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Answers on questions of mythology

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Text Questions Mythology Cassandra Lambert

  1. What purposes did myths serve to ancient peoples?
    • Myths were used to tell stories and pass on tales from ancestors. They were also used to answer questions nobody knew the answer to.
  2. How do creation myths differ from nature myths?
    • Creations myths explain how the earth and universe was created. Nature myths explain why were have animals, plants, weather, ect…
  3. What types of works make up the literary genre of folklore?
    • Folklore is made up of legends, folktales, and fairytales.
  4. What are the characteristics of fables?
    • Fables are a short story usually portraying an obvious moral. Many times the main characters are animals or fiction characters.
  5. How are folktales and fairy tales related?
    • Folktales and fairytales are related because fairytales are a type of folklore.

Critical Thinking:

  1. Early in this unit, you read the story of Daedalus and Icarus. There are at least two lessons to be learned from this myth. What might those be?
    • Two lessons to be learned from this story is to always listen to your parents and you shouldn’t be jealous of anyone.
  2. Which do you believe is more meaningful reading, mythology or folklore? Why do you think this is so?
    • I believe folklore is more meaningful because it tells about the people’s culture and how they think everything came about.
  3. We look to the past for stories of legendary figures. Future readers will one day be looking to our time for legendary figures as well. Who are some current-day figures who might be considered legendary figures in the future? What characteristics make them befitting of a legend?
    • I believe people like presidents will become legendary figures. Some like Bill Clinton will be talked about negatively, however Ronald Reagan will be talked about very highly. Their policies and actions will speak for themselves.
  4. Suppose you were going to write a current-day morality tale. What are some of the dangerous situations or cultural taboos about which you might warn your reader?
    • I would probably talk about the incredibly high crime rate our country is deal with right now. I would also tell readers about the political “war” that is happening.
  5. Why do you think that fairy tales always end with “happily ever after”?
    • Fairytales are fake. They are meant to bring happiness and knowledge to the readers. Ending the story with “happily ever after” gives the readers the warm, fuzzy feeling of happiness.
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