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Area 51: Why America keeps it as a secret?

Do you know about Area 51 Top story?

AREA 51 or region 51, but the meaning of this name is not yet revealed. As well as this area is known by many names such as 5-4, THE BOX, DREAMLAND, UFO MIND. However many say it is part of the site of the Nevada Research Center, part of which is divided into sections 51. This area is located in Nevada, united states, Located just a few miles away from the Groom River to the south of Nelise Mountain, about 90 miles north of Las Vegas

.The geography of this area is different from other areas of the United States .It is also known as the Edwards Air Force Base and covers a rectangular 6-kilometer and longitudinal 10-mile rectangular area. There are more cattle farms and dairy factories in the area between 30-40 years ago, but now they are losing barefoot. This area is about 1350 square miles, There are now 100 people in this area.

Security in the area

When we are talking about Area 51 Top story, security area is most important. Nevada is a high-security zone of the US Defense Ministry. Therefore, it is forbidden to do any kind of human activity. If the ordinary people come into this area, they will be punished under American law.

Normally, a person who entered the 51st area does not get out of that area again. Only the permitted key authorities are allowed to enter this zone 51, and the photos are prohibited in the region. As well as, this area is forbidden for airplanes. If any kind of airplane enters, the US will receive all the information. It is THE BOX because of a kind of airborne zone in a rectangular square. On the orders of the American Space Arctic, the Airbus No. 4808 has been banned on the orders of the US Embassy in Colombo and is not banned from either civilian or regular Air Force.

Landing is also strictly prohibited for the protection of this area, In the 1980s, the size expanded, and the “cammo dudes” were used by security personnel, and the most sensitive equipment for identifying non-flying aircraft was in the air force. The security forces operating on the ground they have Modern helicopters, jeeps, and weapons. To date, no one knows how they belong to any organization.

The US government has experimented with nuclear weapons, as well as aviation, biological weapons, and nuclear research. Further research is being conducted on aliens. In 1989, Robert Scott Laser, a biologist, said that aliens in the area worked together with larger planes.

A protective fence has been set up about a mile from the city hall this building. There are also plates of slabs that cannot be entered on the site. CCTV cameras, magnetic systems, sensors, and the approach of the area’s footpaths can be recognized even with this magnetic system and sensors. Also, outside hackers cannot even access the Area 51 system.

You may find that information is easily accessible from the satellite’s photo surveillance. But the US government has blocked satellite images of Area 51 in a number of security arrangements. Apart from the roofed-up photos of the nearby groom lake, no photographs can be found on satellite.

Rumors and speculations

There are a lot of myths, incidents, and rumors around the place where there is no official information about this area. In this connection, the facts are so confused that they are not identifiable. It is said that the American government in the world as an Air Force Base claims to the world but it is a place where foreigners live and that the teachings of Buddhism in Area 51 are practically used.

Some assume that there are secretive biological weapons manufactured here, a place of meeting between Earth and aliens, and some of the research on walking through time. The other is that it is being worked on because America is trying to conquer the whole world. It is clear that the terrain of Area 51 is located in a very small part of the land, and it is clear that it is comprised of houses, airplanes, aerial platforms, offices, utensils, watch cabinets and radar antennas. The US have failed to discern any of these guesses, nor can it accept anything that cannot be traced.

Boyd Bushman’s revelation

Boyd Bushman has served for more than 40 years in aerospace technology such as Hughes Aircraft, Lockheed Martin. He experimented with antimicrobial technology and patented a number of new inventions. Mr. Bushman was involved in unidentified aliens project in the United States. He was the chief engineer for the US military’s use of alien technology. Several of those who had previously served in the ’51Area’ have disclosed information, but Mr. Bushman said that the credibility of the statement made by him is greater because of his high office.

A video clip of this information was advertised in October 2014. He had retired from Area 51 when he revealed the video footage.

Mr. Bushman has said that Flying Peiris really exists and that 18 Aliens are working there for America. He said that these creatures came from a planet called Quintmania and that they could travel to a parent planet for an hour. His description states that some aliens are about 250 years old and some have died at area 51. He even presented photographs that confirm this. When he disclosed these details, he was also weak with his health, and he died on August 7, 2014, before the video was made public.

Special Features in Area 51Hanger 18Roughly the width of the alley is 1300, the length is 2300 feet, and the height is about 2300 feet. The HANGER 18,It cannot come to a definite conclusion. Some people say that this is a large lift. They say it’s used to fly to ground Aurora to the race track. Many who describe the satellite images in 51 regions say that there are vast labs, aircraft gaskets in the 51 zone, etc.

Aurora (The long runway )Many doubt that this runway is the longest runway in the 24 miles length. It is rumored that a large number of funds have been set aside for the budget released by the White House.

Understandably, the US Air Force is producing a flying machine enters the upper airspace, the researchers suspect. Others say that this is for the fast spycraft in area 51.The SUN TAN was built in the 1950s by the Institute of LOCKHEED MARTIN. There are facilities for 400 people. And there are 304-2 types of engines.

As well as the size of the wings is 24,000 feet. Also, they say that it can carry 2140 gallons.

It is said that Lockheed was allowed to build a spacecraft similar to that of SUNTAN in 1957. But knowing what to do is now only the UFO officials in the US government are responsible.

Radar Antenna

The radar antenna can be seen in a conventional military unit. Get information about enemy aircraft and use more data. But the 51 antenna in the region is quite different. There are many bulk antennas here. All these antennae are movable. These antennas locations can be changed at any time. This is the world’s largest radar and signals identification instrument.

During the Second World War, the US military carried out a heavy weapons test, searched for Russian planes and carried out the U2 operation, which was not guarded at that time.

As well as, you know how to fight the fighter jet produced by the US. And it’s possible that those aircraft are not trapped by radars.

The United States of America did not have the technology to go anywhere. So they are so strong with weapons and power, until the secrets are over. America will be the most powerful state in the world.

Today, 51 active regions are available. New construction is still taking place. Apart from the intelligence sections in powerful countries, private people have come forward to find information in this regard because this is a curious story.

Although such small events have been reported, no one has been able to trace mysterious things in this. That means this is not always a mystery. One day, this secret will be revealed to the world.

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