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Beowulf vs Achilles

Beowulf and Achilles are two of the most famous warriors in all of literature. Though they come from different time periods and cultures, they have many similarities. Both Beowulf and Achilles are excellent fighters, skilled in the use of their respective weapons. They are also both motivated by a strong sense of duty to their people, and a desire to be remembered as great heroes.

There are some significant differences between Beowulf and Achilles as well. For one, Beowulf is a much more compassionate hero than Achilles. He often puts the welfare of others before his own, even going so far as to put his life on the line to protect those he loves. Achilles, on the other hand, is driven primarily by his own pride and glory. He is often selfish and ruthless in his quest for fame, even killing innocents if it means adding to his legend.

Another major difference between the two heroes is their approach to battle. Beowulf is always cautious and methodical, carefully planning his attacks before charging into battle. Achilles, on the other hand, is impulsive and reckless, rushing into combat without any thought for his own safety. This different approach to fighting leads to very different outcomes for Beowulf and Achilles; Beowulf is usually victorious, while Achilles often brings death and destruction in his wake.

In spite of their differences, Beowulf and Achilles are both remarkable warriors who have left a lasting mark on literature and culture. Their stories continue to inspire readers and viewers today, and their example shows us that even in the darkest of times, there is always room for heroism.

In the epic poems Beowulf and the Iliad, both Beowulf and Achilles perform courageous or superhuman actions that reflect prevailing values. This being said, it is not just about whether the acts are accomplished or not; rather, it is about how the hero carried out his mission.

Beowulf is a heroic poem and Achilles is an epic poem, so the two are different in their presentation of the heroic ideal. Beowulf focuses on Beowulf’s strength and physical prowess while Achilles focuses on Achilles’ rage and his ability to fight despite his personal feelings. Beowulf is also unique in that he fights for others while Achilles only fights for himself. Beowulf protects his people from monsters while Achilles only seeks revenge for the death of his friend Patroclus.

Both Beowulf and Achilles are great warriors who perform courageous deeds, but they are different in how they go about being heroes. Beowulf is more focused on using his strength to protect others while Achilles is more focused on using his rage to get revenge. Beowulf is the better hero because he fights for others while Achilles only fights for himself.

The protagonist’s name is obviously significant, but who – Achilles or Beowulf – better defines it? When compared to Achilles, Beowulf appears to be the most brave in terms of his actions and beliefs when reading Beowulf written by the Beowulf poet and the Iliad written by Homer.

Beowulf was confident in his strength, and did not need the help of any weapon to fight Grendel. Beowulf also had great mental strength. Beowulf was not afraid to die fighting Grendel. He thought about others before himself when he decided to fight Grendel without a weapon so that if he died, no one could say he had fought with an unfair advantage. Achilles on the other hand, was only strong physically. Achilles’ physical strength is what allowed him to be such a great warrior. However, Achilles was not as mentally strong as Beowulf. Achilles became angry and vengeful when Patroclus died and this led to his own death.

Another heroic quality Beowulf possessed was wisdom. Beowulf was wise enough to know that he could not defeat Grendel with weapons and decided to fight him with his bare hands instead. Beowulf was also wise enough to know that he needed the help of his men to defeat Grendel’s mother and so he asked them for their swords.

Achilles, on the other hand, was not always wise in his decisions. Achilles allowed his pride to get in the way when he refused to fight anymore because Agamemnon had taken away his war prize, Briseis. This decision led to many Greek deaths. Beowulf would never have made a similar decision because he thought about others before himself, unlike Achilles.

It cannot be stated with certainty who would win if Achilles and Beowulf fought each other. Although, it may be said that Beowulf’s good qualities outweighed Achilles’ advantages. Because he believed he had the ability to do anything he pleased, Achilles lived as though he were a little boy. In a nutshell, Crick asserts that we are programmed to seek out knowledge of our world through stories.

Beowulf, on the other hand, fought for his people and others, even if it meant sure death. Beowulf was also noble and selfless. Beowulf’s sense of community and responsibility led him to stay and fight the dragon, rather than running away like Achilles did when he had the chance. Achilles was motivated by personal gain and revenge, while Beowulf was motivated by what was best for others. Beowulf’s actions were dictated by a higher moral code than Achilles’ were. Beowulf is the better epic hero.

Achilles is often seen as the ideal epic hero. He possesses all of the qualities of an epic hero: strength, courage, nobility, a sense of adventure, and most importantly, he is half-god. Beowulf also possesses these qualities. In addition, Beowulf is humble, compassionate, and motivated by the greater good. Beowulf puts others before himself, while Achilles is driven by personal gain. Achilles abandons his people when they need him most, while Beowulf remains until the end. For these reasons, Beowulf is the better epic hero.

When Patroclus was slain by Hector’s spear, Achilles killed him. By twisting Hector, Achilles broke the norms of his time. Beowulf, on the other hand, followed all of the customs of his era. When Beowulf set out to battle one beast, he fought two monsters; when he only went looking for a single opponent. He battled to safeguard people’s safety, whether they were members of his own clan or not; and he was so devoted to his family and king that he brawled with two monsters when he only intended to fight one.

Beowulf’s acts show that he was a great man who respected the rules of his time, while Achilles only showed recklessness and anger.

Achilles was brought up in Phthia with his father Peleus and his mother Thetis. Beowulf, on the other hand, was brought up by Ecgtheow and Hrethel in Geatland. Beowulf had to become a man quickly since his father died young. He had to fend off raiders from other kingdoms who would try to pillage their land. Beowulf had to take up the mantle of leadership at a young age compared to Achilles.

Achilles became one of the greatest warriors of Greece after he slayed the Amazon queen Hippolyta. Beowulf killed Grendel, a creature that had been terrorizing his kingdom for years. Beowulf also killed Grendel’s mother, and a dragon. Beowulf’s victories proved that he was a great warrior, but Achilles’ victory against Hippolyta was more impressive because she was a skilled warrior herself.

Achilles is best remembered for his tragic death. He was killed by an arrow to the heel, the only part of his body that was vulnerable. Beowulf died in old age after defeating the dragon. Beowulf did not die in battle like Achilles, but he did die fighting for his people.

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