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Benefits of the ergonomic chair

Talking about an ergonomic chair is talking about health, because sitting correctly has become a vital issue today. Who has not spent hours in front of the computer and suffered those terrible backaches? What are these cervical problems that we have suffered more than once?

And it is that adopting a bad posture when sitting leads to a series of pathologies that directly affect our well-being.

Thus, for people who work in offices having a suitable chair is essential to prevent future injuries that harm not only the worker himself but also the employer. Not in vain, various studies agree in stating that between 60 and 80% of people experience back pain at some point in their working life. This circumstance translates into very considerable individual, economic and social costs.

This pathology, called by some experts the epidemic of the 21st century, and direct consequence of sedentary lifestyle, has also been transferred to the youngest, to the school children.

<ð2>What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is a concept that has become a science, but more specifically a multidisciplinary science, since it incorporates under its umbrella concepts of psychology, physiology, biomechanics and engineering.

This new science applied to office furniture seeks that the position, that the interrelation with technology (computers), that the work itself and that the scope of the available elements (various objects), is done with efficiency, safety and comfort for the worker.

Applying these concepts to furniture in general and in particular to ergonomic office chairs, we will achieve greater labor efficiency, reduction of tiredness, improvement in well-being, increase motivation and reduction of work pathologies associated with the workplace in the office.

The concept of ergonomic office chairs in these cases takes on a special dimension as a guarantor of occupational health. But what are the conditions that these types of chairs have to meet?

Comply with the legal and usage regulations.

This point is unquestionable. Both the materials and the design have to comply with the applicable regulations. By extension the concepts of adaptability, safety, anti-tilt, etc., must be contemplated.

Facilitate a correct sitting posture.

Although it is obvious, a chair must allow the worker to maintain a correct posture thanks to its design and the choice of materials.

Facilitate movement.

Sitting in a static element is not recommended, so the chair must be equipped with elements that facilitate user mobility in a simple way.


Looking for a good quality / price ratio should not be synonymous with reducing the durability of the chair or its components. The progressive deterioration of a chair can generate problems that we initially tried to avoid.


The ergonomic office chairs are not orthopedic or bulky items. This type of chairs should be able to be integrated into the general design of the office, as well as being able to be personalized with the colors and / or corporate logos. In the same way, this concept of a chair has to cover all the purchases, going through the reception to reach the managers.

From HMT we are convinced that design, functionality and occupational health are not at odds. So when you opt for any line of furniture in the market do not forget the need to incorporate ergonomic office chairs in all workstations.

Benefits of the ergonomic chair

The ergonomic chair makes the spine adopt a correct posture, for example

  • Maintenance of the natural position of the curves of our column.
  • The digestive system is no longer oppressed, so digestions after eating are optimized.
  • The position in the chair allows the diaphragm and lungs to relax, so that our breathing is more complete and deep, resulting in better cellular oxygenation.
  • The muscular tensions disappear, thus the pain disappears.
  • The weight of the body is no longer discharged on the sacrum, but on the tripod formed by knees and pelvis. This causes the axis of gravity of the spine to move backwards, thus reducing the tension on the waist, and giving the pelvis a more stable balance.
  • The inclination of the seat of the chair with cascading fall relieves the pressure on the blood vessels of the thighs, thus avoiding the numbness of the legs, cold feet and varicose veins.

Remember that the benefits offered by an ergonomic chair in the office far exceed the possible investment: your health, productivity and safety will thank you.

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