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Call of Duty: Reviewing the Features, Narrative and Significance of the Video Game

Call of Duty Games

Call of Duty is a game based on shooting and stealing. It was first released within Microsoft and later became a series that could be accessed on consoles and other handheld remotes. There are several series to this game which include: the original call of duty, call of duty 2, call of duty 3, call of duty 4- modern warfare, world of war, modern warfare 2, black ops, cold war, modern warfare 3, black ops 2, call of duty ghosts, advanced warfare , and black ops 3, which was created earlier this year. All of these games have the same ideas and strategies woven within them. Generally the only thing that changes from game to game would be the design and missions. Call of duty games are exciting and capture the interests of almost anyone.

Within the article the author explained four criteria that make up a game. This included goals, rules, feedback, and voluntary participation. These aspects make up a good game according to the author. Without having these criteria, one would have a difficult time playing and even evaluation the game as well. In my opinion, she summed up games everywhere while explaining these necessary criteria.

The first of these has to do with goals. Each and every game must have some sort of goal whether its sports, action, or even a children’s game. A goal is the desired result. This can be personal or group oriented. In the game of Call of Duty, there are several different goals. The main one is to make it through the various challenges without getting killed or arrested. In this game you want to break the law as much as possible. You do this by shooting people and stealing vehicles or other flying devices such as helicopters. Once you kill and steal from others, the police start looking for you and you must make careful moves. Another goal of this game is competing with other groups. You want to have the highest score in these games.

The next aspect that was listed was rules. Rules make it difficult to achieve the goal. In call of duty the most important rule is not to get caught. Once you are caught the game is over. Another very important rule associated with these series would be not shooting yourself or your teammates. Believe it or not you can accidently shoot your own character if the bullet hits an object and returns back at you. These rules are both very important to the game. Those who do not follow will lose. Games must have rules or they would be easy to win. This would lose the interest of people.

The third criterion was feedback. Feedback includes your stats for the game. It is a device that lets players know how well they did in the game. These results can include how you did against others or even how well you did since the last time one played. Feedback is very essential because it allows us to know if we are making any progress or not. In call of duty, at the end of a mission, one is given gold stars to explain the success of the match. The more stars given, the better one did. This is a simplified version of feedback because other systems can have a more complex model of feedback.

The last concept was that of voluntary participation. This idea is one that we do not typically think of, but basically, it is a combination of these three criteria explained above. Voluntary participation means that one is competent and understand how the game system works. If you do not understand, the game will be quite difficult for you. No one wants to play against someone who has no idea about the game.

These four criteria are needed in each game. If even one aspect is missing the entire game would become unsystematic and not enjoyable to its players. Call of Duty employs each of these criteria within its games.

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