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Banquet: Styles, Service And Types Of Banquet Halls

What is a banquet hall?

A banquet hall is defined as the area or a building used to serve the purpose of hosting a party, reception, wedding, or any other social or functional parties or events. It can be said as the large department to provide catering services as per the agreed menu on fixed date for fixed number of people. Food and beverages are served together to the guest. If you are planning to throw a party or having a wedding ceremony in your family, the banquet hall with best catering services in food and beverages should be preoccupied registering the details of number of people, date and time, and preferred menu chart.

What is banquet style?

It is the set-up organised for various events to serve the meals. The chairs are faced towards the table. The set-up of the chairs varies as per the types of the events.

What is a banquet service?

There are various reasons to skip the house meal and stuff your belly outside the house. Restaurants, fast food stalls, cafeteria, etc. are the places where you can stuff your hunger. We all must have encountered a conference, meetings, events, ceremonies like wedding with food service facility for the attendees. This kind of job is called banquet services. It can be explained as the service that deals in elaborate meals to the crowd in any event or occasion. This service varies as per the style of the event. There are few common types of the banquet service arrangements. To serve these services we need a place called banquet hall. The banquet halls in Nagpur have organised it with various facilities to arrange any style as per the choice of the customer.

Types of banquet halls

Theatre: – this set-up is good for group meetings, lectures, or any presentation. Chairs are fixed in rows facing the podium at the front of the room. This type of set-up is usually for half days or less hours but never exceeds a day. The most attractive of this set-up is the chairs are dressed in same designed attire which gives a uniform and decent look to the environment.

Classroom style: – this style of set-up is arranged especially for teaching events and writing is required, testing or other group discussion on the topic like in the classes. The set-up like this consists of 6 foot tables with 3-4 chairs facing towards the podium.

Board room: – in this style of set-up two oblong tables with two half moon tables at the edge are arranged for meetings. The placement of round edge table signifies the meeting participants are from same organisation. The head of the organisation can take a place at the round edge.

U shape: – the u shape set-up style facilitates the discussion with participants facing each other with one end open. This is best preferred for the seminars and the group meetings with the presentations.

Round table: – this is suggested for informal meetings. Depending on the count of the participants, the table can be 150 or 180 centimetres diameter or it can vary. Discussions and interactions can be well performed between the speaker and the participants during any workshop seminar.

Hollow square table: – this style of set-up is arranged with the tables forming a square look with hollow space in between and the chairs on all the four sides. This is best when the focal point is in the centre.

Cabaret seating: – here, mostly the tables are round and the chairs are bit completely facing the table. It’s placed in an arc shape leaving the table open from one end. This is basically lessening the number of the seats around a table compelling the guest to focus towards the stage. This is best suited for the events like training, presentation, workshops or the gala parties.

Cocktail arrangements: – this type of arrangements allows the best use of the floor space where the guests are not station to one fixed table. This arrangement is often seen in the Christmas or the New Year celebration. It provides the best space for interaction and minimum facility to relax and eat food. This arrangement is common in all the best banquet halls.

Horse shoe arrangement: – this is somewhat similar to U-shape style without any table. The chairs are arranged in a way that the audience seems to face inwards facing the event’s focal point. Only for discussions or team briefing, or presentation, this arrangement is better.

Stand up reception: – allows an excellent space for flexible movement. The high-boy tables are scattered and free movements are possible easily by the guests around the entire place without any sitting arrangements.


There are few points need to kept in the mind beside all the above points.

The first thing is to decide the very reason for occupying the banquet hall.

Number of the guests invited or expected.

As per the event the sitting arrangements like shape of the tables and type of the chairs to accommodate the maximum person.

If there enters two groups in the same venue like friends and family group, then the place can be arranged mixing the two styles.

Last minute preparation should always be ready as if the number of the guests increases.

With the best arrangement keeping all the minor details and the hardship involved, this business can grow prosperously. In cities and metros, there are continuous events and occasions lined up. The best banquet services can earn good amount of profit and add a good by their hardship and best affordable services.

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