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A costume designer is an individual who creates costumes for films, theatre plays, TV productions, and advertisements. The clothes made by costume designers define the total look of the character in a TV show, film etc. Costume designers use colour and texture to even out the scenes of a film, theatre production etc. Costume designers are highly creative and organised people. A theatre production, film etc. would be lost without one.

ORCHESTRATOR An orchestrator is a musical professional whose job is to arrange and prepare the music for performances. They design music for plays, musicals, and movies using the notes of the composer to turn a rough draft into a finished masterpiece. Often Orchestrators like to do their own orchestration to control the way the musical piece is performed. The job is very important as they are the one who creates and refines the music, without them, it’s highly likely the event or film would not happen.


Press representative is hired to represent their client. Their client may be a single person, a company, or another agency. The duties of a Press Agent differ according to each client. They may write and/or edit speeches, talk to the press on the client’s behalf and hold conferences. Press Agents control how the media and public see their client by disclosing news to the press, either about their client’s intentions, activities, or things relating to their job. A Press Agent communes with the media in a number of ways; advertisements, conferences, and social gatherings. The Press Agent builds a positive image of their client and schedules public appearances, such as parties. This job is very important and should be taken very seriously.


A set designers’ job is to create the set for films, theatre plays, musical, TV productions, and advertisements. Set designers have degrees in various subjects such as performing arts, graphic design and visual arts. They are in charge of backdrops that are used throughout the musical. The set designer has to set the scene for the musical. A set designer will collaborate with the director, costume designer and the lighting director to create a plan for the set. They will have to read the script, attend rehearsals, manage the budget and plan a lot. Then, with the help of a carpenter and a painter, they will create the set. Finally, the set will appear in the musical it has been commissioned for.


Advertising for stage is the role of advertising and bringing awareness to the film, theatre production, musical, TV productions, and advertisements. The main goal of advertising is to capture more people’s awareness of the musical and to inform people about it. Lots of musicals rely on the media and social media to help market their musical because they can reach millions and millions of people at the same time. Advertising helps to increase sales and it keeps the customers informed and aware about the musical as well. The better the advertising for the musical the more customers they will get and the more people will want to come and check out the musical. If the musical has good advertising the better reputation they will get.

PLOT Annie is a Broadway musical based on a comic strip by Harold Gray called Little Orphan Annie. Annie is an eleven year old girl who lives in an orphanage run by the cruel Miss Hannigan, along with six other girls. After two attempts Annie manages to escape from the orphanage. However, a policeman finds Annie and brings her back. Nevertheless, her despairing situation dramatically changes when she is chosen to spend some time with the billionaire Oliver Warbucks. Warbucks decides to help Annie find her long lost parents by offering a reward if they come to him and prove their identity. Meanwhile, a couple named Ralph and Shirley Mudge arrive at the orphanage. They explain that they left a baby girl at the orphanage eleven years ago and have come back for her. Soon after, they reveal themselves as Rooster and Lily to Ms Hannigan. Rooster explains their plan on how to get the reward from Warbucks. Rooster and Lily ask for information about Annie, from Ms Hannigan, for one-third of the money. Since Annie’s parents still haven’t shown up, Warbucks announces that he would like to adopt Annie. However, as they begin the adoption proceedings, they are interrupted by Mr and Mrs Mudge who come to collect Annie. Later on, they realise that they are not Annie’s parents but Rooster and Lily. They are then, along with Miss Hannigan, arrested.

Annie is a film (2014) based on the Broadway musical Annie. Annie is a spirited young girl whose parents left her as a baby. She is forced to live in foster care run by the tyrannical, terrible and cruel Miss Hannigan. However, her despairing situation changes intensely when she is selected to spend some time with the wealthy mayoral candidate, Will Stacks. The household staff and even the cold-hearted Will Stacks cannot help but learn to love the cheery girl Annie. While Stacks is considering to adopt Annie, someone named Guy comes in and confirms that Annie’s real parents have been found. However, everyone quickly finds out that they are not Annie’s real parents. With the help of Ms Hannigan, Annie’s foster sisters try to find her by tracking down Annie’s location on social media. The police quickly get involved and end up arresting Annie’s fake parents. Annie and Will reunite and he decides to adopt Annie. The movie ends with Annie, Grace and Will singing ‘I Don’t Need Anything But You’.

ANNIE Annie is the protagonist of the Broadway musical and films, ‘Annie’. She has a fair skin colour and short red curly hair, though, in the 2014 movie she had darker skin and brown curly hair. ‘Annie’ is an orphan living in a girls’ orphanage run by Ms Hannigan. However, in the 2014 version, she is a foster child living with her foster mother, Ms Hannigan and foster sisters. She is a brave, spirited and lively girl, who would do anything to find her parents.

WILL STACKS Will Stacks who was originally named Benjamin Stacks, is one of the main characters in the 2014 film adaptation. Stacks is based on the character Oliver Warbucks from the previous versions of ‘Annie’. Will is a man in his thirties who has Black hair and eyes and dark skin. When he was twelve years old his father passed away. Unfortunately, Stacks never got to spend time with his dad since he worked 20 hours a day. Thus, he too became a hardworking businessman. He was originally an uncaring person. However, this changed when Annie came into his life. Will Stacks is important in the 2014 film adaptation because

MS HANNIGAN Ms Hannigan is the antagonist of the Broadway musical and films, ‘Annie’. She is a woman in her forties. In the 2014 version, she has blonde hair and blue eyes, while, in the musical and other films she has orange hair and black eyes.


‘It’s The Hard-Knock Life’ is a song from the Broadway Musical and film adaptations, ‘Annie’. The song is about the difficult times while living in an orphanage or as a foster kid. The song explains how much work the orphans really need to do and how mean and unfair Ms Hannigan is. In the 2014 film the lyrics in the line ‘No one cares for you a smidge, when you’re in an orphanage’, changed to, ‘no one cares for you a bit, when you’re a foster kid’.


Annie was originally a character from a comic strip named ‘Little Orphan Annie’, written by Harold Gray. The comic strips launch date was August 5, 1924. Eight years later, in 1932, the first film adaptation of ‘Little Orphan Annie’ was made. In the year 1977, ‘Little Orphan Annie’ became a popular Broadway Musical. At the time, ‘Annie’ was the most expensive musical ever made. The musical won many awards including the: Best Musical Award, Best Original Score, Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical, Best Choreography Award, Best Scenic Design Award, Best Costume Design Award, Outstanding Musical Award, Outstanding Lyrics Award and many more. Two more film adaptations were made in the years 1982 and 2014.

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