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Ana Deal: A Short Story

Tris’s shoulder was on fire as she pressed further against the wall. Tobias leaned in closer, his eyes still blank. “I don’t believe you will,” she whispered softly to him. The cold metal of the gun barrel pressed closer to her head, but he didn’t pull the trigger. Still, her best efforts to get him back weren’t working. He was too far into the simulation’s clutches. It was then that she heard a loud commotion outside. Something major was happening. Tobias looked away for a brief second, and suddenly, the large metal doors flew open. A girl stood there; everything about her was concealed.

The darkness from the outside melted off the stranger’s face as she stepped into the eerie glow of the computer light. Cold blue eyes narrowed as she took on what was happening. “I’m sorry,” came the voice of the new girl. “I am sorry for what I’m going to do next, but if all three of us are to survive, it must be done. ” With her words, she stepped forwards, and her voice cracked slightly as she spoke. Tris could only nod as she looked on. Her shoulder wound was making her dizzy and tired, but she fought for consciousness. The new girl stepped forwards ad walked straight up to Tobias.

She raised her hand and slapped him, and in the following moment of confusion, she captured his lips with her own. It was only for as second before she pulled away. As soon as her lips left his, Tris saw the light come on in Tobias’s eyes, and his body seemed to awaken with a sudden jolt. “Tris. ” The words escaped with a gasp from his lips. It was all Tris needed, and she lunged forwards to him and hugged him tightly. “I am so sorry,” she murmured. “I…” She trailed off. She didn’t even know what was going on. “I’m the one who should be apologizing Tobi. ” The other girl said with a sad smile.

The boy in Tris’s warm embrace turned to face the girl; his face was a mask of confusion. “Who are-“ Tobias began, but his words were broken off by the newcomer’s voice. “I know you probably don’t remember me, and that’s okay. It’s to be expected. When you switch universes like you have, memory loss from the past is expected. ” Her face was stone cold as she spoke these words, but the hurt could be seen in her eyes. “I am Skyliner Walker, the last infinite being, and you. You were Tobi Hunters. You were…” She trailed off sadly, but she quickly regained her composure.

I just came to say goodbye, I can see that past is no longer yours. You don’t re-“ It was the Sky’s turn to be interrupted. “No. ” Tobias’s voice was strangely detached, and he sounded like a completely different person. Unknown to Tris, this is what the man named ‘Tobi Hunters’, sounded like. The man continued on. “I remember… Red. A red scarf. The pain, the guilt, the… The hate. ” His voice cracked on the last two words. His eyes were downcast, but both women could see the pain in his eyes. “Listen, Ry-Tobi, you don’t need to. I’m going to leave now anyways. ”

Tris’s eyes flickered to the other girl. She was beautiful in a cold kind of way. Her ice blue eyes shone from under pitch-black hair that fell to her waist. Dressed in a black leather jacket and tight black leggings, she looked like she was born to be Dauntless. The injured girl found her eyes going straight back to Tobias. She couldn’t make sense of what was going on. Her pain-addled mind couldn’t keep up with the events that were playing out. Suddenly, the girl raised the gun at her side and shot it straight behind her. There was the sound of a crumpling body meeting the ground, and Tris gasped.

Don’t worry, it’s loaded with stun darts,” Sky murmured blankly. She started to turn around when Tobias lunged forwards and stopped her. “Why? ” His voice was breathy and still not the voice that Tris knew. It was unnerving to watch her boyfriend talk in a different voice to a different person with such feeling. Sky turned around and smiled sadly. “You,” she said softly. “You, Ryan, are the reason. I came to say my final goodbye. I just needed to meet you. For real. ” Sky’s breath hitched and she bit her lip before she kissed Tobias again. This time, he kissed back.

His hands grasped Sky’s waist and hers went around his neck. Tris was horrified, and so it seemed, was Sky. She suddenly pulled away, and looked down. “No Ryan. ” She said softly. “This isn’t right. ” Sky slowly backed away from Tobias and forced an obviously fake smile. “Ana wait. ” Tobias’s voice called out to her. It was a mix between his, and the new voice he had acquired. The other girl instantly froze. “Do you know how long it’s been since I heard that name? ” She whispered. “Do you? ” “What about Alex? Cecile? Tessa? Logan? What about them? ” Tobias’s voice rose in pitch with each name.

What about them? ” Sky’s voice was hoarse. “Alex is dead, Cecile is dead, Tessa is dead, Logan… Logan he… He changed. ” Now, her voice was cold and detached. “Wh-What happened? ” “A-“ she couldn’t finish the word. “Cecile died from lack of water, Tessa dies staring at the blood bag hanging just out of reach as she bled out, Logan… Like I said, he changed. ” Tobias wrapped her in a hug. “Vin, Sakura… Ester? ” His voice broke on the last name. Sky’s shoulders shook for a moment before she stepped out of his embrace. “Ryan, what I am about to tell you can either save you, or break you.

