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Benefits of playing Badminton

Badminton is my favorite sport because playing it makes me stay active throughout the day. Playing badminton requires speed, strength, and precision. It is a good player one needs to practice frequently. When I play the game with my friends, I feel energetic throughout the day. Playing badminton feeds my body with the much-needed energy to help me go through each day. Badminton is an interesting game because every time I play, there is some anxiety and excitement in the end. At the end of the game, there has to be a winner; this makes the battle more exciting.

I started playing badminton when I was only 9 years due to several reasons. My uncle was a professional badminton player, and he kept on encouraging me to join him during his practice sessions. He influenced my attitude toward playing badminton. I learned most of the skills by observing my uncle play in most professional tournaments where he usually emerges as the winner. I also developed an interest in playing badminton because after playing me feel relaxed getting rid of all the stress.

When I feel low, I prefer playing badminton instead of just going shopping or playing computer games. Playing badminton often reminds me of how my father taught me some simple technique of defending myself from bullies by hitting them with the ball. It was one of the first lessons my father taught me how to defend myself instead of relying on my big brother in school.

Playing badminton is easy all you need is two rockets and shuttlecock. The shuttlecock that acts like the ball is made from goose feathers attached to a small piece of cork. The rackets for playing are light; the rackets weigh about 90 grams. When playing, you need to smash the light shuttlecock towards the opponent’s direction. Players need a lot of energy to ensure that the shuttlecock crosses over the net towards the opposite direction.When playing there are six main shots these are the serve, the clear, the drop, the smash, the backhand drive and the forehand drive.

Badminton is played on a rectangular court. The court is divided into half using a net. Badminton is like tennis; the only difference is that the net is raised higher and the ball is lighter. The game badminton was derived from the house of Duke of Beaufort, in England, where the first game of badminton was played.

I play badminton during my free time because this is the opportunity I have to bond with my friends and family. My friends and I have played in several competitions, but I had never reached the finals until recently when I was the finalist in the Austria badminton open tournament for teenagers, I was second runners up. The most interesting thing about playing badminton is that the more you play, the more, you feel challenged by your opponent.

Playing the game frequently, makes you want to perfect your skills and become a great player. Playing badminton is more fun, engaging and fulfilling more than playing computer games. Having played badminton for a long time, my body is in great shape, and I have made many friends along the way. Anyone can play badminton, it, not just a sport, badminton helps me stay active throughout each day.

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