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Animal Testing Cons

FIX:Everyone loves animals! They are soft, loveable, and good hearted. Knowing that animals are so innocent, it is astonishing that scientists all over the world have been using animals for medical purposes. The medical purposes are mostly experiments to find cures for diseases or ailments in humans. There has been quite a bit of controversy as to why Animal Testing has to be done at all. There are so many animals out there who are used, hurt,and experimented on. However, there is another side to this picture and it is for medical research purposes.

Animal testing is a way to discover information for medical purposes and it is important in finding cures . However, Medical Researching takes so much money, time and can be very unreliable therefore unsuccessful. It would be more humane if medical testing on animals had less of an impact on the animal’s quality of life. The truth is some of the universe’s most adorable gentle creatures are being abused in the name of science. Animal Testing for medical research, is not justified considering the poor treatment of the animals.

For the purpose of testing the effects from drugs on pregnant woman, Rabbits were given cocaine while carrying a baby. Scientists predict that pregnant animals with cocaine will lead to variations of answers on maternal drug use. Regardless of positive outcome from these experiments, there were some bad turns with maternal drug use on rabbits and the Rabbit offspring were electrically shocked, according to Ingrid Newkirk, co founder and president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

This cruelty shows that the Rabbits were mistreated because of the way their offspring were put through pain by scientists. Monkeys are another species of animals who are put through pain and suffering. This pain and suffering is due to unhealthy conditions that result to heavy testing. These conditions, consist of Monkeys having open wounds all over the body, not to mention the loss of fur. (Ingrid Newkirk, co founder and president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Furthermore, lots of animals are put through malnutrition which deprives the animals from eating.

When an animal is put through malnutrition, they have a lack of body fat, and their muscles shrink. (http://wildlifedisease. unbc. ca/malnutrition. htm) Additionally, animals are put through trauma when they are locked up in cages waiting anxiously to be pulled into a series of experiments. (Ingrid Newkirk, co founder and president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) These tests offer zero freedom along with unfamiliar surroundings. Although humans cannot be tested that does not give experimenters the right to put species of animals through trauma.

The poor treatments of these animals is the reason to why animal testing is not justified. Another reason as to why Animal Testing is not justified is, because it is not essential to medical research and can be unreliable. For one thing, Rats and Mice are typically subjects for medical research. Realistically, those two animals are not eligible to be tested. In behalf of not being eligible subjects, Rats and Mice do not have similar physiology to humans. For example, the amount of medicine and substances given to Mice and Rats are higher than the amount that humans would be exposed to. Alix Fano director of the Campaign for Responsible Transplantation and the author of Lethal Laws: Animal Testing, Human Health and Environmental Policy. )

These findings conclude that Mice and Rats are not dependable subjects used for medical research. There are also alternatives for the unnecessary way of experimenting. Specifically, speaking of vitro testing. Vitro Testing is a way of conducting an experiment through a tube. This particular method for medical research has been beneficial to finding many cures for life threatening diseases. As a matter of fact, the cures today for AIDS disease were all discovered through vitro testing.

According to the success of tube testing, animal experimentation is not essential to the medical research world. Not only does Vitro Testing open up a pathway of cures to diseases, it also save the many lives of innocent and loveable animals. Never again, will animal testing need to be a first priority in the name of science. (C. Ray Greek and Jean Swingle Greek are cofounders of Americans for Medical Advancement)To wrap up the importance of not justifying the use of animals for the world of medical research, previous experiments with Mice and Rats have failed to show a link between cancer and smoking.

This failure was one of many occurring with use of animals as experimental subjects. (C. Ray Greek and Jean Swingle Greek are cofounders of Americans for Medical Advancement,) With great understanding of experimental failures, Alternatives, and the different doses of substances, animal testing the most unreliable and non essential method there is to medical researching. Some may say Animal Testing is beneficial for the world of medical research. As a matter of fact, there are medicines and cures out there for life threatening diseases as a result from animal testing.

Of course! hese cures are helpful but, believe it or not there is a hidden pathway to/for the universe of medical research. Along this path/pathway there is a method for medical research called vitro testing. In other words, discovering the unknown through a tube. Out of the many alternatives, vitro testing stands out because of its most amazing discoveries. Some of the nation’s best cures in particular, a cure for AIDS disease was discovered through a tube. However, if scientists partake and invest in going all vitro than, animals will remain out of the medical research world.

Therefore, life changing miracles consisting of vaccines and medicines, will be released and ready for all those in need. It is time to uncover the truth about how products are finalized. A variety of items are functional as a result from animal testing, which causes animal abuse. Many will argue that animal testing is beneficial to animal research because diseases have been cured from this method. Nevertheless, animal testing is truly evil because in order to do so, any species of animals will be locked up deprived of their freedom while, in horrible conditions.

As a matter of fact, there is a way to erase all animal testing for the better. This technique calls for researching in a tube. Already, this process has come up with a few breathtaking cures for AIDS disease. Therefore, animals are non essential for the medical research world. Ultimately, humans can/will discover cures, medicines, and products without the use of animals. When scientists plan to do so, there will be variations of necessary items needed to keep all humans heallthy, and well kept when needed.

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