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Antonia Peacocke’s article on the History of the Show Family guy

Antonia Peacocke, a student of Harvard University at the time, writes in her article, Family Guy and Freud: Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious, of the history of the television show Family Guy. She also explains how its content is not meant to be taken very seriously. Peacocke explains the topic thoroughly, giving the reader her view, and of others, of the show and of its offensive production.

Peacocke informs the reader well of the show, Family Guy, and of its “unique” form of entertainment. She also focuses more on the show’s history rather than go on with her own opinion of the program. “…. it must be one of the few television shows in history that has been canceled not just once, but twice” (300). Peacocke uses the past information of the program in chronological order, giving the reader the chance to let them decide how they want to view the show before allowing herself to go farther with her opinion.

The author includes quotes from the show, but not all are as vulgar than they should be. Peacocke delivers the reader a broader view of the program rather than just vulgarity, “In fact, Family Guy does not aim to hurt, and its creators take certain measures to keep it from hitting too hard” (Peacocke 307). Rather than just bluntly saying to the reader that certain viewers are too squeamish themselves, she admits that the show is vulgar, other times a bit farther. Peacocke gives the other side of the argument here and there, allowing the reader to know what points are made against the program. This is an excellent way for her to introduce other’s opinions other than her own.

Although the paper is of her own opinion Peacocke uses excellent facts, from the very creator of the show even, to back up her argument. However, Peacocke also uses certain episodes that go against her opinion of the show, to prove again that there are times when the program is very offensive to a certain audience. Peacocke says, “sometimes the creators do seem to cross…. the line of indecency” (308). She covers every part of the televised program, the good and the bad, and not just basing everything on her word. Peacocke uses not only her own experiences of the show but also of those of other fans and of their awards.

In close, Peacocke uses everything fact and example to good use. Most of the article is fact based to back up her argument and helps let the reader choose his or her view of the program of the program. She gives a clear idea of the show and of how others view it, but also the other important parts of it, not just focusing on one particular area.

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