motivated me to give back to society in whichever way possible. Not only do I want to help people within the United States, but

Since beginning my academic journey, it has become increasingly clear to me that I am passionate about both Medicine and Surgery. This passion was ignited early on by my family members who work in the medical field.

Seeing their dedication to helping others motivated me to want to give back to society in whatever way possible. This led me to my current career aspiration of becoming a doctor so that I can help people not only in the United States, but also in my parents’ home country of India. There is a large amount of poverty in India, and I want to be able to help those who need it most.

Additionally, I want to be involved in the research for finding a cure for cancer. Cancer is something that has taken many lives, and I feel it is imperative that we find a way to beat it. As 41% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, this research is more important than ever. I am confident that, with my passion and dedication, I can make a difference in the medical field and help to change lives for the better.

I’m interested in cancer, and I’d want to learn more about it so that I can find a cure for the disease and save lives. When I was young, I used to watch the St. John’s Hopkins Hospital program and witnessed people with cancer suffer, and it made me wish to do something to help them; therefore, since then, I’ve wanted to be a doctor in order for me to assist discover a cure for cancer so that I may end the agony individuals are going through. Another incentive for my decision is my interest in science.

I love how everything in the human body works and I want to be able to help people when they are sick. When I graduate from college, I want to go to medical school and become a surgeon. Right now, I am doing my undergraduate studies in pre-med so that I will be prepared for medical school. My current career aspiration is to become a doctor so that I can help find a cure for cancer and save lives.

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