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Argumentative Essay: The Need For Weed

Can you imagine your child losing his/her life because the only medicine to save him/her was illegal? How far would you go to see that your children are healthy? Marijuana saves people’s lives of all ages on a daily basis, and makes people’s lives easier to live. Marijuana can be used to treat many illnesses and diseases. And there is a war waging on. A war being fought in our own backyards. People die everyday because they’re denied proper help and treatment. Some people think it is wrong to use marijuana.

But legalizing marijuana would benefit this country because it reduces harm and crime, creates jobs, helps the government save money, and is becoming the beneficial medicine that it is destined to be. For some stats, the legalisation of marijuana has made America a safer place. If marijuana became legal in all fifty states, the dark world of organised crime would lose billions of dollars (Baker). When the police stopped arresting people for selling and smoking pot, they would have more time on their hands and more money in their department too actually take criminals off the street.

Legalisation is not only taking the profits away from the drug cartels, but when the cartels lose money, it aids in removing heroin, cocaine, guns, and all other black market products off the street. After Marijuana became legal to be used recreationally , the “Mile High” city of Denver saw a drop in violent crime by two point two percent. However, violent crime is not the only problem that was helped, traffic deaths decreased because stoned driving is not as bad as drunk driving (Butler). At the end of the day, Marijuana makes a very solid, positive impact on this country and has created jobs for the work force.

This country and the economy are in dire need of saving, and too be saved, individuals need more jobs which Marijuana is going to provide. Marijuana has jumpstarted entirely new industries in states that have legalized it. Last year, the marijuana industry created more than 18,000 jobs for the State of Colorado. But that’s not just the actual businesses that sell the marijuana, that is the farmers, and the construction needed to build the homes and businesses. The high need for supplies, and essentials increased local businesses and service to provide the needed for the customers, growers, and sellers.

Because the marijuana market brings people from around the country, they need to be fed, clothed, cleaned, and have a place to sleep (Larkin). As more states chose to legalize, more small businesses will be called upon to satisfy the needs of the community, furthermore enhancing the growth of the families, friends, and people in an area (Caslow). Marijuana has been being consumed by people all around the world for thousands of years. And farming marijuana has ran in families for generations. No matter where you go in this world, you will find marijuana, or it will find you (Morgan 17).

Not only has marijuana created jobs, but marijuana saves money as well. Marijuana has proved to be a very effective way of cash flow in America . In 2016 the State of Colorado, before even the first quarter of the year, surpassed the expectations for the year, ranking in a whopping 270 million dollars (Caslow). The American government can be quite greedy, so why would they not like to save 7. 7 billions dollars a year, that’s what they alone have benefited (Silbaugh). With out having to deal with the expenses of enforcing marijuana laws, police, and government would acquire more money to solve problems that actually matter (Baker).

And if the states were to tax marijuana as they do alcohol and tobacco, the government would be left with another six billion dollars per year in tax revenue on top of the seven point seven billion dollars (Huffington). Not only does all the money marijuana brings to the state’s benefit the children, law enforcement, maintenance, and cities. But the leftover money travels back into Washington, and it is expected that if marijuana were to be legalised in every state, the industry would single handedly bring this country’s economy back on its feet (Caslow).

The benefits behind marijuana reach past its financial abilities, it has exponential medical qualities as well. Marijuana has single handedly revolutionized the medical field. Dravet syndrome, A rare illness in children that causes numerous seizures, hit a young lady by the name of Charlotte Figi at just five years old. When her parents made the life altering decision to enable their child to be prescribed marijuana, they received hate, But within a week’s time Charlotte went from having 300 seizures a week to just one every seven days.

The two main active ingredients in marijuana are Cannabidiol “CBD“ which is the medicinal chemical in the plant. And Tetrahydrocannabinol “THC” , which is the psychoactive chemical that makes you stoned. CBD has been proven by top class scientist in cancer research to not only slow the growth, but kill cancer cells all together. Although Most people would believe that smoking marijuana damages your lungs, in all reality it helps expand your lungs, allowing you to take deeper breaths. The chemical THC has also been proven to stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, though it does not cure it once it has set in.

Marijuana also enhances sleep, for insomnia sufferers it is a go to remedie for their disease (Welsh). In all ,marijuana has resurfaced this country and saved lives that would potentially been lost without treatment from this wonderful plant. People tend to think marijuana makes the people who smoke it have a lower IQ or be less intelligent than those who do not. But research has proved with the use of high quality marijuana, it does increase creativity and makes your brain work faster. Now bad quality, or low grade herb has negative effects of the brain. But no one likes that garbage anyways.

So stick to the good weed and you will be okay. Marijuana can enlighten older minds to view the word in more robust ways. It can also give many perceptions to a situation and improve cognition. So for anyone to say that marijuana lowers your IQ or makes you stupid, they themselves are ill informed on the true effects of the plant (Mokrysz). Marijuana has caused a mass deterioration in crime rates and violence. Marijuana has also unfurled the job market. It helps the citizens and Government officials of the United States save money, and is one of the most versatile medicines in the world.

Marijuana is called a super plant by some, and a life destroying drug by others. But anyway you look at it, no matter where you go, anywhere marijuana has been legalized, changes have been made. Cities have become safer, people have been able to make more money with all the opportunities that come with marijuana. It has also helped the government and businesses become prosperous, individually and as a whole. And finally, this plant, this god made organism that has been on this earth for thousands of years is the most universal medicine humans have ever known. Do you feel it is about time we all had some green in our lives?

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