Do you really wish to know what happened to Mystic Falls? ” He took a deep breath and glanced back to tries. His eyes were full of conflicted fear, but there was love, and Tris somehow knew that it was for her. She gave him a simple, sad, nod. “Yes,” he forced out. “Yes, tell me. ” “Mystic Falls is at war. The first attack was from Voltaire; he took us by surprise. The second attack was by your old pack. The third attack was by the demons. Every single one, even the nice ones like Amy. The fallen angels were next. There were very few that resisted the call. The only one you would know is Jaylen.

All of the town that can, are hiding up in Vin’s place. The Nephilim are all with Jake. There are only a few with Jaylen that have decided to risk their lives in Jay’s cave. ” Sky was completely monotone as she spoke, but with every sentence, Tobias seemed to break more and more. By the time that Sky finished speaking, he was on his hands and knees. Tris couldn’t bear it anymore, and when Sky paused, she yelled out at the mysterious girl. “What did you do to him!? ” She demanded. Sky looked at her with the same blank eyes and simply stated, “I told him the truth. ” That was all it took for Tris to snap.

The girl couldn’t take any more from the enigmatic new person. With new strength, Tris launched herself at the girl. Sky simply slipped to the side. Again and again, Sky duck and slipped out of Tris’s reach until she stopped. Tris felt her elbow dig deep into flesh, and she heard a faint thud. When the haze of adrenaline finally faded from her eyes, Tris realized why the Sky had suddenly stopped. If Tris had missed Sky, she would have hit Tobias square in the face. Sky was massaging her arm, and looking down, but she slowly looked up at Tris, and with a sad smile on her face, motioned for her to go to Tobias.

The man was sitting with stone like posture, and his face was completely blank. “T-Tobias? ” Tris whispered softly, scared of what would happen next as she walked over to his still form. The adrenaline was nearly gone, and her shoulder was throbbing again. “I’m here Tris. ” The voice that came from his mouth was his own, the one Tris had fallen in love with, but it was so weak and broken that it made Tris want to die. She could almost feel the pain and guilt radiating off of Sky. Before she knew it, the two were standing up, and it was just Tobias left on the ground.

Sky walked forwards slowly and knelt down next to Tobias. She brought a simple beanie out of her pocket and placed it on his head. With that, she softly kissed his forehead and whispered something in his ear. Tobias’s eyes widened, but by the time he reached out to her, she had drawn away. “And now that I told you, I will leave. Goodbye Ryan Harr. Goodby Tris Prior. I wish you two luck on what you will face next. ” Sky cocked her gun at Tris, but instead of pulling the trigger, she flicked her wrist and the gun spiraled through the air. Tris automatically grasped the gun in her hand and looked at it.

Tobias looked sadly at Sky and rose to his feet as if he was going to try to stop her. “Don’t. ” The voice was cracked and broken. It seemed so childish compared to the one that had been coming from Sky’s mouth before. “After all that I have told you, you, of all people should know not to follow me. ” A glistening drop of water flowed from the corner of her eye. Slowly, Sky turned and started to walk away. She let everything. Her feet took over as everything crashed upon her shoulders. The girl’s whole entire reality was gone. Her brother had died so long ago, but only now was she able to cry.

Only now did she let her shoulders shake with the pain that she bore with all of her miserable life. She had said goodbye to someone else’s lover for them, she had arrived to be too late, twice. She had torn lives apart millions of times, and only now, was hers torn apart itself. Very slowly, her vision came back to her. She was standing on top of the dauntless headquarters. There was nothing holding her back. She could jump and survive, but what for? Sky had found her lover, only to realize he no longer remembered her, or himself. “Ana, wait! ” A voice cried out.

She spun around to see a shimmering boy running towards her. No longer was he bound to the body that was called Tobi Hunters, or Tobias. He was free, and when she looked at herself, she saw that she was glistening as well. She was finally herself. As she looked around, she could make out their shapes all around herself. Alex stood with Ester’s hand clasped in his as they smiled, Logan’s eyes were bright with true joy and not the lust of battle, Cecile was with Skylar and Anastasia, Tessa stood with Dan and waved. Each person brought a tear to her eye.

She could see Ryan reaching out to her and saying something, but she couldn’t make out the words. She just reached back and smiled. The tears melted off her face, and the world went black. Tobia has stretched his arm out to Sky, but he knew it was too late. She was too far away. All he could do was look in sad joy as she extended her arm back to him and hit the ground. Her pain was gone. She was finally released from the horrors of the world that had tormented her for all of her years. She was no longer Skyliner Walker, the girl from the Abbey, she was set free, she was Ana Phan, the girl who was finally free.

It was only when he felt Tris’s arms around him that he allowed himself to break into tears. Among all the people that died that day, only one was not part of the factions. That one person was from a different universe entirely. Ana looked up. She could see Alex’s warm brown eyes looking back at her and smiled. His strong arms were wrapped around her as he carried her bridal style. “Where are we going? ” She whispered, even though she already knew the answer. Alex’s lips pressed to her forehead as he whispered to her softly the words that she had always wanted to hear her whole life. “Home, Ana, we’re going home. ”

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