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Arts In Schools Essay

Arts should be important in the curriculum in all schools because it helps kids mentally, in and out of school. It makes kids want to be more involved and have a desire to go, on top of that give kids an outlet and get their emotions out. It also has been shown to help their creativity and innovation, finally it helps child development. The arts help kids mentally by giving them an outlet for their frustrations and keeps them from feeling lost and alone. An article written by Valeriya Metla on lawstreetmedia. om referenced several studies and papers by colleges that have furthered showed the unfair balance of arts in schools. One major thing was low- income students, a quote from the article stated that, the arts are very good for kids in bad influential neighborhoods.

Art programs can keep at-risk youth off the streets and away from drugs, alcohol and gang violence. It helps give these kids a better attitude and not feel worthless and stupid. These classes also give a safe harbor for kids and It gives them the support they may not get anywhere else. Metla,5). Art helps give kids something they feel they can do and control unlike their lives outside of the schools which is not up to them, it gives them that feeling that they really can do things and that they’re not worthless. Kids like this may have bad and or abusive influences at home. Arts helps them get all this anger and sadness out instead of out on someone else or possibly make a horrible mistake that can’t be taken back. It takes out all this anger and intern puts back in the love and want of going to school and achieving something.

Art helps kids have an outlet for stress and home life. This is very important for kids mental state. Kids in a better mental state arbitrarily do better and feel more determined to do good better in school. Which proves arts are key in schools. Arts should be available to all students because it boosts their attitude and confidence. In an article by Sara Neufeld talks of. A school in New York was created and shaped around a museum like feel. There are famous Artworks hung everywhere in the school, and each work of art correlates with something that the student is learning about.

A girl named Lewisham Wright’s classmate at Brooklyn Ascend Charter, said the paintings “bring life to the school,” and the challenging coursework connected to them inspires her to push herself. (Neufeld,8) A lot of kids have no desire to go to school and even struggle to get out of bed in the morning. This is because they are so bored and don’t see the benefits of education. The arts help kids have an opportunity to do something that’s much more fun and engaging instead of listening to lectures and completing worksheets all day. It makes kids really have to think on their own, instead of copying.

The arts also boosts children’s confidence. In a study done by Paul T. Sowden (University of Surrey), Lucie Clements (Trinity Laban Conservatoire of music and dance), Chrishelle Redlich. , that proved that theater and dance in an improvisational setting are beneficial to education. They tested kids’ pleasure and arousal confidence intervals to explore the effect of the dance condition. (See table 1) . They tested how the kids felt when being told specifically how to dance and the other showed how kids felt when they had a chance to be creative and improvise.

Source:(Sowden ,131) Everyone needs confidence when out in the world by themselves and as well as determination. Art is something that really help kids get these things. It builds their confidence because there seeing themselves build something, make something which intern gives them way more confidence than just completing a math sheet. They see they can do this and start to believe in themselves more which helps them do more later on. Because if you can do one thing then you start to believe you can do anything you set your mind to and that thinking is crucial in the future.

Arts help build kids confidence and attitude which intern makes them work harder, therefore helps prove art’s importance in our school. The Arts definitely helps teens in high school but also help Child development in younger children. Also written by Valeriya Metla the article states impacting information on the importance of arts in child development. Arts classes in elementary schools help kids develop the important skills they need to know, like motor skills like what you have to do to balance and hold a paintbrush and language skills like describing words and colors, and hand eye coordination.

33% of kids are also visual learners. (Metla,pg. 4). Without art these simple motor and language skills would be harder and less effective to teach. Teaching it through art makes the kids more interested and happy during the activity. You must have activities be engaging and eye catching when working with young children because they have a small attention span and you lose their attention if something’s not exciting. Without these skills it is much harder to function as a human being. It is vitally important to teach this early on.

Art is important to high school kids future, but also to younger children, arts in elementary schools is also needed and beneficial. The arts can help kids be more involved ,but it can also help kids learn to solve problems and challenges in the real world by enhancing performance and thinking level. The study done by Paul T. Sowden (University of Surrey), Lucie Clements (Trinity Laban Conservatoire of music and dance), Chrishelle Redlich and Carine Lewis(University of Hertfordshire), that proved that theater and dance in an improvisational setting are beneficial to education.

They did an experiment to see if improvisation in dance and theater activities would help creativity and divergent thinking. “ Improvisation can be defined as the process of creating ideas spontaneously on the spot without the allowance of the planning or refinement of the creative idea. The emerging product is seen as the original thought process that occurred and as such is regarded to be the raw creative process”(Improvisation facilitates divergent thinking and creativity”. They did two experiments.

The Effect of Dance Improvisation on Divergent Thinking and Creativity and the second was The Effect of Verbal Improvisation and Acting on Divergent Thinking. After each experiment then the kids were told to take a test and design a toy. The results were positive in that both improvisation in dance and in verbal motion, it improves creativity and innovation. There finding suggests that a short improvisation is sufficient to enhance performance on divergent and creative tasks. (Sowden,128-136). Kids who get to take classes like dance and theater helps their creativity because they’re practicing how to use it just like learning math.

Doing these activities helps the brain practice thinking on the spot like a lot of adults must do at work. Kids have to be shown and given the space and the chance to be creative otherwise they won’t know where to start when they’re asked in the real world. .Having classes to implement that creativity is key to success in other classes. Dance and theater like all other art classes help release the creativity in kids which helps them in school and will help them in the future when needing to solve problems. Which also shows the importance of all arts in schools.

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